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Agen Hanger

*Agen Hanger*
Wooden Hangers For Adult & Kids / Gantungan Baju Kayu Dewasa & Anak / Gantungan Kain / Fabric Display Hanger

Why Wooden Hanger? Because It Can Increase Performance Of Your Distro, Outlet Store, Boutique, Hotel, Apartment, Guest House Or Home Interior For Your Personal Use

For Wedding Gown, T-Shirt, Coat, Jacket, Skirt, Etc.
We Have Several Type Of Wooden Hangers With :Several Choices Of Color & Hook. Hook Type: Standard / With Anti Theft & Ring
Normal Delivery Time: 1-2 Weeks After Received Of Order And Financial Settlement.
Payment As Soon As Goods Ready To Deliver.
If You Need Your Brand / Logo Printed On It, We Can Also Do That ☺
As There Are So Many Kind Of Wooden Hanger, Simply Drop Us E-Mail If What You Are Looking For Not Shown In Our List, Or Maybe We Can Make It Up For You? Just Let Us Know...

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We Sell:
  • Wooden Hanger
  • Gantungan Kayu
  • Meja Lipat
  • Kursi Lipat
  • Capstok
  • Ring Anti Theft

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