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Feed is food / intake given to farm animals (pets). This term was adopted from the Java language. The feed is a source of energy and materials for growth and life and living things. The most important substances in the diet is protein. Quality feed is feed that contains protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins are balanced.

Sell Siap Suplay Dedak / Katul Buat Pakan Ternak Sapi & Ayam (Stok 300 Ton)

Ready Suply Bran / Bran Animal Feed For Beef & Chicken (Stok 300 Ton)Bran Types & Costs:1. Old Bran Grantek: 1500/Per Kg2. Bran New: 1750/Per Kg3. Milled Bran: 2500/Per K

Pakan Ternak Sapi

Organic Livestock FeedIn Order To Support The Feed Requirements Of Livestock Kept, Afk Produce Their Own Organic Feed. In Addition To Internal Needs, Afk Also Serve The N

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