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Wood Flooring in Indonesia

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Sell Parquet

[Feb 13 , 2015]
Wood Flooring

We are manufacturer of solid teak wood Parquet or called teak floor. tile sizes are available with a thickness of 7.5 mm 30cmx30cm IDR 250.000/M2 and two size boards 15cmx90cm IDR 650,000/M2 with a thickness of 12 mm and 8.5 cmx90cm IDR 750,000/M2 with a thickness of 14 mm, it is mounted to stay finishing. Also there is Parquet made of HDF laminated (made of sawdust which dipress) 8 mm thick, o
Price : IDR 200,000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Toko Serba Interior

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta , Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Serba Interior Is Based On A Principle Where Design Is A Matter Of A Serious Responsibility, To Create Spaces Which Contribute To The Betterment And The Experiences Of Those Using The Space. The Desig... [Feb 13 , 2015]

Palette Paving Matras

[Feb 06 , 2015]
Wood Flooring

Jitu Mapan Is A Company Engaged In The Manufacture Wooden Pallet We Also Serve Bookings Pallete Mattress For Paving Blocks / Bricks Specifications Pallets Matras: + Using A New Wood + To Connect The Board We Use Mur-Bolt (3 Sets Per Pallet) + Fringe Our Palette Give Iron Plate 0.6 To 0.8 Mm Thick (As Needed) + Iron Plate Nailed With Couplers Steel + Planer / Shaved Smooth And Flat 2 Sid
Price : IDR 120,000    Min Order: 200   

Seller : Jitu Mapan

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Jitu Mapan Is A Company In The Field Of Production Wooden Pallets Of Pine Wood Material, Hardwood, Wood Sengon ( Albasia Sea) With A Variety Of Shapes And Sizes ( As Needed) . With The Water Content I... [Feb 06 , 2015]

Laminate Floor

[Jan 17 , 2015]
Wood Flooring

Laminate Floor Laminate Floor can be installed directly to the media acian flooring, tile, plywood and wood flooring without damaging the media earlier. The assembly process is very easy with a CLICK connection can directly attach to the floor by using Foam Sheet (underlayer). Laminate Flooring has a closed surface, which ensures dust and dirt can not penetrate, so hygienic, and safe for peo
Price : IDR 250,000    Min Order: 1   

[Tangerang , Banten]
Capital Soundproofing Is A Service Company That Specializes In Soundproofing To Help Consumers Apply The Clicking Sound Dampening Material With Interior Space, Good For A Small Room Or A Large Room .... [Jan 17 , 2015]


[Jan 03 , 2015]
Wood Flooring

Parquet flooring Brand REGIS ® Luxury Vinyl Flooring are parquet floors with wood fiber motifs that give the impression of luxury, graceful and elegant in any room. Base layers are made of premium vinyl with Uniclic locking technology makes installation easy, quick and precise. Serve the installation and delivery throughout the region in Indonesia. EXCELLENCE Water resistant and Anti term
Price : IDR 540,000    Min Order: 1   

[Sidoarjo , Jawa Timur , Sidoarjo , Jawa Timur]
Karya Jaya Utama Cv Is A Distributor, Supplier Of Aluminum Composite Panel (Acp), Doors And Ceiling Wpc, Rooftop Roofing, Roof Wave, Spandek Roofing, Galvalume Roof, Roof Zinzalume, Expanded Metal, Fl... [Jan 03 , 2015]


[Dec 19 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

VINYL FLOOR REGIS Adalahlantai premium vinyl with elegant wood fiber motifs that give the impression of luxury and elegant in any room ADVANTAGES: Water Resistant Anti Termite Anti-bacterial, Hiegienis and easy to clean Wear layer (layer gives maximum durability of the stain and friction Easy and fast installation Easy Care Mute and collision Feels comfortable when we ste
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Sidoarjo , Jawa Timur]
Cv. Tolisindo Persada Supplier Of Building Materials & Plastic Bottles Tolisindo Persada Is Building Materials Supplier, Plastic Bottle, Bottle Cosmetic, Perfume Sprayer Bottle, Bottle Spices, Mil... [Dec 19 , 2014]

Vinyl Flooring

[Dec 08 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Wood Motive Was Nuanced Sheet Flooring Wood Flooring That Has The Beauty And Excellent Strength, Water Repellent And Resistant To Termites Suitable For Applications In Space (Indoor) For Homes, Offices, Hotels, Restaurants, Stores, Sports Arenas, Houses Of Worship, Etc.  Promo Price = Rp.145.000 / M2  1 Box Contents 3,35M2 = Rp.486.000 / Box  Price Does Not Include Installation
Price : IDR 145,000    Min Order: 5   

