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Sell Adapter Switching Power Supply

[Apr 03 , 2014]
AC/DC Adaptor

Din Rail Power Supplies | Din Rail Power Supply | Meanwell Direct Uk  Din Rail Products Is Fanless Design For Installation In Ts35/7.5 Or Ts35/15 Rail Industry That Are Available For Unit 20 Watt Slim Line That Into Unit Three Phase 960 Watt Us. Include Model Mdr-20 / Mdr-40 / Mdr-60 / Mdr-100 / Dr-30 / Dr-45 / Dr-60 / Dr-75 / Dr-100 / Dr-120 / Drp-240 / Drp-480 / Drp-480-An / Dvm-120 / Drt-240
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 0   

Seller : CV. Lintas Buana Perkasa

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt.Lintas Buana Perkasa Berdiri Sejak Tahun 2007,Merupakan Distributor,Agent,Supllier Product Electrical,Pemipaan & Panel Maker. Diantarnya Wiring Accessories,Cable Listrik,Cable Gland,Cable Ties,F... [Apr 03 , 2014]
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Inverter TIG Welder

[Jul 15 , 2014]
Welding Machine

Japanese Technology With The Power Of 850 Watts For A Regular Welding And Argon, Is Used For Welding Work Smooth And Clean. Can Be Used For Welding Stainless Steel. TIG Travolas Tool Is Particularly Suitable For Small And Medium Industries, The Use Of Electric Power Is Relatively Small And Affordable Prices. Travolas Portable TIG Welding Is Easy To Use And High Quality Results.  Input Voltage:
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : UD. Komplit Teknik Mesindo

[Tangerang , Banten]
Kami Adalah perakit, supplier dan distributor peralatan industri, mesin agroindustri, mesin konstruksi, mesin makanan, mesin pengemas, mesin hotel, mesin restoran,dan lainya. Kami menyediakan berba... [Jul 15 , 2014]
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Crimp Tools

[Mar 04 , 2014]
Other Mechanical Parts

Crimp Tools Are Designed For The Connection Of Electrical And Metal Components By Cutting, Stripping, Bending, And Deforming. Crimpers Differ Mainly By The Die Of Tool, Which Vary Depending Upon The Item To Be Crimped. As A Portable, Cold-Working Technique, Crimping Is Extensive In The Electrical And Metal-Forming Industries. Crimping Was Developed As A High-Quality, Low Cost Replacement For Solde
Price : IDR 001    Min Order: 0   

Seller : CV. Sinar Mandiri Tehnik

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Cv. Sinar Mandiri Tehnik Berlokasi Di Lindeteves Trade Centre Lantai Ug Blok A5 No. 3. Jl. Hayam Wuruk No. 127 Jakarta 11180-Indonesia. Cv. Sinar Mandiri Tehnik Adalah Warung Nya Alat Teknik Disinila... [Mar 04 , 2014]
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Training Working At High Level 1

[Nov 27 , 2013]
Consultation Services

Description Working At Heights Have Great Potential Danger . There Are Various Methods Of Working At Height As Widely Applied In Construction , Inspection , Maintenance Buildings And Industrial Installations Such As Tall Buildings , Towers Electrical Network , Communication Towers , Oil Rigs , Ship Repair And Maintenance , Bridge Maintenance , Mining , Tourism Industry Such As Out-Bound , Resea
Price : IDR 2,500,000      

Seller : PT. Elbana Industrial Supply

[Bekasi , Jawa Barat]
Profil Perusahaan Pt. Elbana Industrial Supply Berdiri Pada 27 September 2006, Berawal Dari Dukungan Dari Para Ahli-Ahli Teknik, Yang Datang Dari Berbagai Latar Belakang Keahlian Dari Berbagai Bida... [Nov 27 , 2013]
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Gps Tracking Harga Sewa Tlt2h

[Dec 26 , 2013]
Navigation and GPS

Menyewakan Gps Tracker Mvt600 Monthly Cost Only 300,000 / Month Prisenta Means Of Gps Trackers Gps Position For All Purposes You Min Lease : 6 Months Min Unit : Unit 5 Functional Outline : - Keep Track Of Where Cars And Motorcycles With Support Gps / Gsm / Gprs Frequencies 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz Can Be Used All Over The World - High Sensitivity , Use Jrc Gps Chipset Efficient & Robust El
Price : IDR 300,000      

Seller : PT. Prisenta

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Prisenta Adalah Sebuah Usaha Yang Berdiri Sejak Tahun 2007 Yang Bergerak Dibidang Barang Dan Jasa: # Mesin Fotokopi : Xerox, Toshiba, Canon # Gps : Alat Pelacak, Gps Tracker, Vehicle Tracker, Personal... [Dec 26 , 2013]
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Digital Energy Meter

[May 21 , 2014]
Energy Tester

Good Digital Energy Meter Compact Model, Potensial For Monitoring All Function Electrical. Suitable Use For Manufacturing, Gerenerating System, Hotel, Office Area Etc.
Price : IDR 1,200,000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Cv. Cerah Cemerlang

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Kami Perusahaan Yang Bergerak Dibidang Perdagangan Lampu Jenis Led Dan Produk Energy Saver Buatan Dalam Negri Di Surabaya. Produk Yang Kami Jual Dengan Harga Lokal, Kualitas Baik Dan Bergaransi. Mel... [May 21 , 2014]
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Sell Plate Grating

[Jun 07 , 2014]
Stainless Steel

" Dua Putra Petir " ( Your Steel Partner ) Telp.031-7406677 , 031-7407380, 082133555559, 081933555559, 088218555559, Fax.031-7417127, Pin Bb: 2881E45b Email: Duaputrapetir@ Gmail.Com Www.Besisurabaya.Com Http://Duaputrapetir.Com Specifications Product : Category Plate Grating  Total: Ready Stock  Pack Gazette  Country Of Origin: Indonesia  Steel Grating Is A Series Of Iron As A Scr
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 0   

Seller : CV. Dua Putra Petir

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Perusahaan Kami Telah Menyediakan Dan Mensuplai Segala Bentuk Produk Baja Untuk Keperluan Industri Dan Konstruksi Sejak Lama, Kami Akan Terus Berkembang Dengan Pengalaman Dan Pemahanan Yang Mendalam S... [Jun 07 , 2014]
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Safety Shoes Cheetah 2002 H - Nitrile

[Jun 17 , 2014]
Safety Shoes

Selling Safety Shoes Cheetah 2002 H - Nitrile Zonasafety - Supplier Safety Shoes - Safety Shoes Cheetah Surabaya Supplier Of Safety Equipment And Supplies Safety Equipment Agent - Supplier - Shop - Stockist Best Price Cheetah Safety Shoes 2002 H - Nitrile Features: Lace-Up Shoe With Padded Collar Foamed Inner Taibrelle For Day-Long Comfort Suitable For: - Automotive Industry - Me
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 0   

Seller : Zona Safety

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Zonasafety - Supplier peralatan Safety - Distributor Sepatu Safety Surabaya Safety Boot PVC Full Body Harness Masker Respirator Traffic Cone Helm Proyek Rompi Proyek Sarung Tangan Kulit Kombinasi Kac... [Jun 17 , 2014]
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Fiber Optic Cable

[Jun 14 , 2014]
Other Cable

An Optical Fiber Cable Is A Cable Containing One Or More Optical Fibers That Are Used To Carry Light. The Optical Fiber Elements Are Typically Individually Coated With Plastic Layers And Contained In A Protective Tube Suitable For The Environment Where The Cable Will Be Deployed. Different Types Of Cable Are Used For Different Applications, For Example Long Distance Telecommunication, Or Providing
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : PT. Tembong Son Digdaya

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
PT. Tembong Son Digdaya Adalah Salah Satu Perusahaan Yang Bergerak Dibidang Sistem Disain,Perakit Dan Pembuat Panel Seperti Panel ACPDB, Panel DCPDB, Panel ATS - AMF, Panel Capacitor Bank, Panel Sink... [Jun 14 , 2014]
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Rock Wool Pipe

[Jul 14 , 2014]
Construction Contractor

Product Specifications : Category Rock Wool Pipe Description : 1 . Description ; : Rock Wool Pipe Shell Is Made Of Natural Basalt As Main Ingredient Which Is Made ​​Into A Man-Made Inorganic Fibers By Fast Centrifugal Instrument After High Temperature Melt , And At The Same Time Adding Special Adhesives And Dust Laying Oil . It Can Be Made Into A Variety Of Rock Wool Heat - Preserving The Sh
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : PT. Sumber Sarana Agung 3

[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
PT. Sumber Sarana Agung ( Rekomendasi & Rekanan Pertamina) Adalah Perusahaan Perdagangan Pipa, Plat Besi/ Sus, Fitting, Valve, Insulation Dan Berbagai Barang Tehnik.. Welcome To Supplier, Reseller,... [Jul 14 , 2014]
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Siemens Contactor 3TF 3RT 3TH

[Jul 16 , 2014]

Product Specifications: Siemens Contactor Category Description: Siemens 3RT Contactor 3TF, 3TH, Sirius Contactor, Thermal Overload Siemens (Industrial Supplies / Low Voltage Panels) Contactors Are Also Called Electromagnetic Switch, Namely: "The Switch Operating System With The Workings Of The Electromagnetic System And Is A Tool That Is Safe To Disconnect And Reconnect Continuously / Cont
Price : IDR CALL      


[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
PT. PELANGI CAHAYA SEMPURNA Adalah Perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang penyedia alat – alat listrik seperti pengadaan barang components panel atau spare parts. Berpegang pengalaman pada bidang electric... [Jul 16 , 2014]
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​​Cable Gland Qualified Cheap Price

[Jul 22 , 2014]
Other Accessories Cable

Sell ​​/ Agents / Distributors Cable Gland Cheap Price According To Size And Type.   We Are A Distributor (Agent) For Electrical Equipment Associated With The Explosion Proof Products, Fuses, Lighting Fixture, Junction Box, Emergency Stop, Push Button Etc.. We Serve And Provide Solutions For Our Customers, For Electrical Applications, Particularly For Cable Glands And Cable Glands NPT Matrix
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : Mitra Usaha Mandiri Tangerang

[Tangerang , Banten]
CV.MITRA USAHA MANDIRI. Kami Adalah Sebuah Perusahaan Yang Bergerak Di Bidang distributor / Agen Pengadaan Segala Jenis Pipa, Seperti; Pvc,Upvc,Ppr, Pipa Tembaga (Coopertube),Pvc/Upvc Sch80,Hdpe, Pipa... [Jul 22 , 2014]
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Sell Generator For Diesel & Gas Engine

[Dec 19 , 2012]

Generator For Diesel & Gas Engine We Are A Major Supplier Of Brushless Synchronous Generators For Diesel And Gas Engines. These Are In Use All Over The World, Producing Power In Electric Utilities And District Heating Plants, Industrial Plants, The Marine And Offshore Sectors, And Similar Applications. In Every Case We Work With Our Customers, Using Our Application-Specific Know-How To Ensure T
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : P T. Bdr Indonesia

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Dengan Bekal Hubungan Yang Baik Di Industri Migas , Pendiri Memulai Bisnis Ini Sejak Awal 2010 Pt Bdr Indonesia Berkomitmen Untuk Melanjutkan Misi Pendiri, Untuk Tetap Berkecimpung Di  Sektor Minyak ... [Dec 19 , 2012]
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Portable Label Maker Brady Handimark®

[Jun 07 , 2013]
Printing Machinery

Features : - Single Color Print - Create Custom Labels Whenever And Wherever You Need Them - Rugged Construction Designed For Use In Industrial Environment - Runs On A Rechargeable Battery Or Ac Power - 1/2”, 1” & 2” Tape Width - 113 Built-In Symbols & Pictos - Pipe Marker Application Built-In - Store 10.000 Characters In Memory Or Download From Your Pc - Bar Code 3 Of 9 Symbology Built-I
Price : IDR 001      

Seller : Surya Tech

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Suryatech Adalah Perusahaan Bergerak Di Bidang Pengadaan Barang Dan Jasa,Kami Berdiri Tahun 2006, Kami Lebih Berfokus Kepada Instalasi Jaringan Cctv,Gps,Jaringan Internet,Point To Point,Point To Mult... [Jun 07 , 2013]
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Jack Hammer Gasoline Breaker

[Jul 11 , 2014]
Machine Tools

Jack Hammer | Gasoline Breaker Kami Bergerak Di Bidang Pabrikasi Mesin Peralatan Jalan (Mesin Marka Jalan, Alat Marka Jalan, Aplikator Marka Jalan, Mesin Preheater Jalan, Mesin Pemasak Dan Pengaduk Cat Marka Jalan, Mesin Penghapus Marka Jalan | Road Marking Removal), Peralatan Mesin Industri, Supplier Mesin Peralatan Jalan (Baby Roller, Concrete Cutting, Concrete Power Trowel, Plate Compactor, Ta
Price : IDR 123      

Seller : CV. Kencana Jaya Teknik

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
CV KENCANA JAYA TEKNIK Kami bergerak di bidang Pabrikasi Mesin Pertanian, seperti Mesin Pengolahan Kelapa (Mesin Parut Kelapa, Mesin Pemeras Santan Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Sabut Kelapa, Mesin Pengur... [Jul 11 , 2014]
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Brush Gallon

[Sep 12 , 2013]
Beverages Machines

Gallon Brush Gallon Brush Is A Tool To Clean The Inside Of Gallons Of Water That Can Not Be Cleaned By Hand. Galon Brush Is Made Of Plastik Pvc (Polyvinyl Chloride) And Equipped With Plasti Threads Fiber That Serve To Reach The Inside Of The Gallon. Gallon Brush Is Equipped With 220V Ac Electric Motors Are Responsible For Turning The Threads So That Cleaning The Lint Role In Gallon. Such Gallon
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 0   

Seller : Wahana Filter

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Wahana Filter Adalah Perusahaan Yang Berdiri Tahun 2011. Perusahaan Kami Bergerak Di Bidang Jasa Dan Penjualan.   Kami Menyediakan Jasa Dan Penjualan: *Filter Air *Sparepart Water Treatmen... [Sep 12 , 2013]
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Direct Online Starter Mps11pbe Shihlin

[May 14 , 2013]
Power Accessories

Industrial Electrical Supplier At Semarang Sells Direct Online Starter Mps11pbe Shihlin With Push Button, Available For Another Power Capacity. One Year Warranty.We Provide Variety Of Industrical Electrical Needs.
Price : IDR 201,500      

Seller : Unix Electrical

[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
Kami Adalah Salah Satu Perusahaan Supplier Alat Listrik Industri Dan Instalasi Terbaik Dan Terlengkap Di Kota Semarang. [May 14 , 2013]
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Infrared And Contact Thermometer Fluke 561

[Jul 01 , 2014]
Thermo Hygrometer

IR Thermometer With K-Type Thermocouple Capability Lighten Up Your Toolbox. The Fluke 561 IR And Contact Thermometer, Combines The Temperature Measurement Functions That Industrial, Electrical, And HVAC/ R Professionals Need, All In One Tool. It Measures Both Infrared And Contact Temperature, Replacing Several Other Test Tools. It’ S Fast, Efficient, And Easy To Use, Saving You Valuable Time An
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1    Brand : Fluke

Seller : Toko TEKNIK PRO

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Berawal Dari Keyakinan Akan Terus Berkembangnya Pembangunan Diberbagai Sektor Di Indonesia Dan Setelah Melalui Bermacam-Macam Pengalaman Dalam Mengelola Suatu Usaha Maka Didirikanlah Toko Teknik Pro. ... [Jul 01 , 2014]
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