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Pt. Wahyu Kencana Abadi

Rides Computers Was Founded In 1990 In Semarang With The Name 'Pt.Wahyu Kencana Abadi'. By Starting A Business In The Field Of Computer Supplier And Computer Shop, The Way Wahana Computer Progressed So Rapidly. Thanks To The Support And Trust Of All The Consumers, Companies, Government Agencies And Individuals, In 1992 Stood Computer Education Institutions (Lpk) Wahana Which Aims To Improve The Quality Of Human Resources In The Field Of Computer Technology Mastery.

Still Not Enough To Be A 'Good Partner', Wahana Computer Decided To Total In Providing The Best Solutions And To Be The Best Professional For The Computer Users, By Offering A Wide Range Of Business Sectors That Support Each Other To Solve The Problems Associated With Computer

Comes With Jargon: 'Total Personal Computer Solutions', Vehicle Computers Are Always Ready To Provide The Best Quality Service For Clients With A High Standard Of Professionalism.New! Click The Words Above To Edit And View Altern

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Jawa Tengah
Address : Jl. MT Haryono No.637Semarang. Jawa Tengah Semarang , Jawa Tengah , Indonesia
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