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Cv. Mulia Angkut Barang Is Engaged In Goods Transportation Services With Moving House, Boarding House, Office, Moving Business Premises, Transport Special Items (Furniture, Animal / Plant, Musical Instruments, Electronic Equipment, Kitchen Equipment, Etc.).

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Jawa Tengah
Address : Jl. Prof. Soedarto No.15, Tembalang Semarang , Jawa Tengah , Indonesia
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[Aug 14 , 2013]

Cargo and Shipping Agents

Description:   Phone, Deal, Transport.   Serve: Moving/Home/Rented Boarding House/Business/Office Etc.   Will Dropping The Stuff Big And Heavy Like; Furniture, Animal/Plant, Electronic Equipment, Musical Instruments, Etc.   Among Catering   Hauling Goods Exhibition Show   Etc.   Price Start From = Rp 50,000 (Can Nego)   Serve In And Out Of Town
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Seller : CV. Mulia Angkut Barang

[Semarang , Jawa Tengah]
Cv. Mulia Angkut Barang, Bergerak Dibidang Jasa Layanan Angkut Barang Pindahan Rumah, Kos-Kosan, Kantor, Pindahan Tempat Usaha,Pindahan Gudang, Angkut Barang-Barang Khusus (Furniture, Hewan/Tumbuhan, ... [Aug 14 , 2013]
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