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Environment in Indonesia

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Sell Septic Tanks

[Sep 25 , 2014]
Waste Management

septic tanks along with the rapid advancement of the age has undergone various changes, if the ages of people make a septic tank by digging a hole and make a wall of brick and on the bottom left terbuaka septic tank so that the water seep into the ground, it is certainly not very environmentally friendly , but now the technology has changed now no such thing as SEPTIC Tank BIOTECH, Septic Tank
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1    Brand : Biotech

Seller : PT. Biotech International

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt. Biotech International Telah Lebih Dari 20 Tahun Memproduksi Dan Mensuplai Produk Produk Ramah Lingkungan Seperti : Grease Trap ( Penjebak Lemak ), Septic Tank Biotech, Bubuk Bakteri, Toilet Portab... [Sep 25 , 2014]
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Chemical tank

[Sep 19 , 2014]
Waste Management

FRP Chemical Tank is Tank Or Tandon That Used To Hold Goods Chemical-Chemistry As Hcl, NaOH, Caustic Soda, H2SO4, C2H5OH, Textile Waste, CH3COOH, Etc.. Chemical Tank Has Form Not Much Different With Water Tank, But In Chemical Tank Material Made From High Quality Fiberglass So Can Accommodate Such Chemistry.
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : PT. Biogift Multi Sistem

[Tangerang , Banten]
Pt. Biogift Multi Sistem Merupakan Produsen Tangki Septic Berbahan Fiberglass, Yang Di Rancang Khusus Sehingga Hasil Buangannya Tidak Berbau Dan Tidak Mencemari Lingkungan. Produksi Kami Di Antaranya... [Sep 19 , 2014]
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Flocculant [Ml] - Water Treatment Chemical

[Aug 13 , 2014]
Waste Management

Flocculants Is Used To Help In The Process Of Reducing The Water Total Suspended Solid (Tss) Content And It Used In Combination With Coagulant. Tss Presence Reduces The Water Clarity And Contributes To The Color In Water. These Characteristics Are Making The Water Aesthetically Poor And Unusable By Health Department’S Standard.
Price : IDR CALL       Brand : Chemtreat

Seller : PT. Kastraco Engineering

[Jakarta Utara , Jakarta]
PT Kastraco Engineering (Jakarta, Indonesia) didirikan pada tahun 1992 sebagai unit bisnis independen dari kelompok Kastraco perusahaan (didirikan pada 1957) untuk memberikan respon cepat untuk kebutu... [Aug 13 , 2014]
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Garbage Can Drums Plat

[May 20 , 2014]
Waste Management

Garbage Can Drums Costumizez Order
Price : IDR 750,000      

Seller : CV. Hanaca Mandiri

[Cikarang , Jawa Barat]
Cv. Hanaca Mandiri Diawali Dari Usaha Kecil Dalam Pembuatan Berbagai Macam Produk Fiberglass Memproduksi Aneka Macam Tong Sampah,Tempat Sampah Fiberglass, Tong Sampah Stainless Steel, Bak Sampah Conta... [May 20 , 2014]
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Probiotic Bacteria Anaerobic Waste Decomposers

[May 16 , 2014]
Chemical Waste

Product Specifications : Probiotics Bacteria Decomposing Waste ( Starbact - Anaerobic ) Probiotic Products Of Anaerobic Bacterial Decomposition Of Waste Can Be Used For : • Describe The Industrial Organic Waste ( Plant Tapioca , Sugar Mills , Food And Beverage Factories , Noodle Factories , Etc. ) , Household Waste , Hospital Waste And The Buildings / Restaurants ( Septic Tank , Kitchen Sink ) .
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 0   


[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
PT.Sintesa Karya Anugrah Mulia adalah perusahaan yang concern dengan penyelesaian masalah terutama masalah air, limbah dan furniture laboratorum. Kami tidak hanya sekedar menjual produk tapi juga memb... [May 16 , 2014]
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Septic Tank Profil St68

