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Rubber Placemat Glass 1 (21)  

Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Other Plastic Raw Material
Last Updated : 16 Oct 2014

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[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
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Address : Jl Karangsana No 17 Semarang
Jawa Tengah , Indonesia
Phone :
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  • Product Specification and Price Rubber Placemat Glass 1 (21)


    Rubber For Retaining Glass, Commonly Used On A Table Using A Glass.
    We Also Accept Manufacture Of Other Shapes And Sizes According To Your Wishes
    We Also Make Other Similar Accessories Made ​​Of Plastic Material.

    Price: Rp CALL

    Plastika Rubber Jaya Is A Company Engaged In The Manufacture Of Plastics And Rubber For Furniture Accessories, Automotive, Engineering Goods, And Other Items Similar To His In Costumize Your Own.

    The Usual Stuff We Produce Such As:
    - Shoes Desk / Chair / Sofa Various Sizes And Shapes
    - Plastic Nails
    - Plastic Ring
    - Plastic Adjuster Bolt
    - Nuts
    - Bolt
    - Plastic Bottles
    - Rubber Glass Coaster
    - Rail Drawer
    - Seal Drum
    - A Wide Range Of Per / Spring Of Steel Wire On Demand, And So Forth.

    In Addition, We Also Receive Services Of Plastic Molding And Rubber Mat

    We Sell
    • Plastik
    • Karet
    • Paku Plastik
    • Mur
    • Plastik Lubang
    • Matras

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