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[Jun 23 , 2015]
Stainless Steel

Two Men Lightning is an importer and distributor of a variety of metal materials and non-metal since 1958, which is based in Surabaya, Indonesia. Our main products include: Stainless Steel, Carbon Steel, Copper and Brass. Our sales network covers a variety of industries, from animal feed to petrochemicals.
Price : Rp6.600    Min Order: 34   

Seller : CV.Dua Putra Petir

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Iron Supplier In Surabaya With Regards, With Pleasure, We Will Introduce Our Company, Cv.Dua Putra Petir Company Engaged In The Business Of Trading Of Iron And Steel, Engineering Tools And Constru... [Jun 23 , 2015]

Livestock Feed Pellets Production Machine

[May 29 , 2015]
Livestock Food

Pellet machine fish, fish feed making machine, chicken feed, machine tool production of animal feed, livestock feed, machines selling price the maker of livestock feed, farm machine factory, makers of forage. With the dual function of the counter material pellet, mixer mixer the ingredients and meat mixture of materials, as well as livestock feed printers into a single package that can be directly
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : CV. Graha Mesin

[Malang , Jawa Timur]
Cv Graha Mesin Produce & Supplier Machines / Equipment. Food Processing, Refrigeration, Packaging, Agricultural Equipment Spet. [May 29 , 2015]

animal supplement

[Nov 24 , 2014]
Livestock Food

SAF 100 is high energy feed supplementary fat, 100% derived from fully refined palm oil. It has non-hydrogenated fatty acid, and free from Trans Fatty Acids (TFA). SAF 100 is ideal by adding into ruminant food rations to boost up their energy uptake. It has palmitic acid content. Palmitic acid can bypass ruminant rumen, become direct energy source for the ruminant. High milk producing cow has high
Price : Rp20.000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : PT. Sintong Abadi

[Asahan , Sumatera Utara]
Pt. Sintong Manufacture Oil Products Such As Cooking Oil, Margarine, Bakery Shortening, Cream Fats And Frying Fats. To Meet Our Customer’S Need, We Also Manufacturing Personal Care Products, Household... [Nov 24 , 2014]

Dried pellets were printing machine

[Mar 27 , 2015]
Machine Tools

Function: print a pellet dried situation Dimensions: 1200 x 1100 x 1350 (mm) capacity: 300 kg/Progress Base material: Mild Steel Sifter Type: Conical For grafity mechanis Machine body specs: Robust body of Ms Plate sieve thikenes: 0.5 Sieve diameter: 0.01-10 mm feding angle: 75 drajat directional aspeck: Upright With Reinforced thickness: 10 mm Aperture: 80 mm C
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : PT.Cans Agrinusa

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
PT. Cans Agrinusa is a company that is engaged in the manufacturer / distributor of equipment / machinery agricultural / industrial. Beginning named Chakra Agrinusa which began operations in 2004 and... [Mar 27 , 2015]

Livestock Feed Machine

[May 02 , 2015]
Livestock Food

Fodder machinery is used for the production of animal feed (pellets) of high quality in large numbers: 1-1.5 tons/hour. The diameter of pellets that can be printed: 2-10 mm and length: 2-15 mm. Raw materials (moisture content should not be more than 15%) can be either glutinous rice, corn, wheat, soy beans and so on. Power: 380V, 50 Hz Suppy Main Power: 22 kw Feeder power: 1.5 kw Conditioner p
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Tangerang , Banten]
Pada tahun 2014 didirikan PT Inovatif Teknik Mesindo (ITM) anak perusahaan Multi Teknik Diesel (MTD) yang telah berpengalaman lebih dari 10 tahun mensupply mesin-mesin kontruksi, alat-alat teknik dan ... [May 02 , 2015]

Corn Sheller Machine

[Jan 23 , 2015]
Agriculture Machinery

Corn Sheller Machine | Mesin Pemipil Jagung Kami Bergerak Di Bidang Pabrikasi Mesin Pertanian, Seperti Mesin Pengolahan Kelapa (Mesin Parut Kelapa, Mesin Pemeras Santan Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Sabut Kelapa, Mesin Pengurai Sabut Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Dan Pencungkil Batok Kelapa), Mesin Pengolahan Kopi (Mesin Pencuci Biji Kopi | Mesin Pencuci Buah Kopi, Mesin Pengupas Kopi Basah | Mesin Pulper Kopi
Price : Rp123    Min Order: 1   

