Pt. Wahyu Kencana Abadi

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RidesComputersWas Founded In 1990InSemarangWith The Name'Pt.WahyuKencanaAbadi'.By Starting ABusiness InThe Field OfComputerSupplierAndComputerShop,The WayWahanaComputerProgressedSo Rapidly.Thanks To The SupportAnd Trust Of AllTheConsumers,Companies, Government AgenciesAnd Individuals,In 1992StoodComputerEducationInstitutions(Lpk)WahanaWhich AimsToImprove The QualityOf Human ResourcesIn The Field OfComputer TechnologyMastery.Still NotEnough ToBe A 'Good Partner',WahanaComputerDecidedToTotalIn ProvidingThe Best Solutions AndTo Be TheBestProfessionalFor TheComputer Users,By Offering A WideRange OfBusiness Sectors ThatSupport Each OtherTo Solve TheProblems Associated WithComputerComes WithJargon:'TotalPersonalComputerSolutions',VehicleComputersAre AlwaysReady To ProvideThe Best QualityServiceFor ClientsWithA HighStandard OfProfessionalism.New!Click The Words Above To Edit And View Altern

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Pt. Wahyu Kencana Abadi

Jawa Tengah
Address Jl. MT Haryono No.637Semarang. Jawa Tengah Semarang, Jawa Tengah, Indonesia,
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Sell Software Practice Physicians

Was PresentSmartdokter+Software..!Software ThatWillHelpYouIn ManagingThePracticeDoctorEasyAnd Practical.Suitable ForTheDoctorWhoWants To ManageHisPractice ActivityWith AMoreStructured, Professional,An

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