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Sell Aluminium Sheet

[Jul 29 , 2015] Aluminium Composite Panel

*** Aluminum Sheet And Coil***Functioning As Rockwool Pipe Cover, Ac Ducting, Boilers, And Others - OthersSpecifications Aluminum Coil / Sheet0:18 Thickness-5.00Mm (Thickness Tolerance To 1/2 Aa Standard)Alloy: Aa1050, Aa1100, Aa3003, Aa5052, Aa8011. Temper H0 (Soft), H12 (1/4 Hard), H14 (Half Hard), H16 (3/4 Hard), H18 (Hard), H-32 (Other Tempering Please Inquiry)Size: 1000 X 2000Mm, 1200 X 2400M

Price : Rp1.150.000    Min Order: 1   

Nexwood Vinyl Flooring

[Jul 28 , 2015] Plastic Flooring

Our newest vinyl flooring products with quality ingredients and high quality range of motifs that appeal and appear more elegant with size 15,44 cm x 91 cm with thickness of 2.0 mm.Vinyl has a number of advantages such as easy installation only wearing yellow glue can be applied on walls and floors, the floor already in aci alus, ceramic closed his nut in order to align parts, plywood, etc. vinyl

Price : Rp105.000    Min Order: 1   

Agent Glasswool

[Jul 28 , 2015] Construction Contractor

Glasswool Sale CheapGlasswool Soundproofing Material Suitable For Thermal Insulation And Sound Dampening Indoor And Outdoor Can Be Used For A Music Room, Karaoke Room, Home Theater, Factory, Place Of Worship, Plant Machinery, Cold Storage, Etc..Glasswool Is Made Of Mineral Fiber And Glass Powder Flame Can Not Burn With A Certain Temperature Resistance.Available In Various Types Of Density Or Densi

Price : Rp260.000    Min Order: 1   

Hawaii Vinyl Flooring

[Jun 25 , 2015] Plastic Flooring

**** Hawaii Vinyl Floors ****Size 18.5Cm X 92.5Cm Thickness 3Mm Rp. 135.000, -/M2Put The Cost Of Rp. 35,000, -/M2 (Including Glue)* Using Yellow Glue Brands Rajawali1 Box = 3.1 M2Price Per Square Meter Depending On The Amount Of The Total Volume OfHub:Kayuvinyl.ComMarianiRuko Sentra Niaga Blok C No. 1. 5 Harapan Indah BekasiTel: 021-88880048, 88882255

Price : Rp135.000    Min Order: 1   

Maxwell Vinyl Floor

[Jun 07 , 2015] Wood Flooring

Vinyl Flooring Alternative After Wood Flooring .The Wood Floor Is Too Expensive ? Immediately Switch Your Choice With The Latest From Our Vinyl With Vinyl Flooring Then Your Room Can Be Changed Quickly And Durable . Vinyl Because We Provide The BestWe Are Verified Tokobagus MemberSo No Need To Worry Please Visit Our Store To Transact Vinyl Flooring Vinyl At Affordable PricesSpecial To See This Ad

Price : Rp60.000    Min Order: 1   

Rockwool Roxul press plants

[Jan 23 , 2015] Garden

There are many kinds of Rockwool, where Specifications Vary according to its use. ROXUL Rockwool Is made with special specifications For Vegetable Crops And ornamental plants and can also be used for silencers for home theater, music studio and a karaoke roomin various nergara in Europe have much use rockwool as a medium for hydroponic plants because the plants or vegetables proven in use rockwool

Price : Rp40.000    Min Order: 1    Brand : Roxul

Sell Rockwool-Rockwool Slab

[Dec 03 , 2014] Home Theater

Rockwool Sheets With heat resistant 650 degrees, the density Level With 5 Cm ThickDensity 40Kg/M3, size 0-6 m X 1.2 M = Rp 36,000,-(Heat Resistance up to 350 degrees Celsius)Density of 60 kg/M3, size 0-6 m X 1.2 M = Rp 46,000,-(Heat Resistance up to 350 degrees Celsius)Density 80 kg/M3, size 0-6 m X 1.2 M = Rp 56,000,-(Heat Resistance up to 450 degrees Celsius)Density 100 kg/M3, size 0-6 m X 1.2 M

Price : Rp26.000    Min Order: 1   

Rockwool Pipe

[Dec 02 , 2014] Building Coating

Rockwool Pipe As pipe insulation blower machine factory and readily elbow, aluminium sheet jacketing etc with various types and sizes of diameters ranging from 1 "to 18" with a thickness of 25 mm – 50 mm

Price : Rp26.000    Min Order: 1   


[Nov 27 , 2014] Ceilings

Glasswool "DUCTWARP" is the material heat insulation and Sound Absorbers. there are a few Density 16kg, 24kg, 32kg, 48kg with a thickness of 2.5 cm and 5 cm. Glasswool and Board Packaging Roll glasswool more suitable for heat shock on the roof with aluminum foil and Roofmesh / wire mesh.ASIAGLASSWOOLPHONE. 021-88880048, 88882255EMAIL. info @ asiaglasswool.comCONTACT. Mrs. MarianiGlass wool, glass

Price : Rp240.000    Min Order: 1    Brand : Polyglass


[Nov 27 , 2014] Building Coating

Rockwool selling prices ranging from Rp. 25.000, - / Sheet up to Rp. 69.000, - / Sheet, get the most cheap rockwool production and quality of local and imported brands Firerock (nichias) and Roxul (Malaysia)Rockwool Slab with size of 60cm x 2.5cm and 5cm thick 120cm available many kinds of density or density ranging from 40kg, 60kg, 80kg, 100kg, 120kg 150kg.Rockwool Blanket with size of 60cm x 5m

Price : Rp25.000    Min Order: 1   

Glasswool Mineralfiber

[Nov 27 , 2014] FiberGlass

Glasswool | Glasswool Indonesia | Insulation Materials And Heat Proof Sound Proof | Density 16Kg, 24Kg, 32Kg, 48Kg | Tickhnes 2.5 Cm Size 1.2 Mx 30 M And 5 Cm In Size 1.2 Mx 15 M | Glasswool Anti Flame Of Mineral Fiber Suitable For Roof Insulation And Sound | Ready Stock Prices Indonesia Jakarta Projects Distributor Agents.

Price : Rp210.000    Min Order: 1    Brand : Polyglass

Vinyl Lantai Distribution Vinyl Flooring

[Nov 04 , 2014] Plastic Flooring

made of plastic and rubber material coated with a high-tech produce an excellent product at a price that is relatively cheaper than other floor coating products, how to install simply use yellow glue sold in the market do not need a special glue so very practical at all. techniques such pairs can compose like installing brick or ceramic.Vinyl flooring with many different types of patterns and size

Price : Rp60.000    Min Order: 1   


[Aug 26 , 2014] Furniture Accessories

Egg foam serves to reduce echo or reflected sound in the space in use as finishing in a way that pairs easily use glue or in pairs such as painting paste on MDF or plywood then use a nail hangingsize 1 meter x 2 meters thick 4cmabu2 color, yellow, green.FOAM EGG, EGG FOAM, FOAM EGG, EGG FOAM, FOAM EGG, EGG FOAM, FOAM EGG, EGG FOAM, FOAM EGG, EGG FOAM, FOAM EGG, EGG FOAM, FOAM EGG, EGG FOAM, FOAM E

Price : Rp97.000    Min Order: 1   

Acoustic Board

[Aug 14 , 2014] Ceilings

Acoustic Board Ukuran 120Cm X 60Cm or. 60cm x 60cm, 30cm x 120cm Thickness 9Mm, 12Mm and 15Mm.Rangka Maintee 3.6 Meter, Crosstee 1.2 Meter Atau 0.6 Meter, Wallangel 3 Meter. Ready Stock Price Project Jakarta Indonesia

Price : Rp34.000    Min Order: 0   

Aluminium Foil Sheet

[Aug 14 , 2014] Aluminium Composite Panel

Aluminium Foil Metal Single Double Size 1:25 Mx 60 M | Woven Foil Single Double Size 1.2 Mx 50 M | Bubbel Foil Double Size 1.2 Mx 25 M | Foam Foil 1Mm, 2Mm, 3Mm, 4Mm, 8Mm | Aluminium Tape Length 40 Yard | Aluminum Distributors Foil Price Project In Jakarta Indonesia

Price : Rp185.000    Min Order: 1   

Plafond Acoustic

[Aug 14 , 2014] Building Coating

--- Ceiling Acoustic ----Price Installed (Material + Services Post): Price Franco JabodetabekSize 120 Cm X 60 Cm + Frame ...: Start From Rp. 135.000, - / M2Size 60 Cm X 60 Cm + Frame ....: Start From Rp. 140.000, - / M2(Price Installed Per Square Meter Depending On The Amount Of The Total Volume)* Using Acoustic Board Brand "Armstrong" Thick 15 Mm.* Using The Framework Of Main Tee And Cross Tee Rh

Price : Rp35.000    Min Order: 0   

Rockwool Fiberglass

[Aug 14 , 2014] FiberGlass

Rockwool Similar Materials Glasswool Made Mineral Fiber With Mixed Stone More Friendly With Itchy Skin We're Not So GLASSWOOL Compared to Existing Glass powder mixture, Rockwool Density 60kg, 80kg, 100Kg, 120kg, 150kg Thickness 2.5 cm and 5 cm Size 60cm X 120cm, Very Suitable for Sound Suppression Music Studio, Home Theater, Karaoke Room, space Engine / Generator, Engine Factory.

Price : Rp35.000    Min Order: 6    Brand : Roxul


[Aug 14 , 2014] Wood Flooring

Lantai Kayu Laminated Size. 19Cm X 121 Cm Thickness 7Mm and 8 Mm and Kayu Jati Solid Ukuran 70Cm - 90Cm Random Finishing

Price : Rp145.000    Min Order: 0   

Sell Borneo Vinyl Floor

[Aug 14 , 2014] Plastic Flooring

**Borneo Vinyl Floors**Price Installed (Material + Services Post)Size 30 Cm X 30 Cm X 1.5 Mm + Lem ... Rp. 145.000, -/M2(Price Installed Per Square Meter Depending On The Amount Of The Total Volume)* Using Vinyl Flooring Brands "Borneo" 1.5 Mm Thick.* Using Yellow Glue Brands RajawaliVinyl Floor Price Borneo *** Price @ Rp. 70,000, -/M2Hub:House Of VinylGeneral Susilo MarianiRuko Sentra Niaga Blok

Price : Rp70.000    Min Order: 0   

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