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Happy Life Foot Patch Jun Gong  

Minimum Order : 1
Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Medicine
Price : IDR 4,500
Last Updated : 14 Jan 2013

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Mobile: 6287880542246

Address : Jl. Rh. Luqman Raya no.10B Rt 01 Rw 04. Kel.Cirimekar. Cibinong. Jawa Barat Bogor
Jawa Barat , Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 87880542246
(+62) 81281777487
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Product Specification Happy Life Foot Patch Jun Gong

Happy Life Jun Gong Foot Patch

Do You Know About The Content Of Toxin (Poison) The Dangerous In Our Bodies? ? ?
Do You Know About Pollution, Food And How We Live Now Has Causing Increased Content Of Toxin (Poison) The Dangerous Inside Our Bodies? ?

Traditional Treatment In Asia Has Always Stated That The Parts In Our Feet Is Directly Related To The Vital Organs In Our Body. Have You Ever Heard Of Koyo Feet Foot Patch To Remove Toxins (Toxins) In The Body Has Long Been Used In Asia And Has Now Became Famous In Europe And The Middle East Countries? Many People Have Used It And They Have Been Satisfied With The Outcome Hearts.

Use Of A Happy Life Koyo Leg Foot Patch Does Not Require Much Capital And If We Are Serious About It All The Illness May Be Reduced.

9 Racikan Materials Contained On Happy Life Foot Patch: Tourmaline (A Mineral), Bamboo Vinegar, And Seven Other Key Ingredient.

Usability Happy Life Koyo Feet Foot Patches:

- Happy Life Foot Patches Remove Toxins (Toxins) In The Body, Excess Water And Prevent Foot Odor.
- Make Happy Life Foot Patch More Powerful Agency
- Happy Life Foot Patch Reduces Allergies And Joint Pain
- Happy Life Foot Patch Reduces Headaches
- Normalize The Patch Happy Life Foot Pressure And Blood Flow
- Happy Life Foot Patch Strengthening The Immune System In The Body
- Happy Life Foot Heel Pain Relief Patch And Feet
- Launching A Happy Life Foot Patch Defecation And Flatulence Problems
- Happy Life Foot Patch Helps Acne Problems / Resdung
- Happy Life Foot Patch Troubleshooting Diabetes And Excessive Weight
- Happy Life Foot Patch Insomnia Troubleshooting
- The Use Of Drugs In The Long Term
- Happy Life Foot Patch Suitable For Workers Who Use Chemicals Such As Paints, Cleaning Fluids, Etc..
- Happy Life Foot Patch Refreshing Body Upon Awakening
- Happy Life Foot Patch Reduces Rheumatic Pain, Joints, And Also Very Good For Them That Much Smoke

Instructions How To Use Foot Patch Foot Koyo:

1. Pull A Large Piece Of Paper On Plaster
2. Paste Koyo Foot Patch Foot In The Middle And Make Sure The Tape That Says Facing / Attached To The Plaster
3. Stick Tape On The Soles Of The Feet. For Best Results, Use Before Sleep. You Can Also Wear Them In The House If You Sleep Less Than 8 Hours
4. A Good Period For Taking Koyo Feet Foot Patch Is Between 8-12 Hours Before You Open It. Koyo Feet Foot Patches Can Also Be Used On Other Body Parts That Feel Pain Apart From The Soles Of The Feet. As Long As You Wear Foot Patch Foot Koyo, The Part That Sticks To The Soles Of Our Feet Would Turn Black. This Is Because Of Foot Patch Foot Koyo Is Already Attracting Toxins (Poisons) And Dirty Blood From The Body. Foot Patch Foot Koyo Will Also Be A Sticky If The Amount Of Toxins (Toxins) In The Body We Are In Large Numbers.
Price: Rp 4,500

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Contact Details

Mobile: 6287880542246

Address : Jl. Rh. Luqman Raya no.10B Rt 01 Rw 04. Kel.Cirimekar. Cibinong. Jawa Barat Bogor
Jawa Barat , Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 87880542246
(+62) 81281777487
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