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Sell RO Tube Ball Valve.

[Jul 28 , 2015] Water Filter

Applications: Apply to Reverse Osmosis Water System and Housing In Line Filters ETC2 options-on and off.When in the ON position, the water will flow is USA normal.When in the OFF position, the water is turned offTube O.D.: 3/8 "to 3/8"Material: Polyoxymethylene Plastic (food grade)Color: Color: White + Blue

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Seller : PT. Tirta Gemilang

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
TIRTA GEMILANG provides a full range of ozone generators from 0.05g/ h to 50Kg/ h, and related components, which are suitable for residential, commercial and industrial application. With all the essen... [Jul 28 , 2015]

Uv Lamp Titan Ultraviolet Light Source

[Jul 24 , 2015] Water Filter

Specifications Product :Category Titan Lamp Uv Ultraviolet Light SourceOuter Casing: AluminumChamber: Type 316 Stainless SteelUv Lights: Light - Sources Uv Lamp (Usa)Vho (Very High Output)- 185 Nm Produce Ozone- Ultra Violet Radiation 253.7 Nm Time And Alarm Systems

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Seller : Sarana Tirta

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt.Sarana Tirta Water Filter Is A Company Engaged In The Field Of Water Treatment And Purification. We Are Committed To Deliver The Product At An Affordable Price With Excellent Quality, As Well As Th... [Jul 24 , 2015]

Bay-Smart50 : Bay-Smart Disinfection System Zero Chlorine and 100% Salt-Free Pool & Spa Sanitizing System

[Jun 25 , 2015] Other Water Treatment

Bay-Smart 50: Zero Chlorine and 100% Salt-Free Pool & Spa Sanitizing System( EcoSmart Pool ) for max 50m3 pool.* Bay-Smart is a combination of copper ionization, oxygen oxidation ( O2) , and green zeolite filter media.* It is a swimming pool sanitation method without chlorine and salt.* This method is also based on AOP ( Advanced Oxidation Process) utilizing OH* as an oxidation agent.* The system

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[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
PT. Moncol Golfusa, established in Jakarta, Indonesia in 1992, is a manufacturer and distributor of swimming pool and water treatment equipments, sauna heater and steam generator, Hunter irrigation pr... [Jun 25 , 2015]

Water Meter Vertical AMICO BESTINI

[Jun 23 , 2015] Other Water Treatment


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[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
Citra Mandiri Home Company Is Engaged In The Provision Of Goods Sector Industrial Supplies Valve. Moving Company Since 2004 For More Info Please Sent To : Email : Mandirijayateknik@Gmail.Com Tel ... [Jun 23 , 2015]

Toclas Water Filter TW300

[Jun 11 , 2015] Water Filter

TW300Only with this Water Purifier 1 piece, all of the water in your home will be clean water. You can use the clean water with quiet and comfortable for washing, shower or wash your faceFeatures• Primary Filter/Filter terlipatTo prevent blockage of the pores of the filter that caused a decrease in the mass of water, filter with large surface area (7m2: approximately twice the surface area of a ta

Price : Rp17.600.000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Home Sweet Home

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Homesweethome.Co.Id is Modern Retail Stores That Sell Household Supplies And Equipment as well as industries that quality and warranty. Homesweethome.co.id Present Providing Services That Enable Co... [Jun 11 , 2015]

Yamaha Water Filter Toclas

[Jun 11 , 2015] Water Filter

Are you desperate for not finding a solution to the "air showers that smell" or did you give up buying a white shirt for fear the shirt changes color? Japan technology about purifying water now present in Indonesia. Water can change your life.TW300Only with this Water Purifier 1 piece, all of the water in your home will be clean water. You can use the clean water with quiet and comfortable for was

Price : Rp17.600.000    Min Order: 1   

Seller : Kamar Mandiku.Com

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Kamarmandiku.Com Is The Bathroom Fixtures Store That Sells Quality Products And Warranty . Born With A More Modern Concept And Educative . My Bathroom Is Present To Provide Services That Enable Cust... [Jun 11 , 2015]

Sell chair slipcover futura

[Jun 05 , 2015] Water Filter

Selling gloves futura seat, Agent, Center, Distributor chair slipcover futura, selling seats gloves, glove tight futura chairs, chair futura loose gloves, gloves futura chairs stacked, gloves futura chair round, chair slipcover futura german, gloves futura chair decorations, chair slipcover futura hotel, restaurant futura chairs gloves, gloves futura office chairs, plastic chairs gloves, selling g

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Seller : Alam Jaya Tenda

[Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta]
Alam Jaya Tent Is a Convection Simultaneously Record Store Units Decorating Tent. Our company has been Runs More Than a Decade, So We Sure With Creativity What We Have. We Strive For Trying Our Busine... [Jun 05 , 2015]

Services of installation of Water FIlter SUN at Cilampe

[Jun 01 , 2015] Water Filter

We sell and provide services for installation of Water Filter SUN.Get the best quality water from us, please contact us at the contact is available.