[Jan 15 , 2014]
Waste Management

St 68 Septic Tanks Is Something Very Important For The Elements Of A Home That Is Clean And Healthy, With The Septic Tank Of Bio Waste Disposal Process Tank Profile Certainly Will Not Pollute The Environment Septic Tanks Are Made Of Plastic Materials Pe (Poly Ethelene) Products Are Environmentally Friendly, With The Technology Of Profile Work To Separate Dirt Tanks Are Decomposed By A Cell B
Price : IDR 5,300,000      

Seller : Kamar Mandiku.Com

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Kamarmandiku.Com Adalah Toko Perlengkapan Kamar Mandi Serta Peralatan Dapur. Kamarmandiku.Com Hanya Menjual Produk Yang Berkualitas Dan Bergaransi. Lahir Dengan Konsep Yang Lebih Modern Dan Edukatif. ... [Jan 15 , 2014]
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Sell Degreaser

[Oct 24 , 2014]
Waste Management

Oil and Grease Cleaner is a cleaning product that works as a cleaner or cleaning solution. Our Degrgeaser formulated for cleaning, to clean up and lifting various impurities such as grease, oils, fats, oil, and other hydrocarbons., Degreaser is very safe for various types of materials of metal / metal and lainnyadan types of cleaners are safe and highly effective as a cleaning and not inter
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Pt. Cipta Daya Internusa

[Bekasi , Jawa Barat]
PT. Cipta Daya Internusa merupakan salah satu Perusahaan di Indonesia yang bergerak di bidang Chemicals, Treatment, Engiinering dan Technical Services, Berawal sebagai manufaktur serta distributor pr... [Oct 24 , 2014]
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Sludge Treatmen Multi Disc Screw Press

[Oct 23 , 2014]
Waste Management

  MDSP / Belt Press Multi-Disc Screw Press dehydrator technology is an excellent solution sludge dewatering for small to medium-sized processing facilities. Multi-disc screw press has many advantages over centrifugal belt press and the press: The cost of maintenance is very low  reliable operation of the screw and ring up to 30'000 hours of dehydration The use of very low energ
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : CV. Biomicrobe

[Bekasi , Jawa Barat]
Telah Terlibat Dalam Lingkungan Peralatan Industri Lebih Dari 3 Tahun, Meliputi Dari Pengembangan Teknologi Produksi Serta Pemasaran. Kami Telah Memperluas Penjualan Dan Layanan Seluruh Asia Tenggara.... [Oct 23 , 2014]
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Trash Fiber Fiberglass Garbagae Bin Fiber

[Oct 21 , 2014]
Waste Management

Some Public Places Such As Parks Have Bins Placed Along The Side Of The Road Which Is Frekuentif Can Be Found Along The Side Of The Road . This Is To Avoid Littering Habits That Can Interfere With The Beauty And Health Of The Environment And Social Ethics . * We Sell Sorting Trash Fiber Models . Fiber Bins , Trash Cans Fiber , Fiber Sorting Bins , Single Trash , Rubbish Bins Doubletong Fiber F
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 20   

Seller : Toko Stainless Fiber

[Bekasi , Jawa Barat]
Selaras Abadi Siap Membantu Anda Untuk Pembuatan Dan Pemesanan Berbagai Macam Produk-Produk Stainless Dan Juga Produk-Produk Fiber Seperti : - Tempat Sampah Stainless , Tong Sampah Stainless - Sta... [Oct 21 , 2014]
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Handling Ukl - Upl

[Oct 17 , 2014]
Waste Management

Handling UKL - UPL - Preparation of Draft UKL-UPL  - Draft Submission to BAPEDAL / BLH  - Suggestions for improvement / revision of BAPEDAL / BLH  - Repair UKL-UPL  - Submission of Documents UKL-UPL to BAPEDAL / BLH  - Mayor / Governor recommends UKL-UPL  - Issuance of Environmental Permits
Price : IDR 35,000,000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : PT. Legal Enviro Indonesia

