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  • Seed Potatoes 28-Nov-2014

    Need Seed Potatoes To Cold Regions

  • Ac Compressor 28-Nov-2014
    Kompressor Half Pk. Pk 3/4, 1 Hp, 3 Hp (1 Phase & 3 Phase), 5 Pk, Pk 6, 7 Pk, 10 Pk, 15 Pk. Freon R 22 Expansion Kapiller For Ac 3 Pk, Pk 5, 6 Hp, 7 ... Indonesia
  • Create Perporasi Machine Paper Manual Memorandum, Tickets Etc. 31-Dec-2014

    The Manual Machine For Making Scraps Of Paper (Such As The Use Of Needles)

  • Warom Explosion Proof Product Lighting 01-Jan-2015

    Explosion Proof Lighting Led Pendant, Led Floodlight, Les Street Light.

  • Car Carpet 30-Sep-2015

    Good Quality Car Carpets With Cars Logo

  • Plastic Rice 5Kg 27-Nov-2014

    We Are Looking For A Printing Plastic Rice 5Kg

  • Herbal Plant 26-Nov-2014
    We Are Looking For Gecko, Gekko, Centipedes, Scorpio, Cockroaches, Crickets, Sea Horses, Cuttlefish, Rosemary, Dragon's Blood Tree, Fish Belly, Buffa... Indonesia
  • Red Ginger And Ginger Elephant 26-Nov-2014

    Wanted - Needed - Purchased - ... Ginger Ginger Red Elephant ... Quota 1-2 Ton / Day Grade A Factory For Production And Export.

  • Looking Partenr Distributor In Indonesia 31-Dec-2014
    We Are Looking For Floor Tiles Attraqua Lvt: 3Mmx500mmx500mm 3Mmx457.2Mmx457.2Mm 3Mmx100mmx914.4Mmx914.4Mm Pvc Floor Covering 3Mmx150mmx914.4Mmx914.4... Japan
  • Tire Polish 25-Nov-2014

    Tire Polish

  • Trafo, Lampu Tl, 27-Nov-2014

    Transformer 40 Watt Fluorescent Lamp Fluorescent Lamp = 160 Pcs = 32 Pcs 40 Watt Fluorescent Lamp 20 Watts = 128 Pcs

  • Milky White Acrylic 3Mm 27-Nov-2014

    We Are Looking For Milky White Acrylic 3Mm

  • Pipe Blacksteel 25-Nov-2014

    Blacksteel Medium Diameter Pipes 8 "= 3 Blacksteel Medium Stem Diameter Pipe 4" = 2 Rods

  • Elephant Ginger 30-Nov-2014

    Minimum Size 100 Gram - 500 Gram, 33Kg Waring, 28 Ton Container + 500 Kg / Container, Weigh Payment Pay

  • Electromotor, Gearbox, Pump Industry 25-Nov-2014
    Sell ​​All Brands Of Generators Such As Cummins, Perkins, Deutz, Etc. There Is Also The Technical Equipment Such As: Electromotor "Cmg" Australian So... Indonesia
  • Wincor Nixdorf Ribbon Hp4915, 4915+ 16 Millions Characters 22-Nov-2014
    Hi, I Need To Buy 200 Wincor Nixdorf Ribbon Hp4915, 4915+ 16Millions Characters Original Oem Part #01750039419. Also, I Need To Buy 240 Ibm 07K4446 R... United States
  • Upright Cabinet Chiller And Freezer 30-Nov-2014

    Upright Chiller And Freezer Cabinets, Separate. Stainless Steel Material, At Least 2 Doors, Automatic Defrosting

  • Chemicals 25-Nov-2014

    I Am Looking For A Powder Fire Extinguisher / Powder Fire Extinguishers

  • Gloves Knitting 30-Nov-2014

    Knitted Gloves (Brand Horses B7) Leather Gloves For Production (Need First Trial)

  • Genteng 17-Nov-2014

    We Are Looking For Ceramic Tile Brand Kia Or Kanmuriwarna Natrual


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Furnitur: Pembeli Internasional Incar Mebel Ramah Lingkungan
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    Richard Ferdinand Tambunan , Jawa Barat
    Indotrading OK
    Richard Ferdinand Tambunan , Jawa Barat
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