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[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Sarana Utama Nusantara Is A Company That Has a Business Field Water Filter Treatment, Installation Services / Installation, Assembly / Assembly To Reverse Osmosis Machine (Ro) Good Capacity Household ... [Jun 01 , 2015]

Membrane FilmTech 50 GPD

[May 09 , 2015] Other Water Treatment

Membrane Filmtech 50 GPDMade In USAMembrane Reverse Osmosis (RO) Is Made Of Semi-Permeable Membranes That Can Be Refilled. Membrane Serves To Separate The Water From The Metal Content, Viruses Or Bacteria, So That The Water Produced Has A High Quality Free From Contamination.For Installation:Insert Into Housing RO Membrane According To The Length Of The Membrane Housing. For This Membrane Can Be R

Price : Rp225.000    Min Order: 1   
[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt. Tirta Magnificent Gemilang, Is Engaged In The Development And Assembly Project Depot (Water Refill Packs), Bottled Drinking Water Plant, Reverse Osmosis Water Depot, Waste Management And Sales Too... [May 09 , 2015]

Vaccum Fitting Astral

[May 08 , 2015] Other Water Treatment

Vaccum Fittings For Pool Accessories And A Vaccum Cleaner Circulation Input

Price : $10.00    Min Order: 1   
[Jakarta Selatan , Jakarta]
In Addition To The Company As Special Contractors Swimming Pool We Cv.Kuhanda Semesta Group Has Been Providing Care In The Field Shop Swimming Pool / Online Pool Shop The Covers Swimming Pool Equipmen... [May 08 , 2015]

Ice Planer-shaver ET-200 - TB-158 -WF-A288

[May 04 , 2015] Water Filter

Spesification ProductSpesificationCategory Ice Planer-shaver ET-200 - TB-158 -WF-A288Watt 220-5.500

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[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt Wijayamas Teknindo Engaged In Packaging Machines, Processing Machines, Machines Ink Jet Printer And Electrical Measuring Instruments (Electrical Instruments). The Machines That We Supply For Th... [May 04 , 2015]

Water Treatment

[May 01 , 2015] Other Water Treatment

We sell water treatment at the best price. contact us immediately at the numbers listed on the contact us.

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[DKI Jakarta , Jakarta]
CV. Hana Kreasi Utama Supply Pump, Fabrication Tank, Panel Maker & System * Fabrication * Supply * Installation * Testing & Commisioning * Service & Maintenance We provide manufacturing Pressure Ta... [May 01 , 2015]

Sell Denpoo DDK1105 The Cheapest Gallon Dispenser

[Apr 29 , 2015] Water Dispenser

Now you can enjoy hot and cold drinks in a Flash, with dispenser of Denpo. Offered the Denpo DDK 1105, water dispenser with 2 hot and cold water faucets. This dispenser is made complete with Hot and Cool Water Tanks, to accommodate and provides cold and hot water directly to you. Enjoy your coffee or tea could be more practical because it does not need any more cooking water. A refrigerator is als

Price : Rp650.000    Min Order: 1    Brand : Denpoo

Seller : Utama Mega Electric

[Jakarta Timur , Jakarta]
Utamamega Stood Since 2004 Specialized In Sales Of Electrical And Electronic. Utamamega Serve In The Purchase Of Large Quantities (Party), Wholesale, Reseller, Dropship And Retail At Very Competitive... [Apr 29 , 2015]

Ppr Pipe Atp Toro 25

[Apr 08 , 2015] Other Water Treatment

Distributor / Agent / Sell / Available / Stock : Atp Toro 25 Ppr Pipe, Pex Pipe - Al - Pex, Pipe Metal Conduit, Pvc Conduit Pipes, Upvc Pipes.Available Various Emrk Include Atp Toro 25, Riffeng, Ginde, Panasonic, Clipsal, Legrand, Wavin, Rucika, Pralon, Unilon, And Others.

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[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt.Lintas Buana Perkasa Founded In 2007, Is A Distributor, Agent, Product Supllier Electrical, Piping & Panel Maker. Diantarnya Wirring Accessories, Power Cable, Cable Gland, Cable Ties, Flexible M... [Apr 08 , 2015]

Water Filters Coated Stainless Tube Type 1

[Mar 17 , 2015] Water Filter

Specifications Product :Water Filters Coated Stainless Tube Type 1Material Stainless

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Seller : Mitra Filter

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt. Mitra Filter, Berlokasi Di Petamburan - Jakarta Barat [Mar 17 , 2015]