[Batam , Kepulauan Riau]
PT LEGAL ENVIRO INDONESIA ( LENVI )adalah perusahaan konsultan yang bergerak dibidang lingkungan. Sebagaimana perusahaan yang didirikan berdasarkan komitmen profesional LENVI selalu memberikan pelayan... [Oct 17 , 2014]
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[Oct 16 , 2014]
Waste Management

The Electrocoagulation Process Is Based On Valid Scientific Principles Involving Responses Of Water Contaminants To Strong Electrically Induced Oxidation And Reduction Reactions. This Process Is Able To Take Out Over 99 Percent Of Some Heavy Metal Cations And Also Appears To Be Able To Electrocute Microorganisms In The Water. It Is Also Able To Precipitate Charged Colloids And Remove Significant A
Price : IDR 170,000,000    Min Order: 0   

Seller : Procon Water

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Perusahaan Jasa Produksi & Instalasi Pengolahan Air Minum, Instalasi Pengolahan Air Bersih, Dan Instalasi Pengolahan Air Limbah. Kami memiliki unit Elektrokoagulasi (continuous flow) yang sangat rama... [Oct 16 , 2014]
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Sewage Treatment Plant

[Oct 06 , 2014]
Waste Management

Wastewater Treatment System With A3bf (Aerobic-Anaerobic-Activated Biofilter)  System Uses A Combination Of Aerobic And Aerobic Anatara An Extremely Effective To Decompose Waste And Reduce Levels Of Bod And Cod In The Effluent, Sewage So Wwtp Has Been Processed In Accordance With Standard Environmental Quality Standards And Can Be Disposed Of Directly Into The Common Channel Without Polluting The
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : PT. toya fiberglass

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Toya Fiberglass adalah perusahaan manufaktur produk-produk dengan bahan dasar fiberglass yang sudah belasan tahun melayani puluhan costumer yang setia di seluruh Indonesia. Eksistensi kami berawal dar... [Oct 06 , 2014]
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Sell Water And Waste Water Treatment

[Sep 25 , 2014]
Waste Management

MULTIMEDIA FILTER (MF) Multimedia filter ( MF ) used to overcome turbidity, water odor and the content of iron and manganese being dissolved in water.Multimedia filter commonly used as a pretreatment before water enters into the system membrane. We can do design of multimedia filter in accordance with a demand or the needs of customers.   ULTRA FILTRATION (UF) SYSTEM An ultra filtr
Price : CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Pt Cahaya Pilar Sejahtera

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
PT. CAHAYA PILAR SEJAHTERA sebuah Perusahaan Jasa Konstruksi Baja dan Aplikasi Teknologi Water Treatment dan Waste Water Treatment. Kami melayani pekerjaan konstruksi Baja untuk pembangunan pabrik,... [Sep 25 , 2014]
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Agitator Mixer

[Sep 18 , 2014]
Waste Management

Agitator / Gearbox Mixer : Helical Gearbox , Worm Gearbox , Variable Speed Drives
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Cv. Raia Pratama

[Bandung , Jawa Barat]
Dengan senang hati, kami akan memperkenalkan perusahaan kami, CV.Raia Pratama yang bergerak dalam bidang General Supplier Industri Khusunya Waste Water Treatment / Water Treatment Plant seperti : ... [Sep 18 , 2014]
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Cement Waste Paper

[Aug 31 , 2014]
Paper Waste

We need bags of cement in unlimited quantities to supply is some of our partner needs.    As for its specs as follows:  - Paper Bag of Cement in a dry state  - Free of trash and dirt  - Clean does not contain rocks  - A maximum moisture content of 10% more than it will be put on pieces  - Does not contain stones or gravel
Price : IDR 3,000    Min Order: 1   


[Sidoarjo , Jawa Timur]
Mitsintos Merupakan Usaha Yang Bergerak Di Bidang Limbah Industri Baik Itu Limbah Plastik,Kertas,Kayu Dll . Komitmen Kami Selalu Memberikan Yang Terbaik Kepada Rekanan Kami Sehingga Terjalin Kerjasama... [Aug 31 , 2014]
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Silika Sand