Seller : Flooring Decking

[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
Engaged In The Business Field Sales Wood Flooring, Decking, Fencing, Timber Stairs Board, Ceiling Wood (Lumberseering), Wall Panel Wood And Wood Products Other. [Dec 08 , 2014]


[Nov 22 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Price : IDR 187,000    Min Order: 20   

Seller : Kayu Asri Indonesia

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Wood Asri Indonesia Is A Company Engaged In The Field Of Wpc Interior And Exterior. We Are Biggest Suppliers In Indonesia For Outdoor Such As Floors, Walls. Fence. In Addition We Also Provide For O... [Nov 22 , 2014]

PL10.029 Plafon-10MM

[Oct 20 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

PL10.029 Plafon-10MM SERIES : PLAFON-10MM WIDTH : 20CM HEIGHT : 10MM COLOR : - One Of The Best Manufacturing Companies Ranging From Product Design, Development, Processing And Production Moulding. The company now has 10 Lines Have a production machine is designed with ModernTechnology and System Design Techniques, materials and Precise and scientificFormulas, ensuring the certain
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Toko Hammer

[Tarakan , Kalimantan Timur]
Sell ​​Ceiling And Wall Panels / Partitions Made From Plastic Material Pvc Ceiling Pvc With Shunda Brand. Plastic Ceiling Full spec, Colour Has Dozens of variants, Used In Many Applications Interior... [Oct 20 , 2014]


[Aug 14 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Lantai Kayu Laminated Size. 19Cm X 121 Cm Thickness 7Mm and 8 Mm and Kayu Jati Solid Ukuran 70Cm - 90Cm Random Finishing
Price : IDR 145,000    Min Order: 0   

Seller : Cv. Liberton

[Bekasi , Jawa Barat]
Sole Agent Glasswool And Rockwool, Acoustic Board And Ceiling, Parquet Or Vinyl Floor, Aluminium Foil [Aug 14 , 2014]

Parquet Wood

[Apr 25 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Specifications Product : Categories Parquet Wood  Pvc Plastic Material Supplier That Has Experienced Manufacturer In Meeting Needs In The Field Of Business As Packaging / Box, Stationery, Promotion, Automotive, Motorcycle Cover, Electric Tape For Air Conditioner, Partition And Others.  Great Hope We Can Be Key Partners Meet You In Pvc Plastic Raw Materials For Your Production Activities.
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Prima Kencana

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Prima Kencana Is Pvc Plastic Material Supplier Has Experienced In Meet The Needs Of Manufacturers In The Field Of Business As Packaging / Box, Stationery, Promotion, Automotive, Motor Cover, Electric ... [Apr 25 , 2014]

1202 Vinyl Borneo

[Nov 22 , 2013]
Wood Flooring

Size: 12 X 12 X 1.5 Mm Packaging: 55 Pieces (5 M2) Per Box 11 Sheets Per M2
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Borneo Wallpaper

[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
Wallpaper Borneo Company Is Providing A Variety Of Different Quality Wallpapers And Modern, We Serve Sales And Installation Inside And Outside The City, Retail And Wholesale. Motto: Pride ... [Nov 22 , 2013]

Vinyl Flooring Shoe Mall Parahod

[Feb 12 , 2015]
Wood Flooring

Metro Interior offers one of its newest products namely Gerflor Vinyl. The original flooring products France has advantages over other similar products. We are official agents for Vinyl products Gerflor. This product has the advantage of antibacterial and antistatik IE not delivering an electric current. Because specific functions
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Medan , Sumatera Utara]
Metro Interior Is A Company Engaged In Interior Design Whose Existence Is To Realize The Interior Room To Make It More Beautiful And More Comfortable. [Feb 12 , 2015]

Sell Pine To The Floor And Benches

[Jan 29 , 2015]
Wood Flooring

We cultivate pine wood imported into beams, beautiful boards for various purposes a. l:1. wall and ceiling space sauna2. Cafe3. Hotel4. Restaurant5. music studio6. Villa and bungalow7. the Office Manager Our pine wood imported from different countries:1. America2. the European countries3. New Zeland4. Australiaetc. To guarantee the quality of imported pine boards we process them at the facto
Price : IDR 42,000    Min Order: 100   

