Exxon Mobil Oil

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Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Oil and Lubricants
Last Updated : 28 Aug 2013

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Mobile: 6281295082999

Address : Jl Arjuna No 1 Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat
Jakarta , Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 2129512375
(+62) 2129512376

Fax : (+62) 2129512377
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  • Product Specification Exxon Mobil Oil

    Slide Away Oil 
    Vactra 1 208Lt Dr
    Vactra 2 208Lt Dr
    Vactra 3 208Lt Dr
    Vactra 4 208Lt Dr
    Synthetic Oil 
    Shc 22M 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Drum Metal 
    Shc 46M 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Drum Metal 
    Shc 624 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 626 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 629 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 630 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 632 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 634 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 636 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 639 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc 824 55Ga Dr (208Lt) Dr
    Shc Pm 380 208Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 150 181Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 220 181Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 320 181Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 460 181Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 680 181Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 1000 181Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 3200 1Lt Dr
    Gear Shc 6800 181Lt Dr
    Gear Shc Xmp 320 208Lt Dr
    Gear Shc Xmp 460 208Lt Dr
    Glygoyle 11 208Lt Dr 
    Glygoyle 22 208Lt Dr 
    Glygoyle 30 208Lt Dr 
    Glygoyle He 320 208Lt Dr 
    Glygoyle He 460 208Lt Dr 
    Glygoyle He 680 208Lt Dr 
    Glygoyle Archtic Shc 226E Dr 208L 
    Glygoyle Archtic Shc 230E Dr 208L 
    Eal 224H 55Ga 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus 827 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus 829 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus Shc 1024 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus Shc 1025 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus Shc 1026 208Lt Dr 
    Rarolube 830 208Lt Dr 
    Gas Compressor Oil 208Lt Dr 
    Lith Shc 100 384Lb 174Kg Dr 
    Lith Shc 460 384Lb 174Kg Dr 
    Mobil Glygoyle 100, 208Lt
    Mobil Glygoyle 150, 208Lt
    Mobil Glygoyle 220, 208Lt
    Mobil Glygoyle 320, 208Lt
    Mobil Glygoyle 460, 208Lt
    Spindel Oil 
    Velocite 3 208Lt Dr 
    Velocite 6 208Lt Dr 
    Velocite 10 208Lt Dr 
    Circulating Oil 
    Dte Extra Heavy, 208Lt Dr 
    Dte Aa 208Lt Dr 
    Dte Bb 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 133, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 137, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 525, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 528, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 533, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 537, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 546, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 1405, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 1409, 208Lt Dr 
    Vacuoline 148, 208Lt Dr 
    Industrial Gear Oil 
    Gear 626 208Lt Dr 
    Gear 627 208Lt Dr 
    Gear 629 208Lt Dr 
    Gear 630 208Lt Dr 
    Gear 632 208Lt Dr 
    Gear 634 208Lt Dr 
    Gear 636 208Lt Dr 
    Mistlube 30 208Lt Dr 
    Mistlube 32 208Lt Dr 
    Gear Ogl 007 180 Kg Dr 
    Mobil Gear Xmp 220 208Lt Dr 
    Mobil Gear Xmp 320 208Lt Dr 
    Mobil Gear Xmp 460 208Lt Dr 
    Tac 375Nc 400Lb (181Kg) Dr
    Tff Mt Gear Oil 80W
    Esso Jws 2326, 208Lt
    Tff Atf T-Iv (Jws 3309), 209Lt
    600W Super Cylinder Oil 208Lt Dr 
    Nyvac Fr200d 208Lt Dr
    Pyrotec Hfd 46 230Kg Dr 
    Mobil Gear 600 Xp 68, 208 Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gear 600 Xp 100, 208 Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gear 600 Xp 150, 208 Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gear 600 Xp 220, 208 Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gear 600 Xp 320, 208 Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gear 600 Xp 460, 208 Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gear 600 Xp 680, 208 Lt, Dr 
    Compressor Oil 
    Rarus 424 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus 425 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus 426 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus 427 208Lt Dr 
    Rarus 429 208Lt Dr 
    Metal Working Fluid 
    Arma 798 50Ga 
    Hidraulic Oil 
    Dte 21, 208Lt, Dr 
    Dte 24, 208Lt, Dr 
    Dte 25, 208Lt, Dr 
    Dte 26, 208Lt, Dr 
    Dte 27, 208Lt, Dr 
    Dte 11M, 208Lt Dr Met  
    Dte 13M, 208Lt Dr Met  
    Dte 15M, 208Lt Dr Met  
    Dte 16M, 208Lt Dr Met  
    Dte 18M, 208Lt Dr Met  
    Dte 19M, 208Lt Dr Met  
    Dte Excel 32, 208Lt, Dr 
    Dte Excel 46, 208Lt, Dr 
    Dte Excel 68, 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Hydraulic 10W, 208Lt
    Turbine Oil 
    Dte Light 208Lt Dr
    Dte Medium 208Lt Dr
    Dte Heavy Medium 208Lt Dr
    Dte Heavy 208Lt Dr
    Dte 798 Oil 208Lt Dr
    Dte 732 208Lt Dr
    Dte 746 208Lt Dr
    Dte 768 208Lt Dr
    Dte 832 208Lt Dr
    Dte         208Lt Dr
    Teresstic T 32 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic T 46 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic T 68 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic T 100 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic 150 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic 220 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic 320 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic 460 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic N 150 208Lt Dr 
    Teresstic N 220 208Lt Dr 
    Paper Machine Oil
    Dte Pm 220 208Lt Dr
    Refrigeration Oil 
    Gargoyle Artic 155 D 208L 
    Gargoyle Artic 300 D 208L 
    Heat Transfer Oil 
    Therm 603 208Lt Dr 
    Therm 605 208Lt Dr 
    Industrial Oils 
    Almo 527 208Lt Dr
    Almo 529 208Lt Dr
    Aviation Oil 
    Jet Oil Ii, 55Ga (208Lt) Drum, Metal 
    Jet Oil Ii, 24Xqt, Ctn/Cans, Metal 
    Gas Engine Oil 
    Pegasus 610, 208Lt, Dr 
    Pegasus 710, 208Lt, Dr 
    Pegasus 801, 208Lt, Dr 
    Pegasus 805, 208Lt, Dr 
    Pegasus 905, 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard 300, 200Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard 312, 200Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard 412, 200Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard 512, 200Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard M330 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard M430 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard M440 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard 450 Nc 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard M50 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard Sp 55, 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard 570, 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard Adl 40, 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard Hsd, 208Lt, Dr 
    Mobil Gard Hshc 208Lt, Dr 
    Lux Ep 0, 180 Kg, Drum 
    Lux Ep 1, 180 Kg, Drum 
    Lux Ep 2, 180 Kg, Drum 

