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Cpvc Industrial Gf Harvel Sch.80 Pipe Pvc  

Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Pipes and Fittings
Last Updated : 18 Feb 2014

Contact and Company Details
Mobile: 081289222123

Address : Jl.Pahlawan seribu ruko golden boulevard Lt.1 blok E no.30 bsd city Tangerang
Banten , Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 2153156333
(+62) 2153159333
(+62) 2153159111
Fax : (+62) 2153167333
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  • Product Specification and Price Cpvc Industrial Gf Harvel Sch.80 Pipe Pvc


    Gf Harvel Pvc Corrosion Resistant Pressure Pipe, Ips Sizes 1/8' Through 24', Is Ideal For Use In Applications With Temperatures Up To And Including 140&Deg;F. Pressure Rating (120 Psi To 1230 Psi) Varies With Schedule, Pipe Size, And Temperature. It Is Generally Resistant To Most Acids, Bases, Salts, Aliphatic Solutions, Oxidants, And Halogens. Chemical Resistance Data Is Available And Should Be Referenced For Proper Material Selection. Gf Harvel Pvc Pipe Exhibits Excellent Physical Properties And Flammability Characteristics. Typical Applications Include: Chemical Processing, Plating, High Purity Applications, Potable Water Systems, Water And Wastewater Treatment, Irrigation, Agricultural, And Other Industrial Applications Involving Corrosive Fluid Transfer.

    Sample Specification
    All Pvc Schedule 80 Pipe Shall Be Manufactured From A Type I, Grade I Polyvinyl Chloride (Pvc) Compound With A Cell Classification Of 12454 Per Astm D1784. The Pipe Shall Be Manufactured In Strict Compliance To Astm D1785, Consistently Meeting And/Or Exceeding The Quality Assurance Test Requirements Of This Standard With Regard To Material, Workmanship, Burst Pressure, Flattening, And Extrusion Quality. The Pipe Shall Be Manufactured In The Usa, Using Domestic Materials, By An Iso 9001 Certified Manufacturer. Standard Lengths Of Pipe Sizes 6' And Larger Shall Be Beveled Each End By The Pipe Manufacturer. All Pipe Shall Be Stored Indoors After Production At The Manufacturing Site Until Shipped From Factory. This Pipe Shall Carry The National Sanitation Foundation (Nsf) Seal Of Approval For Potable Water Applications. All Pipe Shall Be Manufactured By Gf Harvel.&Reg; Plastics, Inc

    Temperature Derating

    Operating Temp (&Deg;F)De-Rating Factor

    The Pressure Ratings Given Are For Water, Non-Shock, @ 73&Deg;F. The Following Temperature De-Rating Factors Are To Be Applied To The Working Pressure Ratings (W.P.) Listed When Operating At Elevated Temperatures.

    Multiply The Working Pressure Rating Of The Selected Pipe At 73&Deg;F, By The Appropriate De-Rating Factor To Determine The Maximum Working Pressure Rating Of The Pipe At The Elevated Temperature Chosen.

    Ex: 10' Pvc Sch 80 @ 120&Deg;F = ?
    230 Psi X 0.40 = 92 Psi Max. @ 120&Deg;F

    The Maximum Service Temperature For Pvc Is 140&Deg;F.

    Solvent Cemented Joints Should Be Utilized When Working At Or Near Maximum Temperatures. Gf Harvel Does Not Recommend The Use Of Pvc For Threaded Connections At Temperatures Above 110&Deg;F; Use Flanged Joints, Unions, Or Roll Grooved Couplings Where Disassembly Is Necessary At Elevated Temperatures.

    Threading Of Sch 40 Pvc Pipe Is Not A Recommended Practice Due To Insufficient Wall Thickness. Thread Only Sch 80 Or Heavier Walls. Threading Requires A 50% Reduction In Pressure Rating Stated For Plain End Pipe @73&Deg;F.

    Chemical Resistance Data Should Be Referenced For Proper Material Selection And Possible De-Rating When Working With Fluids Other Than Water. Refer To Gf Harvel 112/401 Product Bulletin For Chemical Resistance And Installation Data.

    Price: Rp CALL

    Pt.Golden Piping Indonesia Stood Since 2000.Is Agents, Distributors, Suppliers Products Electrical And Piping Systems For Industrial Areas, Telecomunication,Mining, Electric Power, Transportation, Building,And Housing.
    With Experience In The Specification And Supply We Are Ready To Assist And Cooperate In The Procurement Of Goods Included In The Specifications That We Have.
    Our Success Depends On A Strong Commitment To Our Clients In Determining The Right Product Quality, Timely Delivery, Warranty, Certification, And Full Compliance With Technical Requirements To Achieve Overall System Performance.
    We Are Always Innovating To Build A Reputation, Excellence And Strive To Exceed Your Expectations. Strong Team Of Professionals, Strategic Partnerships And Significant Resources To Help Meet The Standards Of The Best Services By Providing Convenience, Flexibility, Security For You, So You Have Plenty Of Time And Profit

    Our Vision:
    Become A Leading Company In The Field Electrical & Piping System For Global Market.

    Our Mision:
    Best Serve With The Entire Ability.

    To Achieve Our Vision And Mission We Value:
    Honest And Ethical Conduct In All Of Our Business Relationships.
    Mutual Respect That Fosters And Promotes The Growth And Prosperity Of Our Customers, Employees, Business Partners, And Community.
    Take Pride In Who We Are, What We Do, And Who We Serve.
    Expectations And Value Of Our Customers, Employees, And Business.

    We Sell
    • Pipa Pvc Wavin
    • Rucika
    • Vinilon
    • Pralon
    • Unilon
    • Liansu

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    Contact Details

    Mobile: 081289222123

    Address : Jl.Pahlawan seribu ruko golden boulevard Lt.1 blok E no.30 bsd city Tangerang
    Banten , Indonesia
    Phone : (+62) 2153156333
    (+62) 2153159333
    (+62) 2153159111
    Fax : (+62) 2153167333
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