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Sell Duclean Sodium Hypocholrite ( Naocl) 12%

[Jan 17 , 2014]

Sell Duclean Sodium Hypocholrite (Naocl) 12% Duclean Or Sodium Hypochlorite   Duclean (Sodium Hypochlorite) Is A Chemical Compound That Is Familiar With Everyday Human Life. Better Known By The Name Of Bleach (Which Indeed Is One Of Its Functions), The Duclean Can Also Be Used As An Insecticide Substance Germs, Pengasam, Deodorizing And Busting A Good Color.   In Their Use In Dome
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Ud. Perdana Kimia

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Ud. Perdana Kimia / Fiberglass Established Since 1980 And Until Now Has Been One Of The Suppliers Of Chemicals And Fiberglass Largest In The Eastern Indonesia. With More Than 30 Years Of Experience... [Jan 17 , 2014]
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Hawk Pump

[Jul 01 , 2014]
Construction Contractor

specification: pompa hawk hc 240 a 120 bar - 12 l/ m 1600 psi   high pressure water blaster. dpt 200-1500 bar / 2900-22000 - psi with a variety of diesel engines 20-150 hp engine cold-water cleaning machine designes to provide the same cleaning solution is perfect, even when there is no electricity supply is available. from 200 - 1500 bar. large diesel driven clean
Price : IDR 1,000    Min Order: 0   


[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Our Cv Solusi Indonesia Maju Jaya In The Field Of Hot & Cold Water Heavy Pressure Cleaners.Perusahan We Are Distributor Of Pumps And Pump Hawk Pratissoli.Dan Our Pumps Are Imported Directly From Itali... [Jul 01 , 2014]
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