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Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Optoelectronic Displays
Last Updated : 19 Mar 2013

Contact and Company Details

Address : Jl. H. Taif N0.99 Ruko Amartha R.2 Kedaung Pamulang Tangerang
Banten , Indonesia
Phone :
Fax :
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  • Product Specification and Price TRANSISTOR RJH30E2

    For Part Number Information And Specifications Please Contact Our Online Operations Team
    Price: Rp CALL

    Received The Making Of Pcb (Printed Circuit Board) And Sell A Wide Range Of Electronics Components In Either Large Or Small Parties.


    Our Company Is Engaged In The Manufacture Of Pcb (Printed Circuit Board) Ranging From Single Layer To 16 Layer, And Sell A Variety Of Component Electronics, All Types Of Component From The Ics, Resistors, Capacitor, Diode, Transistor, Eeprom, Etc.


    The Main Product/Service




    Electronics And Components For The Manufacture Of Pcb


    Our Company Sells A Wide Variety Of Quality Electronics Components Of Different Brands And The Making And Accepting Pcbs.

    We Sell
    • Jual Komponen Elektronika
    • Pembuatan Pcb
    • Jual Ic
    • Jual Transistor
    • Jual Igbt
    • Jual Thyristor

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