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Minimum Order : 1
Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Skin Care
Price : IDR 30,000
Last Updated : 19 Apr 2013

Contact and Company Details
Mobile: 088988009588

Address : Sarirejo RT 04 Semarang
Jawa Tengah , Indonesia
Phone : (+62) 88988009588
Fax :
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    Serum White Vit.C Plus Collagen Cv.Jaya Mandiri Bpom. 103217434

    Is A Useful Skin Care Products To Slow The Aging Process And Disguise Wrinkles (Or Wrinkles) Facial Skin.

    Three Main Functions Of Vitamin-C In Skin
    1. As A Powerful Antioxidant That Protects The Skin Against External Factors Such As Negativ Influences (Pollution, Sun, Climate, Air Conditioning, Cigarette Smoke, Etc.).
    2. Stimulates The Formation Of Collagen Production And Increase Skin, Which Will Keep The Elasticity, Pliability, And Smoothness Of The Skin (Anti-Aging And Anti-Wrinkle).
    3. Brighten Skin (Brightening Effect). Without Any Adverse Side Effects. Vitamin-C With Brighter Skin Naturally.

    Usefulness Serum Vitamin C And E For Skin
    Disguise Wrinkles
    Limiting The Formation Of Facial Fine Lines
    Prevent Premature Aging
    Plumping And Lather
    Smoothing The Skin
    Brighten Skin (Look Brightness)
    Prevent The Adverse Effects Of Uv Sun Rays On The Skin.

    How To Use:
    Instill 2-3 Drops Of Serum On Your Palms, Then Rubbed On The Skin That Has Been Cleaned Up To The Neck Evenly.
    Use The Serum In The Morning And Evening Regularly Before Using The Cream Facials.

    With The Use Of Other Cosmetics
    Serum Usage Is Not Restricted When It Will Be Done With The Use Of Other Types Of Cosmetics Such As Foundation Cream Or With Other Treatments As Long As The First Serum Used. Allow A Few Minutes, So That The Serum Work More Effectively.

    Price: Rp 30,000

    Estheria Shop Sells Only Genuine Products / Original

    The Products Are Sold:
      Tabita Skin Care, Skin Expert Dr. Rochelle,Kezia Skin Expert, Esther Whitening Cream, Cream Mixing Doctor Rd, Glucogen Moment, Glutera Glutathione, Biotonic Hair Tonic, 2 Minutes Miracle Gel, Cream Baby Pink Sucofindo, Caviar Horse Shampoo, Horse Mane N Tail Shampoo

    How To Order:
    We Only Serve Booking Through

    Sms: 088988009588
    Bb Pin: 31561141

    Working Hours

    Monday - Friday 07:00 S / D 17:00 Pm
    Last Transaction At 15:00 Am For Same Day Delivery

    Saturday 07 000 S / D 13:00 Pm
    12:00 Last Transaction For Delivery On The Same Day

    Sunday And Holiday We No Shipping, But Still Accept Reservations
    We Are Sorry, Ordering Instead Of Working Hours Will We Serve As A Slow Response


    Delivery Via Jne
    Full Address Data Is Indispensable (Street Names, No House, Village, District, Rt Rw, And Active Phone Number)

    Bank Transfer
    Bank Mandiri

    We Sell
    • Cream Pemutih Wajah Tabita Skin Care
    • Cream Pemutih Wajah Esther
    • Cream Pemutih Wajah Rd Bpom
    • Pewarna Rambut Herbal Sampo Bsy Noni Bpom
    • Cream Pemutih Wajah Kezia Bpom
    • Cream Baby Pink Sucofindol

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    Contact Details

    Mobile: 088988009588

    Address : Sarirejo RT 04 Semarang
    Jawa Tengah , Indonesia
    Phone : (+62) 88988009588
    Fax :
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