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Pt. Kangbang Indonesia

Pt. Kangbang Indonesia Was An Importer Of All Construction Material Such As Pvc Plafond, Wood Laminated Flooring, Wood Laminated Door, For Improvement To Your Building'S Interior Design

We Sell:
  • Plafon Pvc
  • Lantai Kayu
  • Pintu Wpc

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Address : Jl. Pinangsia I No. 3A Jakarta Barat , Jakarta , Indonesia
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All Products Pt. Kangbang Indonesia

Sell Kang Bang

[Feb 20 , 2013]
Waterproofing Materials

Pvc Plafond, Made From High Quality Pvc Materials, In Which Make It Water Proof, Bugproof And Last Longer.
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : Pt. Kangbang Indonesia

[Jakarta Barat , Jakarta]
Pt. Kangbang Indonesia Merupakan Importir Material Bangunan Yang Berupa Plafon Pvc, Lantai Kayu, Pintu Wpc, Untuk Kemudahan Pilihan Desain Interior Bangunan Anda. [Feb 20 , 2013]
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