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Gula Pasir

Here are the list of all products of companies that sell and deal in Gula Pasir for region Indonesia. Please Register your company at here. to start selling your products and services is Media Advertising of companies specialized Importer, Distributor, Trading, Services, Factory, Exporter. Please Kindly contact the companies directly to buy and get the best and cheap price.

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Sell Grinding Machine Fomac Type Fct Z200

[May 02 , 2013]
Machine Tools

Mesin Penggiling Fomac Tipe Fct Z200 Miller &Ldquo;Mesin Penggiling Bahan Baku Kering Untuk Dijadikan Tepung Seperti Gula Pasir Menjadi Tepung Gula.&Rdquo; Spesifikasi : Power (Kw) : 1.6 Rotating Speed : 25000 Capacity (G) : 300 Fineness (Mesh) : 30-200 Weight (Kg) : 8 Size (Cm) : 22 X 22 X 37
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Packindo

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
We Are A One Stop Packaging Machine Supplier To Help You With All Your Packaging & Food Processing Machineries Needs. We Have A Wide Array Of Packaging Equipments For Your Needs And We Are The Experti... [May 02 , 2013]

Mesin Giling Gula

[Jul 14 , 2014]
Farm Machinery

Sugar Grinding Machine | Mesin Giling Gula Kami Bergerak Di Bidang Pabrikasi Mesin Pertanian, Seperti Mesin Pengolahan Kelapa (Mesin Parut Kelapa, Mesin Pemeras Santan Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Sabut Kelapa, Mesin Pengurai Sabut Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Dan Pencungkil Batok Kelapa), Mesin Pengolahan Kopi (Mesin Pencuci Biji Kopi | Mesin Pencuci Buah Kopi, Mesin Pengupas Kopi Basah | Mesin Pulper Kopi,
Price : IDR 123    Min Order: 1   

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
CV KENCANA JAYA TEKNIK We are engaged in Manufacturing of Agricultural Machinery, such as Mesin Pengolahan Kelapa (Mesin Parut Kelapa, Mesin Pemeras Santan Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Sabut Kelapa, Mesin ... [Jul 14 , 2014]

Sugar Mill Machine

[Jul 31 , 2013]
Agriculture Machinery

Sugar Mill Machine (Sugar Grinding Machine) Machines Outlets Selling Sugar Mill. Sugar Milling Machine Serves To Grind Granulated Sugar Into White Sugar Flour. With The Level Reaches 80-100 Mesh Refinement. While The Engine Rotation Speed Of 3,800 Rpm So The Softer Milled In A Short Time
Price : USD CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Outlet Mesin

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Outlemesin Is A Company Developed With Machine Supplyer Upholds The Responsibilities Of Work. Your Business Opportunities With Us Our Motto Is "Creating A New Business Opportunity". This Motto E... [Jul 31 , 2013]

Granulated Sugar

[Apr 11 , 2015]

We Are Ready To Supply Sugar Company Sand Sugar-White Sands Of Local Price Rp.7, 000 / Kg Minimum Purchase 1Ton Sugar Sand-Yellow Price Rp.6, 500 / Kg Minimum Purchase 1 Ton   For Serious Buyers Please Contact Us We Are Ready To Supply According To Your Needs  
Price : IDR 7,500    Min Order: 1000   

Seller : PT. Fastra Arja

[Samarinda , Kalimantan Timur]
Pt Fastra Arja Started Its Journey In 1996 At The Beginning Of His Birth , Pt Fastra Arja Has Appalling Conditions . Three Main Property , Namely Mobile Assets , Fixed Assets , And Human Resources Ar... [Apr 11 , 2015]


[Dec 01 , 2013]

We Are Seller's Agent Of Sugar Brand "Gulasir" Packed In Plastic In 1 Kg And Manufactured In Surabaya. Our Quality Is A Sugar With A Cheaper Price Than Other Brands With The Same Quality
Price : IDR 11,000    Min Order: 1   

[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
We Are Seller's Agent Of Sugar With Brand Name Is "Gulasir" And Packed In Plastic 1Kg, Manufactured In Surabaya. Our Sugar Quality Is A With A Cheaper Price Than Other Brands With The Same Quality [Dec 01 , 2013]

Sugar Packaging

[Apr 01 , 2015]

MSI Granulated Sugar Blue (Medan)50kg – Rp 450.000,- Granulated Sugar MSI Purple (Medan)50kg – 452.000,-USD. White Crystal Sugar (PTP)50kg – Rp 450.000,- Granulated Sugar ILP (Lampung)50kg – Rp 450.000,- Indo Sugar Granulated Sugar50kg – Rp 450.000,- Premium Sugar PSM (Palembang)50kg-Rp. 440.000,- Quotation enquiry To:
Price : IDR 440,000    Min Order: 1   

[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
Pt.Berlian Kartika Sari Is Commanditaire Trade Guild Is Wholly Owned By The National Private Employers. Company Established On May 10, 2008 Based On Notarial Deed Eko Handoko Widjaja, Sh, M. Hum No. ... [Apr 01 , 2015]

Sell Sugar Kunig

[Mar 21 , 2015]

Yellow granulated sugar    
Price : IDR 475,000    Min Order: 5   

Seller : Ud. Ads Sembako

[Samarinda , Kalimantan Timur]
Kami Sebagai Agen Pertama Minyak Goreng Rajawali Mas Wil. Kalimantan Timur. [Mar 21 , 2015]


[Jan 21 , 2015]

Distributors need groceries for the household and home industryWe sell a wide range of needs for a price that is competitive advantage, orders on time according to agreement with the customer The following types of items and pricesVarious brands of sugar SUGAR WHITE RP GMP. 6800/KGSUGAR YELLOW RP GMP. 5600/KGSUGAR WHITE FIELD MSI RP. 6800/KGSUGAR YELLOW FIELD RP MSI. 5400/KGKBA WHITE SUGAR AT RP
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Pd. Usaha Mitra

[Jakarta Utara , Jakarta]
Distributor Of Material Needs Good Food For The Household And Home Industry We Sell A Variety Of Needs At A Price That Is Competitive Advantage, Timely Order In Agreement With The ConsumerThe Follow... [Jan 21 , 2015]


[Jan 25 , 2015]

PD.IN ORDER TO POWERTrading companies engaged in the Sale of foodstuffs and soft drinks at competitive prices. price FactoryOur mission is to Provide the best for consumersWith interests and consumer satisfaction is our Yearning and emphasizing honest and menjalini in an attempt iklas we Instill to employees. Capital success is Kejujran and disciplineHere are some types of merchandise that we offe
Price : IDR 7,300    Min Order: 1500   

Seller : PD. guna daya mitra

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Pd.Guna Power Trading Company Moves In The Field Sales Of Food And Beverage Ingredients Ringan.Dengan Competitive Price Factory Price Giving Our Mission Is Best For Consumers With Emphasis On Consu... [Jan 25 , 2015]


[Mar 08 , 2013]

Sell Sugar Crystal White Refined (Warehouse Surabaya) Price = 9900-10200 Specifications: - Crystal Sugar - No Soft / Rough - Sacks No Logo - Refined - Stock 210 Tonnage
Price : IDR 9,900    Min Order: 1   

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Nusantara Works Partners Sells Good Local And Imported Commodities We Are A Company Engaged In The Field Of Agricultural Products That Provide Goods Of Local And Imported Produce. We Serve Compa... [Mar 08 , 2013]

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