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Snacks in Indonesia

Snack is food that is not the main menu. This type of food is a distraction retaining hunger or what we call the snacks. Typically suitable snacks consumed during the time to relax.

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Sell Kerupuk Mentah

We Provide Various Ready-To-Cook Crackers : Onion Crackers, Shrimp Crackers, Curly Crackers, Etc. Using Only Specially Selected Raw Materials, Processed And Packed Higien

Seller : PT Karya Baru Indonesia

Price : Rp8

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : kerupuk
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Permen Marshmallow Kepang Stick

Sell Candy Braid Marshmallow Candy StickPt. Ranjani Jaya LestariSell Candy Braid Marshmallow Candy Stick Candy.Candy Braid Marshmallow Candy Stick CandyIs A Marshmallow C

Seller : PT Ranjani Jaya Lestari

Price : Rp500

  • Min Order: 20
  • Brand : youka
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Keripik Pisang Rasa Pedas Keju

The chips are healthy and nutritious for you who like to eat snacks are not made from preservative.

Seller : PT SusanaChips

Price : Rp12.000

  • Min Order: 1
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SnacksPrice list of KIT KAT Chocolatesup date 27/04/2016Call stock/discount and up date the priceChocolates, Food Beverage &, PantryKIT KAT chocolates 12 4F (24X35) G Cod

Seller : PT Jaya Utama Santikah

Price : Rp8.715

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : dancow
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Malt Ektrak Dried

Dried Malt ExtractDried Malt Extract Is Made Of Liquid Malt Extract Trouhgt Vacuum Drying.Its Retainsall Of Nutritionaland Organoleptic Benefit Of Liquid Malt Extract

Seller : PT Central Pacific Prima

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1
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Bagelan Vanilla


Seller : Ratu Tlatah Agung

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1
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Sell Savis Nuts & Seeds

All product is made without preservatives and no additional colorings. Products are packed in almunium bag.Savis Cookies characteristic is "Less Sugar", depending on the

Seller : PT Montis Boga

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 60
  • Brand : savis
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Ya Aya Keripik Singkong Salatiga

YES AYA Cassava Chips Snacks Distributor Salatiga, Jakarta Mamatiara. Serving Ecer And Wholesale, Delivery Throughout Indonesia, the second Estimated Per Box, 1 Kg. Only

Seller : Ya Aya Criping Singkong

Price : Rp30.000

  • Min Order: 2
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Price : Rp85.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : delfi
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Funny Bear Permen Jelly

We are PT. Natural Food Candy manufacturer jelly Success, based in Jakarta, has a Halal certificate and HACCP. We have the terinofativ product in Indonesia, from a variet

Seller : PT Natural Food Success

Price : Rp30.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : funny bear
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Onde Onde (Solo) Ketawa

Onde-Onde SoloDifferent from traditional snacks dumplings are commonly encountered, wheat dumplings is another variation of the typical dumplings Solo.Made of the main in

Seller : Toko Ghaniya Collections

Price : Rp45.000

  • Min Order: 4
  • Brand : ghaniaya collections
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Aneka Kerupuk

Jual aneka sari rose shrimp and crackersWHOLESALE PRICEAgent and reseller opportunities are opening all over indonesiaInterested please contact:Linda halim linda.martika@

Seller : UD. Matahari

Price : Rp65.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : teratai
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Sell Keripik Pisang Rasa Keju

Banana chips Flavor Cheese made from Banana fruit Kepok Pipit 100% cooked and processed using the vacum frying.Booking hub. 082134235455 or 5B1FA24C

Seller : CV. Pangan Sentosa

Price : Rp15.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : tropicanas food
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Cheese Stick Snacks

Cheese Stick crisp and healthy food make this as one of your favorite snacks. Snack filled with cheese was very tasty and suitable for you who are being relaxed.

Seller : UD. Mom Snack

Price : Rp75.000

  • Min Order: 1
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Kerupuk Tersanjung

We manufacture many kind of crackers ; onion, prawn, puli, garlic, etcpackaging 1 bal = 5 kgFor more detail spec and enquiries please do not hesitate to contact us on 081

Seller : CV. Tirta Harta

Price : Rp51.000

  • Min Order: 1
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Kerupuk Tersanjung

Onion crackers honored one of our products with traditional recipes and high quality, these crackers pleasure when it becomes complementary food is second to none.

Seller : CV. Cahaya Kencana

Price : Rp50.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : kuda sejoli
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Gery Wafert Stick & Ekstrudat (Isi 1Karton = 6 Kaleng)

Minimum Order: 1 cartonWeight of packaging: 290 kgNumber of products: (1Karton = 6 Jar)The combination between wafer sticks with the typical chocolate Gery and crispy cho

Seller : PT GarudaFood Putra Putri Jaya

Price : Rp180.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : gery
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macam-macam kerupuk

crackers is a wide range of types such as prawn crackers, crackers, onion crackers with assorted fish skin a very affordable price. For more info contact us.

Seller : Ar Rayyan Al-Mubarrak

Sell Keripik Nangka Sby

Hanyomi Chips Made From Fruit Picks With The Best Quality Material Processed In Hygienic Without Preservatives And Other Hazardous Chemicals. Processed Fruit Crisps With

Seller : Sumber Mandiri


SnacksOur manufacturing company sells a variety of foods such as Snacks, please contact us if you are interested to buy Snacks

Seller : CV. Sathya Impex

Kerupuk Mentah Semprong Warna

These crackers are made from tapioca flour and prawn.Contact us for more information.Thank you!

Seller : Sedap Jaya Food Industries

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : sedap jaya
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Biskuit Cup O

For Your Tea Time to Coffee Talk, Hampton Cup of Premium Coffee Blend & OCookies. Starting from Rp. 92.500,-• Net weight Cup O Cookies: 454 grams• Net weight Premium Coff

Seller : Konsultasi Jasa

Price : Rp97.500

  • Min Order: 35
  • Brand : hampton
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Lemper Tampak Dalam

Specifications :Lemper Content Of Chicken Wrapped In Banana Leaf So That It Is Maintained.

Seller : Kue Kecil

Keripik Singkong Pedas "SUTELO" Lv 7

Nueva yuca chips " SUTELO " picante lv 7. 100 % auténtico chile picante, sólo tiene que utilizar esa opción de Yuca con rodajas muy finas, así como para producir un Ficha

Seller : Toko Sutelo

Price : Rp160.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : sutelo
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Sell Coklat Roka Apollo

Brown Roka Apollo of berlegalitas distributors have halal certificate from the food standards malysia. round chocolate-coated wafer gently sweet and flavor that feels yng


Price : Rp35.000

  • Min Order: 10
  • Brand : apollo
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