[Aug 28 , 2014]
Waste Management

Dalam istilah pertambangan, Pasir silika masuk kedalam kategori Galian C dan memiliki cadangan yang masih cukup banyak di berbagai daerah di Indonesia.  Pasir ini juga merupakan komoditi tambang yang cukup memiliki value yang tinggi dan dapat diperdagangkan dalam bentuk raw/mentah maupun olahan. Pasir ini juga memiliki fungsi dan kegunaan yang cukup banyak apalagi didukung dengan teknologi dan mes
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1000   


[Tangerang , Banten]
PASIR SILIKA PASIR SILIKA PASIR SILIKA PASIR SILIKA PASIR PHONE : 021 364 47816 HP : 0813 8664 8064, 0816 1897789 email address : bindoren@ gmail.com Menjual PASIR SILIKA/ PASIR KUARSA, GRAVEL... [Aug 28 , 2014]
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Lamella Clarifier

[Aug 04 , 2014]
Waste Management

Lamella Clarifier Is Typically Used In The Industry For Wastewater Treatment. Lamella Is Composed Of Several Plates Called Lamella Plate. Lamella Plate Is Arranged Vertically With A Side Slope Of ± 30 Degrees. Inflows Are On The Left And Right Lamella Plate. Outflow Consists Of Two, Namely The Slurry Flow And The Flow Of Pure Water. There Slurry Flow Under (Sedimentation), While The Flow Of Pure W
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : PT. Water Hitecindo

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
PT Water Hitecindo adalah perusahaan spesialis yang bergerak dalam bidang pengolahan air bersih dan pengolahan air limbah. Kami menyediakan perlengkapan dan peralatan pengolahan air serta perancangan ... [Aug 04 , 2014]
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Abr Tank

[Jun 29 , 2014]
Waste Management

ABR (Anaerobic Baffle Reactor) Tank Is A Domestic Waste Water Treatment Model Which Applying Zero Oxygen (Anaerobic) Treatment System That Using A High Retention Time Factor For Decomposing Bacteria To Reduce High Organic Waste Content So Then Its Safe For Environment
Price : IDR 7,000,000      

Seller : CV. Trirestu Buana

[Badung , Bali]
CV. TRIRESTU BUANA merupakan perusahaan perseroan komanditer yang didirikan khusus untuk menangani pekerjaan di bidang penyediaan jasa dan produk/alat pengolahan limbah, baik limbah padat maupun limba... [Jun 29 , 2014]
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Sell Lamella Clarifier 90 M3 Per Jam

[Jun 20 , 2014]
Waste Management

Lamella Clarifier Operates Without The Use Of Energy And Do Not Use Equipment That Spins And Moves. Her Flocculation Process Lasts Better And Is Very Effective In Removing Turbidity. The Advantage Has A Compact Design And Is Easy To Transport And Assembly. Specifications: - Design Flow Maximum 90 M3/Hr - Flash Mix Tanks 704 Liters Volume - Flocculation Tank Volume Of 2808 Liters - Pre-Treat
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : PT. Indowater Technology

[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
Pt Indowater Technology Adalah Perusahaan Perdagangan, Supplier, Distributor Dan Kontraktor Engineering Yang Bergerak Dalam Bidang Pengolahan Air Bersih Dan Pengolahan Air Limbah Baik Air Limbah Domes... [Jun 20 , 2014]
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Scrap Battery

[Jun 03 , 2014]
Metal Waste

We Buy Scrap Battery No Limit Cash And Carry.
Price : IDR 11,500    Min Order: 0   

Seller : Wahyu Jaya

[Bantul , Yogyakarta]
Perusahaan Kami Bergerak Di Bidang General Trading Untuk Katagori Logam Bekas/ Metal Scrap Di Mana Kami Merupakan Supplier : -- Besi Scrap, -- Aluminium ( Ingot Dan Scrap) , -- Tembaga/ Copper, --... [Jun 03 , 2014]
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