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Cream Baby Pink Sucofindo Keep Skin 15 gr  

Minimum Order : 0
Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Beauty Supplies
Price : IDR 125,000
Last Updated : 29 Oct 2014

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[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
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Address : Sarirejo RT 04 Semarang
Jawa Tengah , Indonesia
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  • Product Specification and Price Cream Baby Pink Sucofindo Keep Skin 15 gr

    Cream Baby Pink Original 15gr Sucofindo

    Baby Pink Cream Benefits:

         Eliminating black spots on Facial Skin
         Mengecilakan facial pores
         Tighten Skin and Eliminate Wrinkles on the face skin
         Lift dead skin cells
         Prevent and Eliminate Acne
         Does not contain mercury and hydroquinone

      No. Sucofindo lab test certificate

         Day Cream No.07650 / DBBPAF
         Night Cream # 07649 / DBBPAF

    How to Use Cream Baby Pink Sucofindo:

         Usage Day Cream:

         Wash your face with soap and then rinse with clean and do not be dried using a towel (dry with palms).
         Day Cream Apply on the face during the metata Cream can be used as a substitute powder / sunblock.

         Night Cream Usage:

         Wash your face with soap and then rinse with clean and do not be dried using a towel (dry with palms).
         Take cotton and give a face toner Moderation after it rubbed on the entire face evenly.
         Apply Night Cream on your face until evenly thin.

    1 Package Cream Baby Pink Consists of:

         Day Cream 15gr and 30gr
         Night Cream 15gr and 30gr
         Liquid Soap 60 mL and 100mL
         Face Toner 30ml and 60 mL

    Advantages compared Cream Cream Baby Pink Lainya:

         Cream Reacting quickly to memulikan skin problems.
         Smua Suitable for skin types.
         Highly Effective Lifting dead skin cells and blackheads.
         Not cause dependence.
         Results Permanent Natural White.
         Without exfoliation menyebabkanKulit Severe and not red-red like boiled shrimp.


    Price: Rp 125,000

    Estheria Shop sells only Genuine Products / Original

    The products are sold:
      Tabita Skin Care, Skin Expert Dr. Rochelle,Kezia Skin Expert, Esther Whitening Cream, Cream Mixing Doctor RD, Glucogen MOMENT, Glutera Glutathione, Biotonic Hair Tonic, 2 minutes Miracle Gel, Cream Baby Pink Sucofindo, Caviar Horse Shampoo, Horse Mane N Tail Shampoo

    We only serve booking through

    SMS: 088988009588
    BB Pin: 31561141


    Monday - Friday 07:00 s / d 17:00 pm
    Last transaction at 15:00 am for same day delivery

    Saturday 07 000 s / d 13:00 pm
    12:00 last transaction for delivery on the same day

    Sunday and holiday we no shipping, but still accept reservations
    We are sorry, ordering instead of working hours will we serve as a slow response


    Delivery Via JNE
    Full address data is indispensable (street names, no house, village, district, rt rw, and active phone number)

    Bank Mandiri

    We Sell
    • Tabita Skin Care
    • Cream Esther Original
    • Dr Rochelle Skin Expert
    • Cream Racikan Dr Original
    • Kezia Skin Expert
    • Shampo Bsy Noni Bpom Herbal

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