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Corrugated Steel Pipe Multi Plate Pipe Arches  

Minimum Order : 1
Country Origin : Indonesia
Categories : Steel
Price : IDR 3,607,500
Last Updated : 20 Aug 2014

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[Jakarta Utara , Jakarta]
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Address : Jln.Swasembada timur 19 No.8 Kel. Kebon kawang, Kec Tanjung Priok 14320 Jakarta Utara
Jakarta , Indonesia
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  • Product Detail

    Product Specification and Price Corrugated Steel Pipe Multi Plate Pipe Arches

    Current Price Per Meter, Loco Factories Outside Of Vat To 10% Negotiation Product Specifications: Type Multi-Plate Pipe Arches (Mppa) Consists Of Diameter 1850Mm - Height 1550Mm 6350Mm - 3950Mm Thickness Of 3.0Mm - 7.0Mm With Effective Length 2400Mm

    Price: Rp 3,607,500

    Contact and Company Details

    Our Company Is Specially Engaged In The Procurement Of Armco Or Corrugated Steel Pipe Or Corrugated Steel Pipe. Corrugated Steel Pipe Is A Pipe Made ​​Of Sheet Steel Plate That Has Been Through The Process Of Wave Formation (Corrugating) And Bending (Curving) Coated With Zink (Galvanizing) Which Can Be Used For The Construction Of Culverts, Irrigation Channels, Wastewater Disposal, Tunnel , Bridges, Closing The Conveyor, Underpass And Other Construction

    Corrugated Steel Pipe There Are Several Types Of Them:
    1.Nestable Flange E-100
    2.Multi Plate Pipe
    3.Multi Plate Pipe Arches
    4.Multi Plate Arches And,
    Plate 5.Multi Underpass
    Memilikia Diameters Ranging From 450Mm S / D 8550Mm Plate Thickness 2.0Mm S / D 7.0Mm With An Effective Length Of 1000Mm And 2400Mm

    We Sell
    • Corrugated Steel Pipe
    • Gorong Gorong Armco
    • Culverts Armco
    • Culverts Baja Galvanis
    • Guard Rail
    • Pipa Baja Bergelombang

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