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Laboratory Equipment Construction  

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Product Specification and Price Laboratory Equipment Construction

Product Consist Of :

Soil : Hand Bor,Sondir ( Dutch Cone Penetrometer ), Hydraulic Cone Penetrometer, Dynamic Cone Penetrometer, Proving Ring Penetrometer,Plate Bearing Test,Field Cbr, Sample Extruder, Plastic Limit Test, Compaction Test Set, Vacuum Stand, Laboratory Cbr, Sand Density Cone,Speedy Moisture Tester,Direct Shear Test,Automatic Soil Compactor,Combination Permeameter, Standard Penetration Test, Triaxial Test,Etc


(200-Ch) Concrete Compression Machine Manual

(200-Cm) Electric Concrete Compression Machine

(201-Cm) Electric Concrete Compression Machine (Enerpac Pump)

(200-Cdi) Digital Concrete Compression Machine Computer Control

(201-Cd) Digital Concrete Compression Machine Computer Control (Enerpac Pump)

(201-Cdi) Digital Indicator Concrete Compression Machine (Enerpac Pump)

(200-Cdi) Digital Indicator Concrete Compression Machine

(200-Cdp) Digital Impact Printer Concrete Compression Machine)

(201-Cdp) Digital Impact Printer Concrete Compression Machine (Enerpac Pump)

(Utm-1500) Universal Testing Machine 1500 Kn & 2000 Kn

Concrete Cube Mold & Cylinder (Kubus & Silinder)

Hydraulic Concrete Beam, Mechanical Concrete Beam, Modulus Of Elasticity,Slump Test, Vibrating Table,Vertical Cylinder Capper, Concrete Test Hammer,Laboratory Concrete Mixer,Etc


Core Drilling Machine,Benkleman Beam,Loss On Heating, Saybolt Viscosimater,Softening Point Test Mot Straigth Edge, Automatic Asphalt Compactor,Etc


Time Of Setting Of Hydraulic Cement By Vicat Needle,Compressive Strenght Of Hydraulic Cement Mortar,Compressive Strenght Of Hydraulic Cement Mortar (Electric), Etc


Sand Equivalent,Brass Round Sieve,Organic Impurities,Los Angeles Abrasion Machine,Etc

Price: Rp CALL

Contact and Company Details Sell Laboratory Equipment Construction

Cv. Teguh Primatama Founded In 1992 Is One Of The Manufacturers Of Material Testing Technique (Materials Testing Equipment)
And Civil Labaratorium To Soil, Concrete, Asphalt, Cement Aggregate And Engineering, Mechanical Engineering (Machine Basic Phenomena), Hydrolika Equipment, Agricultural Equipment And Laboratory Equipment Mining Preparation.

Supplier Products Import From: Ele-Uk, Proceq-Switzerlanda,
Matest, Italy, China Product Etc.

Vision - To Excellent Comitted
Being A Local Indonesian Company That Was Registered And Is Known
As A Company That Always Has A Commitment To Always
Achieve The Best.

Our Company Will Always Maintain The Highest Quality And Meet The Standards And Preformance Timeliness Of Delivery, Repair And

All Work Activities As Well As The Basic Material That We Use Will Always Refer To The Quality, Performance And Durability Of The Best, Effective, Efficient And Referring To The Safety Standards In Order To
Achieve Customer Satisfaction.

Up To Now We Have A Lot Of Confidence From
Several Government Agencies, State Enterprises, State Universities And
Private, As Well As Laboratory Equipment Supplier Civil. The Existence Of The Trust To Use Our Product For Full Support, Among Others:

* The Price Is Quite Competitive, And An Experienced Expert.
* Availability Of Spare Parts And After Sales Service For 12 Months.
* Using National Standards And Astm International,Aashto
Sni And Bs.
* Calibration For A Certain Measure By The Agency Authorized By
Jnk Certificate - Kan.
Doubt You Are Not The Main Reason For Do Not Use Our Products '

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Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Laboratory Equipment
Last Updated : 03 Jun 2013

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