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Kreasi Pestaku

Hi Moms & Dads,

We Are Kids Birthday Party Organizer &Quot;Kreasi Pestaku&Quot;, We Can Create A Unique Invitation Design, Birthday Cake Decorations, Special Hats For Your Kids Also For Their Friends, Performer (Mc, Clown Characters, Magic, Games), Kids Meal, Goody Bags Also Souvenirs As A Special Take Away Gifts. We Make All The Stuff According To The Theme Of Cartoon Character From Your Child Idol (Snow White, Cinderlela, Barney, The Cars, Thomas The Train Toys, Mickey Mouse, Toys Story, Angry Bird Etc). So The Moms & Dads You Can Contact Us To Make A Memorable Dream Birthday Party.

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Address : Jl. Rawa Bunga 13 No. A/5, Pondok Kacang Barat, Pondok Aren, Tangerang Tangerang , Banten , Indonesia
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