Doors and Windows

Doors and Windows in Jakarta

Doors and windows are the main parts of the building construction. It is impossible if a building is built without doors and the windows. Nowadays, there coming more various models and designs for doors and windows. Doors and windows are not only made from wood, but also from other material like aluminum which is able to give more interested impressions for doors and windows. Besides, the price for aluminum doors and windows are relatively cheaper and longer lasting than the wooden ones. 

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Sell Doors Divided Glass 2 Panel Candy Brown Finishing

Doors Divided Glass 2 Panel Candy Brown  FinishingFor more info please contact us. Thank you.

Seller : PT Depot Pintu

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Pintu Excona

Decorindo Interior Design, Rugs, Curtains, Roller Blind, Roman Shade, Wallpapers, Etc.Our Company The Moves In The Field Of Interior Design Help You In Procurement Interi

Seller : Decorindo

Price : Rp1.234

  • Min Order: 0

Door Server

DoorS ServerReplace the door old server you still using fiber / glass with anti-heat PorforatedPrices are adjusted to the size of the server doorexcluding locks and other

Seller : CV. Duta Citra Sarana

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 2

Automatic Garage Door

The most common iron sliding door that is used is in the garage. Sliding garage iron doors often come with an automatic trigger for comfort. Iron door automatic garage ca


Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Auto Door Sensor Type Ads-A

Features :- Stop Time Slection Function (Selectable Stop Time 2/7/15 Sec)- 4 Steps Variable Function For Front Detecting Area (7.5, 14.5, 21.5, 28.5 4Steps Variable)- Rig

Seller : Explosionproof Sparepart

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Alarm Padlock

Alarm Lock, Rock Hires A Small Battery, The Sound Is About 120 Desible, And Easy To Operate.

Seller : Sumber Mas Teknik

Price : Rp130.000

  • Min Order: 1

Sell Padlock Key Cavallo

Security Lock CavalloDESCRIPTIONA lock is a lock tube anti scissors for folding gate, materials made of steel. Guaranteed 100% secure, there will be a thief burglarized.

Seller : Toko Global Accesories & Sparepart

Price : Rp250.000

  • Min Order: 1

Org Glass Film

Sinar Makmur FilmSells And Serves The Installation Of A Wide Range Of Glass Film And StickersRiben Window Film, Window Film Oneway, Window Film Sunglass / Stickers Opaque

Seller : Sinar Makmur Film

Price : Rp1

  • Min Order: 1

3 Box Trailer Door Glass

3 Glass Doors Glass Sunglas Trailer 5Mm Height 3.5Cm Thick Melamine Finish 210X82 Propane

Seller : CV. Karya Asih

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Door Frame

We offer a wide range of uPVC window and door systems using high-tech materials that can be adapted to all the needs of the shape of a building.Are you looking for a wind

Seller : PT Karya Maju Prima

Price : Rp185.000

  • Min Order: 1


Sandblast Sticker, Window Film Building, Oracal Sticker, Glass Sticker, Sticker Colors Are The Main Products Of Surya Cemerlang Artistik.Please Contact:Solar Cemerlang Ar

Seller : Surya Cemerlang Artistik

Price : Rp80

  • Min Order: 1

Solargard Film Glass

Sell glass film sparta to the 3 m brand and home building solargard armorcoat sunpolar solarscreen sunprotect. reflective black color film glass clear

Seller : Kaca Film Riben

Price : Rp235.166

  • Min Order: 1

Sell Pivot Hinges

We offer a pivot Hinge made of stainless steel with an affordable price. available load 50 kg, 100 kg,,200 kg and 250 kg, for reservations can contact us via the No. 021-

Seller : Toko Blessing Fitting Lestari

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 2
  • Brand : Dekson

Glass-Sandblast Film

Glass-Sandblast FilmAvailable type of plain, Bamboo motifs, gingham. Products made of PVC material with a layer of adhesive or glue. Easy way of installation.1 Roll size

Seller : PD. Samsim Jaya

Price : Rp40.000

  • Min Order: 5


Aluminum door 2000 CA, Length 6 M Stem 390,000Aluminum door 2001 CA, Length 6 M Stem 240,000Aluminum door 2002 CA, Length 6 M Stem 234,000Aluminum door 2003 CA, Length 6


Price : Rp74.000

  • Min Order: 10