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Sell for Minuman Gelas

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Sell Place glasses Panda shape Stainless mineral water.

[Jun 22 , 2014]

Place Glasses Panda Shape Stainless Mineral Water. Place Cups Can Be Filled Steel Mineral Water Bottled Water Or Beverage Glass. Panda Shape, You Can Hang On The Panda Stands. Transparent Color Glossy, Thick And Strong Advantage Of This Product Is So Strong Steel Raw Materials. Unique, Panda Shape, There Are 16 Holes Where Water Can Add To The Aesthetics Of Your Room. This Product Is Suitabl
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : UD. Selatan Jaya

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Toko Selatan Jaya Merupakan Distributor Plastik Di Surabaya, Kami Menjual Barang-Barang Plastik, Barang Perlengkapan Makan, Perlengkapan Mandi, Perlengkapan Dapur, Perlengkapan Rumah Tangga, Produk Pe... [Jun 22 , 2014]
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Plus Filling Machine Cup Sealer 2 Line Packing Aqua Glass

[Jul 12 , 2014]
Packing Making Machinery

Machine Cup Sealer 2 Line Is Seler Cup Machine With Variations In The Design Of New And Specific To The Industry. Cup Sealer Machine 2 This Line With Full Automatic System Works Plus Filling Or Charging. If Seler Cup Machine Before You Have To Do A Manual Filling Machine Cup Sealer But For This You Do Not Need To Do It. Cup Sealer Machine 2 Line Is Equipped With 2 Solenoid Valve For Filling Or Cha
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : CV. Graha Mesin

[Malang , Jawa Timur]
Toko Mesin GRAHA MESIN | Jual Mesin Pertanian | Mesin Pengemas / Packing - Produksi Mesin Teknologi Tepat Guna | Mesin Teknologi Alat Pertanian | Mesin Produksi | Mesin Industri | Mesin Packing | Pera... [Jul 12 , 2014]
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Stimulant Drugs Black Ant Powder It works quality original products

[Oct 17 , 2014]

perangsang_serbuk_black_ant Stimulants WOMEN BLACK ANT POWDER is a stimulant drug shaped woman powders, soluble in water. How to use mixed in a small glass beverage (preferably not mixed with coconut water or milk, because it may wash or neutralize the effects of the drug) and drink it up. The function of stimulants WOMEN BLACK ANT is to raise female libido or sexual arousal. Suitable for wo
Price : IDR 150,000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Klinik Pasutri

[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
kami dafa wijaya penjual Alat Bantu Sex, Alat Bantu Pria, Alat Bantu Wanita, Pembesar penis, Obat Kuat, Obat Perangsang, Pelangsing Badan dan Kosmetik Terbaik Terpercaya kami sudah lama menjual selam... [Oct 17 , 2014]
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Automatic Cup Sealer Machine

[Sep 18 , 2014]
Filling Machines

Cup Sealer Machine Is Used To Glue Roll Plastic Cup To His Lips So That The Glue, So That The Water Contained In The Cup Will Not Spill In Such A Way. The Impression That Arises Is Glued Drinks Will Be More Hygienic, Cleaner And Safer For Consumption. This Is The Main Reason Why Entrepreneurs Drinks, In Particular Smes And Rely Heavily Frinchise Cup Sealer As Principal In Selling Their Pekakas.
Price : IDR 1,234    Min Order: 0   

Seller : Toko Waroenk Mesin

[Malang , Jawa Timur]
Workshop Yang - Jual Dan Rancang Bangun Segala Mesin Usaha Industri Anda, Kami Hadir Pertama Kali Yang Menyediakan Segala Mesin Dengan Konsep Ataupun Mesin Yang Ada Sesuai Kemauan Konsumen Dan Tidak M... [Sep 18 , 2014]
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Filling And Cup Sealer

[Sep 16 , 2014]
Filling Machines

This machine is used for filling and sealing a cup at the same time manually. Widely used for domestic industry in the manufacture of beverage glasses. Operation is easy and cheap is one of the advantages of this machine. Specifications:    Power: 400 W    Volume of tank: +/- 20 L    Material tube: SS    Frame: iron For information and other specifications, please contact our
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Cv. Galeri Mandiri Utama

[Malang , Jawa Timur]
Kami melayani pemesanan, pembuatan dan rekayasa mesin mekanis, elektronik maupun mekatronik. Kami juga melayani jasa konsultasi teknologi dan rancang bangun berbagai unit proses pengolahan pangan dan ... [Sep 16 , 2014]
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