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Jam Dinding

Here are the list of all products of companies that sell and deal in Jam Dinding for region Indonesia. Please Register your company at here. to start selling your products and services is Media Advertising of companies specialized Importer, Distributor, Trading, Services, Factory, Exporter. Please Kindly contact the companies directly to buy and get the best and cheap price.

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Sell Promotional Wall Clock Es 759

[May 05 , 2015]
Promotional Items

Promotional Wall Clock Es 759 Price: 34,000 / Pc (Include Logo Print) Inside Diameter: 17.5 Cm Outer Diameter: 25.5 Cm The Creation Time Of 5-8 Working Days Minimum Order 100 Pcs Jakarta Area Free Postage
Price : Rp34.000    Min Order: 172   

Seller : HJS Promotion

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Hjs Promotion Is A Company Engaged In The Manufacture Of Souvenir / Promotional Items . Established In 2011 Under The Name Cv . Hasta Jaya Success , Then Focus On The Manufacture And Sale Of Souvenirs... [May 05 , 2015]

Printed promotional logo wall clock 01

[May 24 , 2015]
Promotional Items

PRINT LOGO WALL CLOCK in a variety of colors red, yellow, silver, black. Diameter 30 cm Minimum order 100. Printing: screen printing, print paper For reservations please contact us Inggar Kreasindo. Contact Person: Inggar Yudiana Darwin HP. 0821 3363 0004 (sympathy), 17545 (XL) 0878384 W: 2302BE10 Payment: REC a/n BRI Nita Dwi Lestari 0247-01-012386-50-9 Rek MandirI a/n Inggar Yudi
Price : Rp35.000    Min Order: 100   

Seller : Inggar Kreasindo

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Promo Okay Provides All Sorts Of Promotional Items And Souvenirs Such As Various Mugs, Thumbler, Umbrella, Raincoat, Convection, Convection Uniform Shirts T-Shirts Promotion/Party, Various Table Clock... [May 24 , 2015]

Pet Promotion Material Rafel Bordir

[Oct 31 , 2014]
Promotional Items

Pet Promotion Material Rafel Cetak :Bordir Minimal Order : 100 Pcs Lama Pengerjaan : 2 Minggu Untuk Pemesanan Silakan Hubungi Kami  Inggar Kreasindo.  Kontak Person: Inggar Yudiana Darwin  Hp. 0821 3363 0004 ( Simpati), 0878384 17545(Xl) Bb: 2302Be10   Pembayaran :   Rek Bri A/N Nita Dwi Lestari 0247-01-012386- 50-9      Rek Mandiri A/N Inggar Yudiana
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Inggar Kreasindo Present To Meet The Needs Of Promotional Goods, Namely Hats Promotion, Cheap Promotional Caps, Promotional Caps Quality. We Want To Always Put The Satisfaction Of Our Business Partner... [Oct 31 , 2014]

Sablon umbrella 01

[Dec 22 , 2014]
Promotional Items

Mungkin maksud Anda adalah: Sablon payung logo perusahaan Cetak 2 sisi 1 warna. Gagang: kayu/pedal plastik Bahan: nylon. Ukuran: 30" Penggerjaan 2-3 minggu. Untuk pemesanan silakan hubungi kami Inggar Kreasindo. Kontak Person: Inggar Yudiana Darwin HP. 0821 3363 0004 ( simpati), 0878384 17545(XL) BB: 2302BE10 Pembayaran : Rek BRI a/n Nita Dwi Lestari 0247-01-012386- 50-9 Rek Mandiri a/n Inggar Y
Price : CALL    Min Order: 100   

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Inggar Kreasindo Present To Meet The Needs Of Promotional Merchandise, Promotional Umbrella Company Which, Cheap Promotional Umbrellas, Promotional Umbrella Quality. We Want To Always Put The Satisfac... [Dec 22 , 2014]