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
CV KENCANA JAYA TEKNIK We are engaged in Manufacturing of Agricultural Machinery, such as Mesin Pengolahan Kelapa (Mesin Parut Kelapa, Mesin Pemeras Santan Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Sabut Kelapa, Mesin ... [Jan 23 , 2015]

Sell Paper Bag

[Jun 04 , 2015]

 Chemical paper sack, chemical paper bag, Medicine paper bag, fertilizer paper sack, animal feed paper bag, shrimps feed paper bag, bentonite paper bag, barite paper bag, paper sack adhesives, karung kertas pupuk, karung kertas bentonit, karung kertas barit, karung kertas pakan ternak, karung kertas pakan udang, karung kertas tepung obat, karung kertas tepung lem, karung kertas chemical powder, ka
Price : CALL    Min Order: 5000   

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
Welcome To Our Company - World Expert Indonesia.. Provider Of Packaging Products, You Are Now In The Right Place.. Feel Here As In Your Home... Our Company Start Its Business Since 2008 Speci... [Jun 04 , 2015]

Paper sack Kraft

[Jun 30 , 2015]
Packaging Services

Paper sack, karung kertas kraft, paper bag Sack kraft paper or kraft paper sack is also known by various names such as Kraft Paper Bag, paper bags, paper sacks, sack kraft, sack paper, kraft bag, sack sack and others. This paper sacks also diinamakan based products are packed like mortar bag, cement bag, tea bag, powder bag, sugar bag, bag of organic powder, chemical powder bag, bag coc
Price : Rp5.000    Min Order: 5000   

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
Thank you for your visit to our website Get a best information here about paper sack , Sack kraft paper or Sandwich bag. Our company is a manufacturer of paper sack with several type of sack pap... [Jun 30 , 2015]

Expedition Shipping Surabaya to Waingapu

[Nov 01 , 2014]
Sea Freight

We Serve the delivery of goods from Surabaya to Waingapu, delivery of goods can be mixed fodder, motorcycles, cars, trucks, heavy equipment, pipe stakes, iron construction, with a cargo ship or ship kontiner. please contact us if the father or mother has the goods according to the criteria above to send it to Waingapu, eastern Sumba.    
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
COMPANY PROFILE PT. Aura Abadi Cargo (Cargo Services) headquartered in Jalan Tanjung Sari No. 49A, is a company of Sea Cargo, which serves Transport Cargo and countiner regularly from: 1. Surabaya ... [Nov 01 , 2014]

Hammer Mill

[Apr 01 , 2015]
Farm Machinery

This machine can be used for grinding corn, Bran, etc. becomes smooth which is usually used as a livestock feed. Excess wear Hammer Mill is able to grind a large capacity with a faster compared to other penepung machines. Propulsion: diesel engine 16 HP
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Toko King's

[Medan , Sumatera Utara]
We supply different kinds of machine: Food processing machine, Agricultural machine, Generator, Water pumps and other machines for home industry. [Apr 01 , 2015]

Chopper Machine Swan

[Oct 17 , 2014]
Machine Tools

Product Specifications: Categories Chopper Machine Swan Description: Geese Chopper Machine Function For Chopping Grass, Corn Stalks, Grass Fodder Other Chopped Grass Feed Given To Cows, Goats And Cattle Paka Other Specification Machine Capacity Of 600 Kg Per Hour 6 Hp Gasoline Motor Drive Specification Can Be Tailored To The Needs Call Us For A Free Consultation
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Bekasi , Jawa Barat]
Pt.Hinoka Alsindo Tekni Was Established In 2007.Specialized In Agriculture, Plantation, Fishery,And Small To Medium Industries And Business. This Company Was Built To Support Society's Economic Growth [Oct 17 , 2014]

Hybrid Corn Seeds

[Mar 02 , 2014]
Plant Seeds

Hybrid Corn Seed Corn (Zea Mays L.) Is One Of The World'S Most Important Food Crops, Except Wheat And Rice. Corn Is Also An Alternative Food Source. Corn Hybrids Have Several Uses Or Benefits Of Which Can Be Used As Anim
Price : Rp60.000    Min Order: 0   

Seller : UD. Sumber Benih

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
Trading Compani Engaged In The Provision Of Seed Paddy And Pulses. Agricultural Inputs Such As Fertilizers And Agricultural Pesticides And Agricultural Inputs Widely [Mar 02 , 2014]

