Car Dealer in Indonesia

Car Dealer

Dealer is a sales company cars or motorcycles that have been officially designated by a factory to sell their products. The functions of a dealer is to show off the goods or products offered to consumers. As a product showcase, showrooms should have the ability to display the product in the showcase to the fullest.

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Sell Isuzu GVR TH

Kendaraan ini cocok diaplikasikan untuk pengangkutan tangki minyak, pengankutan pipa besi, dan countainer.dimana dikabinnya telah dipasang anti karat.

Price : Rp632.000.000

  • Min Order: 1

Nissan Serena Hws

Program Report All New Nissan Serena Hws 2.0 Cvt 2015-Dp starting from 50jtan-Light Installment-Free Insurance-Discount s/d 50jtan-Competitive Interest-Free GPS-Free Accessories-Free Card EraDirect Gi

Seller : Nissan Mpm

Price : Rp365.300.000

  • Min Order: 1

CRV 24000 Prestige

CR-V 2.4 L Prestige Automatic, OTR Idr 479 500 0000Has all the features of the type 1.5 previous plus:HID projector headlight, New Power tailgate, New exhaust pipe finisher design, New interior, New b

Seller : Honda Jakarta

Price : Rp479.000.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Honda

Truck Isuzu Sparepart

Isuzu Truck spare partsMitra Mandiri Perkasa Provides Forklift With Isuzu brand. Please you Contact Us For Finding And Finding Different Types and Types of Isuzu You Want. Here We Will Provide All You

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Toyota Avanza

We sell Avanza 2015 with the following specifications:TYPEType GAll New 1.3 G A/TAll New 1.3 G M/TType EAll New 1.3 E M/TAll New 1.3 E A/T

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Car Avanza

PROMO PT Liek MOTOR .....OUR SERVICES:1. Sales to Individuals, Companies Nor2. Ready Stock / Fast Indent3. Attractive Discounts4. Interest Light6. Installment Lightweight7. Credit 1-5 Year8. Process Q

Seller :PT. LIEK motor

Price : Rp170.000.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Toyota

Sell New Ford Ranger

New ford Ranger 2015 Specifications 3200 cc diesel engine, power, torque 470Nm 200ps/1,750 rpm -2500 Double wishbone front suspension with coil springs Rear leaf spring Tires 265/60/R18 " Adapti

Price : Rp421.600.000

  • Min Order: 1

VW Dealers Indonesia

Spesifikasi Produk New VW Scirocco GTSSpecification :New VW Scirocco 1.4 GP TSI Facelift 2015 Volkswagen IndonesiaEngine : 1.397cc TwinchargerPower : 160hp at 5000 RPMTorque : 240 Nm at 4000 RPMAccele

Price : Rp575.000.000

  • Min Order: 1

Dealer VW Jakarta

Spesifikasi Produk Promo VW SciroccoGet to know the Scirocco R: its self-confident design and the unrivalled equipment set new standards.2.0 TSI 188 kW6 Speed DSG19' 8J x 19 Cadiz alloy wheelsRadio Co

Price : Rp880.000.000

  • Min Order: 1

Isuzu ELF NKR 71 Cc

Isuzu ELF NKR 71 cc 125 ps, highly efficient Vehicles suitable for venture expeditions where this vehicle is very efficient in fuel consumption of material and energetic. A straight line for the pengg

Price : Rp272.300.000

  • Min Order: 1

Deler Toyota Depok

Description: get prices, flowers, BEST BONUS, and the TOTAL DP LIGHTEST se JABODETABEK................................................................ ............E R W I N.HP: 087878013356ESIA: (021)

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1

Honda Brio Satya

Honda Brio SatyaCash advance credit and installment of Light at the car dealership Honda Purwokerto, Purbalingga, Banyumas, Cilacap, Majenang, Banjarnegara, Wonosobo, Gombong, Bumiayu, Brebes, Bobotsa

Price : Rp121.750.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Honda

Sell Polaris RZR XP900 4 Seaters

Welcome to our dealers on the web. On Metro vehicle Mobilindo we hand pick the best from our wholesale fleet and find the best available lease returns, special purchase and trade vehicles. We are prou

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1


What Are You Waiting For !!!! Get Promo Daihatsu "Blessed Ramadan" to friend Daihatsu During In June 2015, Xenia Angs 1,5jutaan / month, Ayla Angs 1jutaan / month, Terios 1,7jutaan / month .SPECIAL IN

Price : Rp84.550.000

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Daihatsu


PRICE LIST Up Date 2015All-New EcosportAll-New EcoSport 1.5 L Trend MT 252,100 million USD.All-New EcoSport 1.5 L Trend AT Rp. 262, 500.00All-New EcoSport 1.5 L Titanium MT 276,100 million USD.All-New

Price : CALL

  • Min Order: 1
  • Brand : Ford

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