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SnacksOur manufacturing company sells a variety of foods such as Snacks, please contact us if you are interested to buy Snacks

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  • Min Order: 1

Vekiss Gambreng Gummy Candy

Product Specification Vekiss Gambreng Candy Gummy CandySell Vekiss Gambreng Candy Gummy CandyPt. Jaya Lestari Ranjani,Selling Candy Vekiss Suit Gambreng Gummy Candy.Candy Vekiss Suit Gambreng Gummy Ca

Price : Rp500

  • Min Order: 1

Crispy Oyster Mushroom Chips

↵Crispy Oyster Mushroom ChipsMade Of Flour-Coated Crispy Oyster Mushrooms That Are Crunchy. Competitive Price.There are two types of packaging: Aluminium Foil Weighing 80 grams and Economical Packagin

Price : Rp13.000

  • Min Order: 6

Mixing Mixer Seasoning Machine snack

These Spice Grinder Machine Works Automatically In The Process Of Grinding Of Spices, Spice Mill Spice Grinder Produces A Smooth And Evenly. Machine Spice Spice Grinder Or Blender Is Perfect Sebgai: R

Seller :CV. Graha Mesin

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Dried Malt Extract

Dried Malt Extract Is Made Of Liquid Malt Extract Trouhgt Vacuum Drying.Its Retainsall Of Nutritionaland Organoleptic Benefit Of Liquid Malt Extract

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Ready To Cook Crackers

We Provide Various Ready-To-Cook Crackers : Onion Crackers, Shrimp Crackers, Curly Crackers, Etc. Using Only Specially Selected Raw Materials, Processed And Packed Higienically To Ensure You Getting O

Price : Rp7

  • Min Order: 1

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Aya Ya Chips Cassava Salatiga

Aya Ya Distributor Criping Singkong Salatiga, Jakarta Mamatiara. Serving Ecer And Wholesalers, Shipping Throughout Indonesia, With An Estimated 2 Per Box, 1 Kg. Only At A Price Of Rp 25,000 Per Box, 5

Price : Rp30.000

  • Min Order: 2

Biscuit Cup O

For Your Tea Time to Coffee Talk, Hampton Cup of Premium Coffee Blend & OCookies. Starting from Rp. 92.500,-• Net weight Cup O Cookies: 454 grams• Net weight Premium Coffee Blend: 12-30 grams• Can be

Seller :Konsultasi Jasa

Price : Rp97.500

  • Min Order: 35

Onion Crackers

We manufacture many kind of crakers :  onion, rose, puli, prawn, etc. for more detail info, please do not hesitate to ask us.packaging 1 bal = 5kg

Seller :CV. Tirta Harta

Price : Rp48.000

  • Min Order: 1

Parcel Of Christmas Favorite Snacks

What's Inside:• Fererro Rocher Chocolate 200 gr• Silverqueen Qnuts• Hollanda Butter cookies• Marjan Boudoin 660 ml Milk• Mr. Potatto 100 gr• Tango Royale Cappucino 171 gr• Tango Vanilla Royale Black 1

Seller :Parselmart

Price : Rp875.000

  • Min Order: 1

Jack Fruit Chip

Super Jackfruit chipsIn the process of with the use of modern machinery and materials of quality jackfruit fruit.Open to prospective Agents or Resellers with pricing and profits. Please inbok mapun to

Price : Rp13.500

  • Min Order: 1

Sell Bread Slicer Machine

Bread cutting machine or commonly also called the bread slicer, is one of the tools or equipment that must be owned by the bakers and entrepreneurs owners bakery and pastry. This machine is very diand

Price : Rp7.500.000

  • Min Order: 1

Lemper Inside

Specifications :Lemper Content Of Chicken Wrapped In Banana Leaf So That It Is Maintained.

Seller :Kue Kecil

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

La Yuca Fritas Picantes

Nueva yuca chips " SUTELO " picante lv 7. 100 % auténtico chile picante, sólo tiene que utilizar esa opción de Yuca con rodajas muy finas, así como para producir un Fichas muy nítidas , condimentos ta

Seller :Toko sutelo

Price : Rp160.000

  • Min Order: 1