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Mixer Shaker Vortex Maxi Mix Ii Thermolyne  

Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Lab Supplies
Payment Method : Transfer Bank (T/T)
Last Updated : 06 Jun 2012

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[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
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Address : Jl. Cipta Menanggal 6 No.4A Surabaya
Jawa Timur , Indonesia
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Product Specification and Price Mixer Shaker Vortex Maxi Mix Ii Thermolyne

P R O D U C T D E S C R I P T I O N:

Soft Foam Rubber Pad Permits Vortex Mixing Of 4Test Tubes
Simultaneously. Excellent For Mixing Contents Of Small Flasks With
Closed Tops.
Heavy Duty Cast Metal Base And Suction Cup Feet Provide Greater
Stability To Assure No Movement Or Walking During Mixing.
Maxi Mix Ii Comes Complete With Two Mixing Surfaces: A Single-Cup
Tube Holder For Mixing Single Tubes, And 3.5 ( 8.9 Cm) Diameter Foam
Pad For Mixing Flasks Or Multiple Tubes Simultaneously.

O P E R A T I O N:
Variable Speed Control Allows Adjustment Of Mixing Action From 100
To 3000 Rpm.
Can Be Operated In Continuous Mode When Mixing A Quantity Of Tubes
Or Flasks In Sequence; Intermittent Mode Is Activated By Touching The
Foam Rubber Pad Or Cup Attachment With Test Tube.

Mixing Media In Test Tubes.
Mixing Cytogenetic Suspensions In Centrifuge Tubes.
Enzymatic And Ria Assays.
Vortexing Cell Suspensions.
Vortexing Drug Extractions.
Atomic Absorption Sample Preparation.
Nelson S Assay For Reducing Sugars.
Barnstead| Thermolyne
Price: Rp CALL

Pt. Sumber Arum Perennial Is A Distributor Or Supplier Of Official Sub-Distributors Indonesia Importers Engaged In Laboratory And Microbiology In Surabaya, East Java, Indonesia, With The Following Brands: Hardy Diagnostics Criterion Usa, Merck Kgaa Of Germany, Sigma Aldrich Usa, Waters For Hplc Ireland, Italy, Ridacount, Biooscientific, Copan Difco, Atago, Bd, Bbl, Memmert, Hirayama, Atago, Thermo Scientific, Thermolyne, Funke Garber, Warring, Hach Usa, Olympus, Seedburo, All American, Vwr, Instrumentations, Horiba, Uetech, Wildco, Yellowline, Takemura, Atcc Gibson Laboratories, Inc., Us-One, Pyrex, Brand, Biohit, Axygen Scientific, Az Taiwan, Boeco Germany, Gast Vacuum Pump, Optics, Microscopy Motic Microscope Italy, Interscience, Hettich, And Balances The Japan, Ohaus Balances And Scale Mettler Toledo Balance Usa, Usa, Taiwan, Presica Balance Kern Balances Germany, Eppendorf, Testo, Velp Scientifica, Knf Neuberger, Nabertherm Dusters Pumps Germany, Advantec Toyo Kaisha, Ltd. Japan Kett Science And Sensing Usa Germany, Eppendorf, Hanna Instruments, Ika, Hanil Centrifuge Taiwan, Kern Balances Germany, Gfl Water Still Usa.

The Main Product Or Service

Distributor Or Sub-Distributors
Memmert Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Arum Perennial Is The Official Product Distributor Or Sub-Distributors Memmert In Indonesia. Memmert Products: Oven, Incubator, Water Bath, Humidity Chamber, Co2 Incubator, Oil Bath, Water Bath, Environmental Chamber Etc.

Hach Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Arum Perennial Is A Distributor Or Sub-Distributors Hach Indonesia Specialist Water Analysis In Indonesia For The Purpose Of Analysis Of Hach Of Drinking Water, Waste Water And Environmental Issues, Among Others: Ph Meter, Do, Cod, Bod, Tss, Organic, Non-Organic Etc.

Ridacount R-Biopharm Germany Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Abadi Arum Is Official Distributor Or Sub-Distributors In Indonesia Products Ridacount Rapid Test For Microbiology. Ridacount Products That We Offer For The Purposes Of The Laboratory Include:
A. Regine Count Total-R1001
B. Regine Count E. Coli-R1006
C. Regine R1002-Coliform Count
D. Regine Count Enterobacterceae/Salmonella-R1010
E. Regine Count Staph. Aureus-R1005
F. Regine R1009-Count Enterobacterceae
G. Regine Count Yeast Rapid Mold-1008
H. Regine Count E. Colli/Coliform-R1007

Hardy Diagnostics Criterion Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Abadi Arum Is Indonesia's Official Distributor Or Sub-Distributors, Hardy Diagnostics Product Criterion Indonesia. The Criterion That We Offer Products For The Purposes Of The Laboratory, Among Others, Dehydrated Medium For Microbiological Analysis. Applications Of This Product May Be Used For Food And Beverage Industry,
Clinical Pharmacy, And More.

Fiber-Optic Communications Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Arum Perennial Is The Official Product Distributor Or Sub-Distributors Optika Miskroscope/Italian Microskop For School Lab Lab Lab, Industry, Hospitals And Government Agencies Either Binoculair Or Monoculair Or Which Is Linked To Diconnect/Ccd Camera, Pc Or Labtop Etc.

Thermo Fischer Orion Indonesia
Pt. Saa Is Official Distributor Or Sub-Distributors Products Thermo Fisher Orion In Indonesia. Orion Products That We Offer For The Purposes Of The Laboratory, Among Others, Ph Meters, In Various Forms And For A Variety Of Probe Sample Application.

Kern Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Abadi Arum Is Official Distributor Or Sub-Distributors Kern In Indonesia.
Kern Is A Manufacturer Of Scales Of Origin Germany
Kern Products That We Sell Are: Moisture Balance, Precision Balance, Analytical Balance And Various Other Scales.

Velp Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Abadi Arum Is Official Distributor Or Sub-Distributors Velp In Indonesia.
Velp Is A Manufacturer Of Laboratory Equipment From Italy.
Velp Product That We Sell Are: Magnetic Stirrer, Vortex Mixer, Overhead Stirrer, Bod Incubator, And Much More.

Dehumidifier Or Fumehood Indonesia
Pt. Sumber Arum Perennial Distributor Fumehood/Fume Hood Or Hood, Enkas, Dry Oven, Colony Counters, Laminar, Rotator, Shaker, Magnetic Local Stirer Indonesia International Quality Standard Quality Materials Laboratory.

We Sell
  • Alat Laboratorium
  • Microbiology

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