Basically the main function is the same as the stove microwave namely raising the temperature of the food. Because the food will cook at high temperatures, the microwave can be used to cook food, thaw frozen food from the freezer or just warm up cold foods.


These controls are non-contact sensing microwave basedcontrols. The transmitter ( source) consists basically of a powersupply, pulse modulator, Gunn oscillator, and direc

Seller : UD. Water Oil Gas Systems Engineering

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1


Bowl Micorwave, Function For Filling Foods Such As Meatballs Etc.. Made Of Heat-Resistant Material.Available:Bowl 200Ml, Min Ord 5.000SetBowl 300Ml, Min Ord 5.000SetBowl

Seller : CV. Sejahtera Impra Semesta

Price : Rp500

  • Min Order: 2000

Microwave Leakage Monitor Em0328

FEATURESNo battery needed, compact and easy to use, no harm to environmentNeedle indicates the intensity of electromagnetic fieldGreen area means safety; Red area means d

Seller : CV. Java Mulman

Price : Rp900.000

  • Min Order: 1

Container Microwave

Import:* Container Microwave A Colorful Lid, Thicker Material.* There Are Only 2 Sizes:1. 500Ml2. 750Ml* Packaging: 1Ctn = 500Pcs* Dimensions:500Ml Container: 15, 5Cmx10c

Seller : CV. Sejahtera Impra Semesta

Price : Rp3.600

  • Min Order: 2000
  • 1

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