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AboutReadymix Is ​​The Company Concrete Pump Rental, Or Rental, Concrete Pump, Concrete Pump / Pump Cast / Readymix Pump, Not The Pump Castings, Which Include Standard Pump, Pump Longboom, Or Small Mini Pump, Pump Frogs And Serve Piping Length Over 150 Meters , And Serve Service Supplier Or Selling Readymix Concrete Or Cast Or Not Home And General Trading.Readymix-Concrete Pump Stood Since 2006. With More Than 8 Years, In Addition To That We Also Keep Abreast Of The New Stuff On The Concrete Pump And Readymix / CormixCorporate ActivityReadymix Concrete Pump, Offering A Complete Service Ranging From Visits / Surveys To The Location, Survey The Feasibility, Technical Feasibility Of The Proposed Location Of The Cast, And The Measurement Needs Of Readymix / Cement Cast On-Site Foundry That Proper Volume, Not Less Or Excess Concrete And Serves Consultation Issues Casting An Effective And Efficient Both Time And Cost.Our Mission'Always Serve Clients With Reliable Knowledge And Skills Acquired And Held In The Field With The Best Offer In Terms Of Services And Value-Added And Komputitif Cheaper Price, Quality, Service, The Quality Of Our PriorityOur Company Is Engaged In The Rental / Lease Concrete Pump / Concrete Pump, And Serve Sell Ready Mix, Cast Concrete, Concrete, Cormix, Cement Cast And Many Of The Terms Of The Ready Mix, And We Only Serve The Jabodebek (South Jakarta, East Jakarta, North Jakarta, Depok, Bogor District, