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Sell ​​Heating Machine HDPE pipe HDPE pipe fitting

[Aug 20 , 2014]
Construction Contractor

 Sell ​​Heating Machine HDPE Pipe HDPE Pipe Fitting, Our Agents Distributors Cheap Price. Sell ​​Hdpe Pipe Machine, Welding Machine Hdpe Pipe, Hdpe Pipe Butt Fusion, Selling Machine Hdpe Pipe, Hdpe Pipe Machine Distributors, Hdpe Pipe Machinery Agents. MACHINE Pipe Fitting No.. Product Type Unit Price / Unit 1 BUTT FUSION WELDING MACHINE HYDRAULIC SHD 160/63 SET 48,000,000 Pipe Range: 2-6 In
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : Mitra Usaha Mandiri

[Tangerang , Banten]
CV.Mitra Usaha Mandiri, Rukan Ramayana Pasar Baru, Jl.Raya Mauk/M.Toha Blok.C12 Kota Tangerang 15113. Kami Adalah Sebuah Perusahaan Yang Bergerak Di Bidang Pengadaan Segala Jenis Pipa, Seperti; Pv... [Aug 20 , 2014]
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Plastic Sheeting

[Nov 13 , 2012]
Other Plastic Products

Agent Tarps, Tents And Canopy Complete Serving All Indonesia Booking With Competitive Price (Low) Engaged In The Manufacturer And Distributor Of Tarpaulins And Tents 'Ready Made Leader' Product And The Quality Of The Goods We Provide The Best, We Provide A Variety Of Products, Complete And Kompotitif Price, Size And Shape According To The Demand With A Variety Of Material Thicknesses Our Prod
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : U.D Alfia Tenda 88

[Tangerang , Banten]
Agen Terpal,Tenda Dan Canopy Terlengkap U.D Alfia Tenda 88 Melayani Pemesanan Se Indonesia Bergerak Di Bidang Produsen Dan Suplier Terpal Dan Tenda &Quot; Ready Made Terdepan &Quot; Produk Dan Kua... [Nov 13 , 2012]
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