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Expansion Valve  

Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Valves
Last Updated : 27 Dec 2012

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[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
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Address : JL. HAYAM WURUK 127 GEDUNG LTC LANTAI GF2 BLOK B. 18 NO. 2 Jakarta Barat
Jakarta , Indonesia
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Product Specification and Price Expansion Valve

Product Description
Expansion Valve Profile:
The Expansion Valve Is An Important Component In The Cooling System, And It Is Usually Installed Between The Reservoir Tube And Evaporator.
Expansion Valve To The Throttle Temperature And High Pressure Liquid Refrigerant Through Its Low-Temperature Low-Pressure Wet Steam, And Then The Refrigerant In The Evaporator To Absorb Heat To Achieve The Cooling Effect, Expansion Valve, Control Valves, Flow Change By The End Of The Evaporator Superheat To Prevent Evaporator Area Appears Inadequate And Knock Phenomenon.
Expansion Of The Role Of The Valve:
It Plays A Throttling And The Role Of Regulating Traffic. It Also Prevents The Function Of Wet Compression And Hydraulic Shock To Protect The Compressor And Abnormal Overheating.
The Composition Of The Expansion Valve:
Simply Put, The Expansion Valve Bulb By The Body, A Sense Of Balance Pipe Has Three Major Components.
Expansion Valve Characteristics:
1, An Expansion Valve With The Structure Of Advanced Dual - Flow To Balance The Flow Of The Mouth.
2, The Expansion Valve Due To The Use Of A Dual Flow Of Thermal Expansion Valve Refrigeration System Province The Number Of Expansion Valve, Check Valve And Solenoid Valve.
3, Bi-Directional Flow Of The Balance Of The Expansion Valve Port, So That Still Overheating Degree Of Condensing Pressure Or Changes In Pressure Drop Through The Valve Port.
4, The Expansion Valve With A Stable Superheat, So That The System Is Running Stable.
5, The Expansion Valve Applicable To Refrigeration, Air Conditioning And Other Needs.
6, Expansion Valve, Evaporating Temperature Range: -40 &Deg; C To + 10 &Deg; C.
7, The Expansion Valve For R12, R22, R134a And Other Media.

Price: Rp CALL

Indonesia Is Cool Core Company In The Field Of Moving Parts Ac, We Provide Various Brands Ac Compressor. Copland, Bristol, Daikin, Mitsubishi, Danfoss, Sanyo, Panasonic, Tecumseh, Samsung, Hitachi Dll. Various Brands Ac Freon Refrigerant R22, R 22 Dupont, R 22 Genetron, Refrigerant R 134 T, R 134 Dupont, Genetron R 134, R 410 Refrigerant T, Dupont R 410, R 410 Genetron Dll.

We Sell
  • Compresor Ac
  • Daikin
  • Copland
  • Mitshubishi
  • Bristol
  • Danfoss

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