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    Pt Patra Kiumbara Perdana Is A Supplier Of Lubricating Brand Companies Various And Grease Good Mineral Or Synthetic In Indonesia . Pt Patra Kiumbara Perdana In Its Business Activities Serve Their Various Needs For The Whole Region Of Lubricating Nusantara . Pt Patra Kiumbara Perdana Various Types Of Brand Marketing And Lubricating Like Pertamina , Shell , Exxonmobil , In Total , Bp , Agip Gulf , Nynas , Elektrol , Balmerol , Tlo , Dupersol , Petroasia And Some Other Brands .
    Diesel Engine Oils, Marine/ Power Station Diesel Engine Oils, Hydraulic Oils, Gas Engine Oils, Industrial Gear Oils, Compressor Oils, Steel Mill Oils, Turbine & Circulation Oils, Transmision Oils, Heat Transfer Oils, Spindel Oils, Hydraulic Gear, Machinery Oils, Slideway Oils, Rock Drill Oils, Metal Processing Fluids, Greases, Synthetic Oils.
    Pt Patra Kiumbara Perdana Melayani Kebutuhan Berbagai Jenis Pelumas Diantaranya :
    Synthetic Oil, Shc
    Engine Oil, Marine Diesel Oli
    Hydraulic Oil,
    Gas Engine Oil,
    Industrial Gear Dan Bearing,
    Compressor Oil,
    Steel Mill Oil,
    Turbine Oil,
    Circulation Oil,
    Transmision Oil,
    Heat Transfer Oil,
    Spindel Oil,
    Hydraulic Gear,
    Machinery Oil,
    Slideway Oil,
    Rock Drill Oil,
    Metal Processing Fluid,
    Heat Transfer Oils
    Dan Jenis Pelumas Lainnya.

    We Sell
    • Sintetis
    • Total
    • Oli Shell
    • Agip
    • Exxonmobil
    • Pelumas Bp

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    Contact Details

    Mobile: 6281295082999

    Address : Jl Arjuna No 1 Jakarta Barat Jakarta Barat
    Jakarta , Indonesia
    Phone : (+62) 2129512375
    (+62) 2129512376

    Fax : (+62) 2129512377
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