Tungsten Carbide Burrs  

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We Are Sellers Millstone Werkz Benz Brand And Morris. Grinding Stone Is Very Good Quality Sharp And Not Wasteful. And Not Least The Price Is Very Affordable, Especially For Those In The Industry Who Want To Save On Production Costs. In Addition We Also Sell Various Brands Of Grinding Stones, Such As Nippon Resibon, Kınık, Ultra, Suntiger, Glasswool, Rock Grinding Piece, Selep Stone, Sharpening Stone, Rubbing Stones, Brass Welding Wire, Chain Block, Double Nepple, Welding Glass, Mask Cloth, Funnel Mask 1, Mask Mouthpiece 2, Paper Masks, Steel Brush, Bowl Brush, Sandpaper, Drill Bits, Help To Drill, Tap, Reamer, Counter Bores And Countersinks Problems.Circular Saw And Saw Blades, High Performance For Milling, Roughing And Finishing, Custom Made Tools, Diamond And Cbn Grinding Wheels, Diamond Tools For Mounted Points, Diamond Polishing Tools, Taper, Radius, Welding, Gear Tooth, Center And Contour Gage, Plug And Ring Gage, Block Gage And Pin Gage, Lupe & Magnifier.Tool Holder For Milling And Drilling, Boring Equipment, Machine Vices, Dividing Head And Rotary Table, A Full Line Of Buff Wheel, Polishing Compound, Beading Bit, Round Over Beading Bit, Regulator, Sinkers, Lime, Iron, Hole Saw, Hand Tap, Nippon Resibon , Ultra Touch, Ultra Prohex, Prohex, Crossman, Yamato, American, Clinics,, Einhill, Meiji, Condo, Nicholex, Bench Vice, Wire Brush, Drill, Valve, Adjustable Wrench, Jack, Crow, Lokfom Zinc,
Manufacturing Industry, Steel Construction, Workshop, Factory And Machine Builders: Wd 40, Prohex, Kondo, Meiji, Ultra Touch, Nippon Resibon, Tombo, Maxi, Tba, Alteco, Dextone, Nikko, Unibel, Norton, Bosch, Makita, Kınık , Msa, Best Fine, Yamoto, Ken Master, Morris, 3M, Ridgid, Weldcraft, Continental, Resibon Nippon, Nippon Resion, Ultra Touch, Ultra Nippon
Tungsten Carbide Burrs / Mounted Points / Fine Grinding / Combidisc / Coated Abrasive Tools / Reinforced Grinding Wheel / Abrasive Cutting Tools / Cutting Wheel / Grinding Wheel / Polishing Tools / Cut-Off Wheels / Aerospace / Brushes / Files / Policap / Poliroll / Assortments Of Mounted Points / My Ball / Conical Wk / Cup To / Cylindrical Points Zy /
Cylindrical Radius End Wr / Mounted Point Sets / Tapered To / Tree Sp / Pencil Edging Wheel / High Precision Electroplated Wheel
Grinding Stone Cut (Cutting Wheels) /
Standard Shapes /
Set Of Tungsten Carbide / Miniature Burrs / Tungsten Carbide Miniature Burrs With 3Mm Shank / Abrasive Spiral Bands / Drum Holders / Fan Grinder Aluminum Oxide A Polinox
Special / High Performance Sgp / Universal Line Psf, / Performance Sg / Universal Line Psf /
Depressed Centre Cutting Wheel / Cutting Wheel Superthin /
Abrasive Flap Discs / Flexible Depressed Center / Brushing /
Scratch Brushes / Cut-Off Wheels For Stationary / Cut-Off Wheels Line Sg, Arbor / Cut-Off Wheels Performance Line Sg / Cut-Off Wheels Ps-Forte /
Cut-Off Wheels General Purpose /
Mounted Brush / Brush And Mounted Cup Brush / Cup Wheel Brush And Brush / Wire Wheel / Industrial Brushes /
Car Body Files / Corinox Files / Diamond Files / Set Of Diamond Needle Files /
Set Of Diamond Riffler Files / Red Handle Files / Machinist 'S Files / Special Files / Arbors For Poliroll / Poliroll Cartridge Roll / Clinics, / Flexovit / Wd / Heian / Nca Buffalo / 3M / Winter / Mirka / Norton / Norita / Habit / Klingspor
Price: Rp 33,832,900

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Floor Mats, Flotation System, Flotect, Flotek, Flow Control Technologies,
Flow Display Panel Meter, Flow Filtration System, Filtration, Flow Indicator, Flow Meters, Flow Monitors And Controller, Flow Switches, Flowmaster, Flowmeter, Fluid,
Fluid Component, Fluke, Fluorescent And Incandescent Safety Lighting, Fluorometer, Flushing Oil, Flyfish Zebec, Tent Platoon, Flygt, Focus Pipettors,
Food Grade Lubricants, Food Grade Silicone, Food Grade, Food Safety Infrared Thermometer, Food Testing, Foodgrade, Foot Protection, Force Gauge Test Stand,
Force Gauge, Force System And Load Cells, Ford Viscosity Cups, Forklift Solid Tyres, Forklift Wheels, Forklift, Melting Point, Form Oils, Forsheda, Forty Channel, Foster,
Foxboro, M73 & M88 Francis Barker, Francis Mk V Signalling Lantern,
Freezing Point Apparatus, Freiberg, Freiberger, Palu Geology, Frer, Frichs,
Froment, Flying Fish Boat Frp, Frp Boat, Flying Fish, Ftb, Fuchs, Denko Fuji, Fuji Electric, Fuji Electric, Tool Fuji, Fuji, Fujiyama Powertool, Fukuda Battery,
Full Arestor, Funace Orange, Funnel Heating Mantles, Funnels, Furnas Electric,
Furuno, Fuse, Fuso, Fuzion, Fyh Bearing, Gae, Gaebridge Gaitronics, Gai-Tronics, Gamro, Ganka, Garflex &Reg;, Garlock, Garlock Tesnit, Garrett,
Laboratory Equipment, Garryson, Garthane &Reg;, Gas Detection Tube, Gas Monitor Detector, Gas Detector, Gas Diffusers, Gas Leak Detector, Gas Lens, Gas Liquid Flowmeter, Gas Mass Flow Transmitters, Gas Monitor, Gas Regulator, Gas Sampling Pump, Gas , Gasket, Gasket Forming, Gasket Remover, Gasket Westfalia, Gasket,
Gasketing, Gasoline 2 Stroke, 4 Stroke Gasoline, Gasoline Finder Paste, Gasoline,
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Gear, Geared Motors, Ge-Fanuc, Gel Blot Paper, Gel Casting, Grying Gel System,
Filter Membranes, Gel Imaging Documentation, Gel Loading Syringes, Gel Runner,
Systems Gel, Gel Wrap Gasket, Gel, Gelbau, Gems, General Construction Laser,
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Generator, Hood, Genicom Corp, Genie Shakers, Genie, Geodetic Gps, Georg Fischer,
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Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Other Power Tools
Price : IDR 33,832,900
Payment Method : Transfer Bank (T/T)
Last Updated : 24 Oct 2012

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