Electrical Plugs

Electrical Plugs in Indonesia

Socket is a breaker when there is contact between the flow of positive, negative and grounding currents in electrical installations. And more importantly can decide ELCB electric current when there is contact between the electrical and body manusia.Umumnya when electrical equipment is working normally, the total current flowing in the plus and neutral wire are the same so there is no difference in the flow. But if someone were electrocuted, wires plus an additional current will flow through the body of the person who was stung to the ground. In principle the installation of a simple outlet, ie by inserting the outlet between the equipment from the power source. The second wire either a plus or a neutral outlet pass before reaching the point of being

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Sell Floor Socket Furniture Outlet Sockets Table HDMI VGA AUDIO Telephone Audio Raised floor solution

Stop Kontak Lantai Legrand, Floor Outlet, Floor Socket, Stop Kontak Legrand, Stop Kontak Meja, Socket Outlet Legrand, Sockets Outlet TableProduct Specifications:Floor Soc


Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Legrand

Stop Kontak

Kami juga menyediakan Stop Kontak dan Saklar Broco-Legrand-Clipsal-Hager_Dll

Seller : Hargo Mandiri

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

APR20427 crouse hinds

crouse hinds APR20427....Available On Main Nugraha, Located On Jl. Salemba Raya Ps. Aks Walnuts Ground Floor 187 Old Central Jakarta. We Are Engaged In Supplying Goods El

Seller : Nugraha Utama

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

LEITAI Lightning Protection Stop Contacts

LEITAI LTDZ-6 used as a stop on a lightning protection contact, consisting of 6 hole plugs with each equipped with varistor and the GDT can hold lightning current up to 1

Seller : PT Solusi Teknika

Price : Rp400.000

  • Min Order: 1

Start Stop Brand CEAG

Product Specifications:Category Start Stop Brand CEAGSpecification:Start Stop Brand CEAGAvailable In Store Located In The Business Partner Walnuts Market 169 Old Lt.Dasar

Seller : Toko Mitra Usaha

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Mcb Single Phase (1Pole) Hager 4.5 Ka 1A Tipe My 101

Mcb Works By Termination Caused By The Flow Of Electricity By Using Electromagnets / Bimetal. The Workings Of This Mcb Is Utilizing Bimetallic Expansion Of The Heat Due T

Seller : PT Oscar Tunastama (www.distributorhager.com)

Price : Rp62.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Hager

Sell Vertical Smart Socket (Stop Contact Vertical) 4 Stacking (15 + 2 USB Port) [ML]

Stop Contact Shaped vertical, Highly Efficient Place, there is also an additional 2 USB ports.

Seller : Saga Computer

Price : Rp250.000

  • Min Order: 1


Stop Contact wall with 2 Port USB Charger. It is suitable with the interior of the House/Office/hotel/apartmentProvide ease in charging your gadgets and smarphone.

Seller : Toko Jaya Link

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Push Button


Seller : PT Kawi Agung Kencana

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Saklar Tunggal Seri Broco

Kami menyediakan Saklar Tunggal Dan seri BrocoUntuk dapat informasi lebih lanjut mengenai harga dan type: hubungi Bapak Zakki Rantomi ST. 081386298246 atau 085286844489 a

Seller : Azmi Petir Listrik

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Miniature Circuit Breakers

Specification Miniature Circuit BreakersMini Circuit Breaker that has a function as a safety tool flow more, MCB is protecting that caused the occurrence of more current

Seller : PT. Dayatama Ciptamandiri Solo

Price : Rp100

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Abb


We also provide Switch & Outlet Schneider-Legrand-Broco-Hager-Etc...

Seller : Jaya Mandiri Perdana

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Sell Multifunctional Socket BFL 888-1

Multifunctional socket BFL 888-1 is a multifunctional socket for the table or desk staff meeting consists of 1 socket, 1 phone line and 1 local area network (LAN), for re

Seller : Toko Blessing Fitting Lestari

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 2

Plug And Socket

With The Support Of The Agent / Distributor Mennekes We Supply Product (Plug And Socket), Amaxx, Schuko, Receptacle, Etc

Seller : PT. Glori Teknindo Abadi

Price : Rp1

  • Min Order: 1

Pulling-Up Desktop Socket, Stainless, 8 Modules (For Kitchen Set)

Desktop socket for Kitchen setModel: Pulling-up desktop (DS-1)Brand: INDyMade in ChinaMaterial: stainlessCapacity: 8 module sockets, type 45Cut out size: Dia 95mm x 300mm

Seller : Smart Outlet

Price : Rp1.850.000

  • Min Order: 1