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Jelly Glitter  

Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Adhesive
Last Updated : 01 Feb 2014

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[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
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Address : Jl. Ngagel Jaya Selatan 95 (Samping Supermarket BILKA) Surabaya, Jawa Timur Surabaya
Jawa Timur , Indonesia
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  • Product Specification and Price Jelly Glitter

    Jelly Glitter

    A Chemical Store In Surabaya, Screen Printing And Selling:


    • All Kinds Of Fiber Glass Materials {Oil Resins, Mat Tissue Surfacing, Catalyst, Wr, Etc} Q


    • Special Resin Chemical-Resistant & Panasq


    • Real Carbon Fibre Usaq


    • Carbon Fiber Color Usaq


    • Special Carbon Resin Kevlarq


    • Elastic Resin Q


    • Resin Lk {Special Resin Coating Sticker} Q


    • Paste Screen Printing Rubber {Rubber Paste} Q


    • Epoxy Q


    • Titan Q


    • Petroleum Jelly Paraffin Q &


    • S. Q Monomer


    • Pva & Vaseline Q


    • Resin Plasticisers Q


    • Pasta Sablon Nfq


    • Aluminum Paste Q


    • Pigment Water Base Q


    • Binder Q


    • Mirror Glaze {Wax} Q


    • Glitter Jelly/Q


    • Lycal 1011 & Lycal 1079 Q


    • Silicone Emulsion {Polish Ban} Q


    • Silicone Rubber {Silicone Print} Q


    • Silicone Oil {Clear Silicone} Q


    • Bidangan/Screen Q


    • White Oil Q


    • Silver Pearl Powder & Gold {Pearlescent Silver & Gold} Q


    • Powdered Pearls Rainbow Copper & {Pearlescent Multicolor & Cooper} Q


    • Kaneka Q


    • Bronze Mas {Bronze Powder Mas Mas/}-Rich Gold, Pale Gold Q &


    • Anti Foam Q


    • M3 M4 Q &


    • Phosfor {Glow In The Dark} Q


    • Effect Pigments Q


    • Xilarix Q


    • Household Cleaner Soap & Q


    • Laundry Needs Q


    • Drug Termite Kanibalq


    • Lemon (Citric Acid/Citric Acid) Q


    And Others

    Price: Rp CALL

    A Chemical Store In Surabaya And Screen Printing Are Selling:

    All Kinds Of Glass Fiber Materials {Resin, Mat Tissue, Catalyst, Wr, Dll}

    Carbon Kevlar,

    Bending Resin,

    Resin Lk {Special Coatings Resin Stickers},

    Pasta Pasta Rubber Printing Rubber {},


    Vaseline & Paraffin,


    Pva & Vaseline,

    Plasticisers Resin,

    Pasta Printing Nf,

    Aluminum Pasta,

    Water Base Pigment,

    Q Binder,

    Mirror Glaze {Wax},


    Lycal Lycal 1011 & 1079,

    Silicone Emulsion Polish {Ban},

    Silicone Rubber Silicone Print {},

    Clear Silicone Silicone Oil {},

    White Oil,

    Silver & Gold Pearl Powder {Pearlescent Silver & Gold},

    Pearl Powder Rainbow & Copper & Cooper Multicolor Pearlescent {},


    Bronze Mas {Bronze Mas / Mas} Powder - Pale Rich Gold & Gold,

    Anti Foam,

    M3 & M4,

    Phosfor {Glow In The Dark},

    Effect Pigmens,


    Cleaning & Household Soaps,

    Use Laundry,

    Drug Termite,

    Anti Fungus,

    And Other - Other

    We Sell
    • Glitter
    • Fiber Glass
    • Sablon
    • Silicone
    • Binder
    • Carbon

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