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We Are Manufacturers And Suppliers Of Handicraft Woman Ccessories, Made ​​Of Knit Handmade, Patchwork, And Various Types Of Lace.

We Have Worked With Some Of Boutiques Throughout Indonesia To Become A Supplier ..

We Sell:
  • Produk Handicraft Aksesoris Wanita

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Address : perum puri asri PA7 no 25 Cilegon , Banten , Indonesia
Phone : 6285650465300, 6281381876275,
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All Products Rajarajut

Sell Greentea Necklace

[Feb 21 , 2013]
Fashion Jewelry

Knitted Handmade Necklace Has A Width: 20 Cm, Can Be Used For Day-To-Day Accessories.
Price : IDR 25,000      

Seller : Rajarajut

[Cilegon , Banten]
Kami Produsen Dan Supplier Handicraft Aksesoris Wanita, Yang Terbuat Dari Rajut Handmade, Kain Perca, Dan Beraneka Jenis Renda. Kami Telah Bekerjasama Dengan Puluhan Butik Di Seluruh Indonesia Untuk ... [Feb 21 , 2013]
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