Seller : CV. Sauna Surabaya

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
We Are Produced And Sell : 1. Sauna From Indonesian Pine Wood Or Europe Pine Or New Zealand Pine 2. Sauna Portable 3. Pine Wood Planner Moulding 4. Pine Wood Planner 5. Heater Sauna 6. Ro... [Jan 29 , 2015]

Bogor Parquet

[Jan 03 , 2015]
Wood Flooring

We Are Experts In The Field Of Parquet Wood Flooring / Parquet. We Sell Hardwood Flooring From A Variety Of Solid, Solid Engineered And Laminated Materials With Quality Products And Installation That Has Been Well Tested And A More Affordable Price. Some Cities Are Often Our Supply Of Materials Parquet Wood Flooring Are Jakarta, Bogor, Bandung, Yogyakarta, Banjarmasin, Padang, Palembang, Pontia
Price : IDR 200,000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Gallery Parket

[Bogor , Jawa Barat]
We Are Engaged In The Distribution & Installation Of Wood Floor, Wooden Board For Staircase And Wooden Deck For Outdoor. For Wooden Floor We Prepared From Various Solid Materials, Solid Engineered A... [Jan 03 , 2015]

Merbau Flooring

[Dec 23 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Solid wood flooring made from merbau. size 15 x 90 x 1820 mm Prices include the cost of installation.
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Providing Solid Wood Flooring, Parquet, Decking Flooring, Frames And Doors Of Teak, Rosewood, Mebau, Mahogany, Frame Material, Panel Boards, Wooden Tiles, Tables, Chairs, Furniture Etc. We Accept Ord... [Dec 23 , 2014]

Wooden parquet 9905

[Dec 06 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Selgrid is a brand product of wood flooring made from HDF (High Density Fibre) that is derived from a natural wood processed 4 x more dense so the pore-porinya closed the meeting. By using Double Click System for connection to make these wood floors can be connected with the meeting. On the upper side made of Melamine and Wood Decor layer crystals of Corundum with hardness level 9 makes it resista
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Selgrid

[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
Selgrid Is A Brand Of Wood Flooring Products Are Made Of Hdf (High Density Fibre) Derived From Natural Wood Processed 4X More Dense So That The Pores Closed. By Using Double Click System To The Connec... [Dec 06 , 2014]

Bangkirai Wood Flooring

[Dec 05 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Bangkirai wood or it could be called the Yellow Team (for the term abroad) many found in Borneo for the average tree diameter between 70-90 cm and height can reach 40 m. to color wood bangkirai themselves tend to slightly brownish or yellow color then it is called Yellow bangkirai breaking loose.
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : UD.Giri Parket

[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
Giri Parket Menjual Lantai Kayu Parket Dengan Bahan Jati Dan Merbau - See More At: Http://Giriparket.Web.Indotrading.Com/About#Sthash.Qldi6rnz.Dpuf [Dec 05 , 2014]

Gradea Teak Flooring

[Dec 02 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

FlooringGrade A 1.5 x 9 x 30 up to 120cm 630,000 USD/m2
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Karya Parket

[Cimahi , Jawa Barat]
Parquet Works - Agents, Stores, Distributors And Selling Parquet Parquet, Wood Flooring Installation Services Parquet Works, With Cheap Price All-Indonesia. Several Choices Of Materials We Use Incl... [Dec 02 , 2014]

Sell Vinyl Tile Floor

[Nov 26 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

Vinyl Tile is vinyl or rectangular. Installation is similar to vinyl tiling. Vinyl tile has the most color options when compared with other types of vinyl flooring. Choice of motifs and colors include wood color, motif granite, marble motif, motif carpets and plain color (solid).
Price : IDR CALL    Min Order: 1   

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Decorindo Perkasa Is A Solid Parquet Manufacturer And Distributor Of Vinyl Flooring, Wallpaper, Carpet And Laminate Parquet Located In Jakarta. We Are A Distributor Of Vinyl Flooring With Vinyl Low... [Nov 26 , 2014]

Vinyl Flooring

[Nov 16 , 2014]
Wood Flooring

We Supply Various Vunyl Floor, With A Minimalist Design With Classic Style Or Piun Latai Vinmyl Latai Shades You Will Look More Elegant Available A Variety Of Motives, Wood, Granite, Etc. Free Installation For Jakarta Area
Price : IDR 123    Min Order: 0   

Seller : Decorindo

[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
Design Interior, Wallpaper, Karpet,Roller Blind, Roman Shade, Karpet. Karpet Tile, Vertical Blind, Gorden, Horizontal Blind, Sanblasting, Sofa Bed, [Nov 16 , 2014]