Sell Perforated Plate Capsules

[Jun 16 , 2015]
Stainless Steel

" DUA PUTRA PETIR" ( Your STTEL Partner) Telp.031- 88000026 / 27 , 7406677 , 7407380, 082133555559 Fax.031-7417127Email: duaputrapetir@  ,   Specifications Product :   Category Perforated Plate Capsules Total : Ready Stock Pack : - Country Of Origin : Indonesia Perforated Sheet Is Widely Used As A Screening Tool For The Filter
Price : Rp2.000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : CV. Dua Putra Petir

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Our Company Has Been Providing And Supplying All Kinds Of Steel Products For Construction And Industrial Use For A Long Time, We Will Continue To Flourish With Experiences And Understanding That Is Pr... [Jun 16 , 2015]

calcium carbonate

[Jun 27 , 2015]
Agro chemicals

Or Ordinary Called Limestone Limestone, Ketak Stone, Lime Stone, Calcium Carbonate, Or Caco3. We Taken From Limestone Limestone Mine In Apex And Malang. Above Has A Caco3 Content Of 97%.  Then Digling Dried Lime Stone Jaw Crusher Use To Get Big Chunks Size, And Using Tools To Get Size Seeds Stone. While To Make Powder With High Smoothness Using Roll Mill Machine R-4.    Many Limestone Use
Price : Rp350    Min Order: 20000   

Seller : CV. Mitra Water

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
We Design And Assemble Equipment And Water Treatment Machine , Include : - Processing Of Raw Water ( Ground Water , Artesian Well ) Into Clean Water And Potable Water . - Rework Sea Water , Salt Wat... [Jun 27 , 2015]

Calcium Carbonat

[Jun 30 , 2015]
Agro chemicals

Commonly Called Limestone Or Limestone, Stone Clack, Lime Stone, Calcium Carbonate, Or Caco3. Our Limestone Taken From A Quarry Limestone In Apex And Malang. Had Levels Above 97% Caco3.  Limestone Were Then Dried Using Jaw Crusher Digling To Get A Large Chunk Size, And Use The Tools To Get The Size Of The Seed Stone. While To Produce A Powder With High Fineness Using Machine Roll Mill R-4.
Price : Rp350    Min Order: 1   

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Cv Mitra Usaha Mandiri Is Engaged In The Trade: - Lime Products: Calcium Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, Hydrated Lime, Calcium Oxide, Limestone, Chalk Active, Etc.. - Product Carbon: Activated Carbon, ... [Jun 30 , 2015]

Distillation Machine

[Jul 03 , 2015]
Fruit & Vegetable Processing Machinery

Distillation Machine Asiri Oils are oils that are produced from the rhizome, the leaves and wood. Asiri oils material in Indonesia is very much in number. Indonesia is rich in plants that could produce oil of asiri. Asiri Oil Benefits There are many benefits of essential oils, such as: cosmetic ingredients as harumnya, as drug therapy because of the aroma aromaterapai, pharmaceutical, add
Price : Rp19.500.000    Min Order: 1   

[Malang , Jawa Timur]
We, Jaya Abadi Engineering provides a variety of appropriate technology machines include food machinery, agricultural machinery and packaging machinery. Armed with experience on a variety of machines ... [Jul 03 , 2015]

Organic Livestock Feed

[Sep 29 , 2014]
Livestock Food

We sell animal feed commodities (organic feed) good quality
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Blitar , Jawa Timur]
We sell animal feed commodities (organic feed) good quality [Sep 29 , 2014]

Doc Stud

[Sep 30 , 2014]

Our UD WORLD FEED, is a duck broiler farms and distributors ANIMAL FEED. Our Products:  - FEED DUCKS KOSENTRAT broiler, protein 30%, the price 250rb / zak 50kg.  - FEED DUCKS KOSENTRAT laying, brand star one, protein 35%, the price 285rb / zak 50kg.  - DOD SUPER HYBRID, the price of 6000 / cow.  - DOC stud
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : UD.Dunia Pakan

[Jombang , Jawa Timur]
Our UD WORLD FEED, is a duck broiler farms and distributors ANIMAL FEED. Our Products: - FEED DUCKS KOSENTRAT broiler, protein 30%, the price 250rb / zak 50kg. - FEED DUCKS KOSENTRAT laying, b... [Sep 30 , 2014]