Printing Clock Promotion 25 Cm

[Nov 29 , 2014]
Promotional Items

Promotional wall clock can print logos or pictures according to customer desire For example, design a logo clock orders CAP LANG   MINIMUM ORDER: 100PCS CODE : SO-MCM-811 Outer diameter: 25.5 cm In diameter; 20 cm Packing: Box Production time: 15-20hari Ring Available colors: Red, Yellow, Blue and Green   + COST OF PRINT LOGO @ Rp 5,000
Price : Rp30.000    Min Order: 100   


[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Cv. Souvenir Online Enterprises Is Engaged In The Promotion, Souvenirs Or Merchandise. Our Goods Are Local And Imported Products That Is Unique Products - Our Products Are Guaranteed Quality And In ... [Nov 29 , 2014]

Promotionals Wall Clock Factory

[May 19 , 2015]
Promotional Items

Promotional  Wall Clock  Factory Is Very Good Promotional Goverman , Instansi
Price : Rp37.999    Min Order: 200   

Seller : PD. mega promosi

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Best Is The Best , We Are Engaged In The Promotion Of Services Will Always Provide Customer Satisfaction. Thank You [May 19 , 2015]

Sell Promotional Wall Clocks

[Dec 20 , 2014]
Promotional Items

Various models of wall clock, large or small. Available for your promotional means. Contact us for media screen printing a variety of products at affordable prices with best quality as a means of promoting your company.Thank You!
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Medan , Sumatera Utara]
Souvenir And Merchandise We Provide For The Needs Of Your Company. [Dec 20 , 2014]

Wall Clock Promotional Wall Clock Manufacturer

[Mar 20 , 2015]
Services Franchise

Selling wall clock. wall clock for promotion advice needs. Wall clock not only as pointing device. contemporary wall clock is widely use for promotion advice. many companies that use wall clock for gifts as well as promotion. with the logo in the wall clock or full colour. Please call: Seje Promo Jl. Bina Warga ( smu 63 ) no.70 rt06/01 Petukangan Utara Jakarta Selatan 12260 Cp: Sutardi
Price : $45,000.00    Min Order: 100   

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Our Experiencein Providing Promotional Souvenir. Best Selling Souvenirs At Our Store Is An Umbrella Promotion And Promotionalpens. In Therms Of Printing, Screen Printing Umbrella Of Our Spet. [Mar 20 , 2015]

Wall Clock

[Feb 22 , 2015]
Promotional Items

promotional wall clocks today is a time often gauges we know where our daily activities.With the rapid development of the time clock used for media for the promotion by way of print company logos.Wall clock effective media for promotion in addition to searchable means wall clock that often we need in our lives For more information please contact: Okta Wijaya No hp: 087878025191 0812
Price : Rp40.000    Min Order: 100   

Seller : Cv. Jogja Promosi

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Our We A Home Industry He Assist You In Findding Items For The Media Promotion.We Already For 5 Years And Many Of Our Costumers In The Region And Outside The Region [Feb 22 , 2015]

Promosion Clock

[Mar 22 , 2015]
Promotional Items

Specifications: We Sell And Accept Orders For Promotional Wall Clock. Minimal Order 100Pcs Wall Clock With A Variety Of Types, Models And Brands That You Are Looking For Promotional Purposes Is Here.
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Gatama Promosindo

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Our Company Is Engaged In Souvenir And Promotion Services. Our Products Are As Follows: 1.Kaos Oblong, Promotional Shirts, Polo Shirts, Promotional Polo Shirts, Shirts, Pdl, Jackets, Vests, Hats, ... [Mar 22 , 2015]

Promotion Wall Clock

[Feb 03 , 2014]
Outdoor Advertising

Specifications Product : Promotion Wall Clock Category We Serve A Variety Of Publishing Newspaper Advertising Locally And Nationally, We Are Also The Production Of Billboards, Billboards, Banners, Banners, Sign Board, Board Of Directions, As An Alternative Means Of Outdoor Promotion Two Hours With Multiple Functions, Can Be Used As A Desk Clock Or Wall Clock As Needed. Hours Promotion
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Bandung , Jawa Barat]
One Of The Many Advertising Companies In The City Of Bandung Is We, Why Are We Not Different From The Others?, We Serve A Variety Of Publishing Newspaper Advertising Locally And Nationally, We Are Als... [Feb 03 , 2014]

Screen Printing Promotional Souvenir Wall Clock Cheap

[May 20 , 2015]
Promotional Items

Price : Rp28.000    Min Order: 300   

[Tangerang , Banten]
Our Suppliers Provide Promotional Items Corporate Promotional Souvenir In The Form Of Promotional Umbrellas, Promotional Clock, Promotional T-Shirts Cheap, Non Woven Bag, Cheap Promotional Pens, Promo... [May 20 , 2015]

Sell Wall Clock

[Jan 19 , 2015]
Promotional Items

Today is a time-measuring device that we often encounter in our lives where we are activity.With the rapid development of the time clock used for media promotion with the company logo.
Price : Rp40.000    Min Order: 50   

Seller : PT. MegaPromosi

[DKI Jakarta , Jakarta]
Our Home Has 3 Years Industry Stir In Business Promotional Item Or Souvernir [Jan 19 , 2015]

Wall Clock

[Feb 07 , 2015]
Other Living Room Furniture

Contact us for reservations and more information. Thank you.
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Online Trade Centre

[Medan , Sumatera Utara]
We Sell A Wide Range Of Household Furniture Such As Chairs, Clock, Etc. With A Unique Style And Classic Wood And Wicker Tebuat Of Quality And Affordable Prices. [Feb 07 , 2015]

Hijriyah Wall Clock

[Nov 28 , 2012]
Wrist Watch

This Clock Move Backward. Using Seiko Machine. Silver Colour. Size 30Cm. We Called It Hijriyah Wall Clock Like A Clock @ Saudi Arabia
Price : Rp135.000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Toko Arloji Success

[Jakarta Utara , Jakarta]
We Are Selling Watch, Wall Clock, Grandfather Clock, And We Accept Promotion For Company. Please Contact Us. Thank You [Nov 28 , 2012]

Wall Clock

[Jan 08 , 2013]
Promotional Items

Providing Promotional Wall Clock With Printed Logo And Company Name, With A Variety Of Options And Models.
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Pt. Cellicon Media

[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
Pt. Cellicon Media Is A Company Engaged In The Service And Services, Which Will Help All The Needs Of Both Corporate Promotional Merchandise And Souvenirs For The Vendor And Worked Sagala Promotion Co... [Jan 08 , 2013]

Wall Clock Promotion

[Nov 12 , 2013]

Spesification : To Jam Promotions Has Many Kinds, Variations, Materials, Art, Models And Colors. We Always Give You The Best Price And Service Memuaskan.Hubungi Us If You Need A Solution For Your Company's Promotional Items That Will Order You Choose .. Remember .. Key Promosindo Is The Key.
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Key Promosindo

[Jakarta Utara , Jakarta]
Cv.Key Promosindo The Moving Company Is In The Field Promosion And Distributor For Various - Product Types Needs. Our Company Established In The Year 2000, Now We Have Not That Has Branches In Manapun... [Nov 12 , 2013]

Promotional Wall Clocks

[Dec 22 , 2014]
Promotional Items

Am WALL DIAMETER 41 CM. GOOD for the PROMOTION of your company. PRINT MEDIA CAN BE FULL OF COLORS. RING COLOR AS PER YOUR CHOICE. Contact us for more information. Thank You!
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Sinar Cetak

[Medan , Sumatera Utara]
We Present To You The Need Souvenirs Or Merchandise Of Your Company. We Offer A Fairly Cheap Price With Best Quality Are Maintained And Can Help You With All Of Your Company's Promotional Needs. We Pr... [Dec 22 , 2014]