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Mesin Hanger Kawat  

Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Machine Tools
Price : IDR 65,000,000
Payment Method : Transfer Bank (T/T)
Last Updated : 03 May 2012

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[Tulungagung , Jawa Timur]
Total Products : 44   [See All Products]

Address : jln. Fajar Lingkungan 10 Rt 02 Rw 04 Ngunut Tulungagung
Jawa Timur , Indonesia
Phone :
Fax :
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  • Product Specification and Price Mesin Hanger Kawat

    Wire Hanger Machine, The Production Capacity Of 28 Pcs Per Minute, The Wire From 2Mm - 3, 6 Mm, Compared To Manual Labor Can Represent 10 Workers.
    Automatically Without The Need For Straightening Wire, Cut. So From A Wire Hanger So It Rolls Straight.
    Price: Rp 65,000,000

    Metal Craft Smes Dwi Founded Th 2001, Producing Kitchen Tools: Tools: Grated, Serok, Sotil, Hanger, Japit, Scoop Etc. Are Now Pioneering The Trading Business With A Single Mighty Name To Ud Dwi Smes-Smes In Bridging Our Region In Terms Of Marketing Its Products, So There Happen Game Pricing By Sellers.
    The Main Product/Service

    Eva Sponge Kw 2
    We Need Eva Sponge Kw 2 2 Mm Thick, Black, Raw Material For Handicrafts.
    Former Strip Rope Plate Crate
    We Need A Plate Strip Rope Scars Crate, Terms
    Thickness 1 Mm Upwards, The Unlimited Needs.For
    Handicrafts Material Kitchen Knife.
    Grated Coconut
    Placemat Gas Stove
    Rice Colander Selep
    Coconut Grated Lisrik/Dynamo
    Postal Bag/Obrok.

    We Sell
    • Alat Dapur
    • Parutan
    • Serok
    • Sotil
    • Hanger
    • Japit

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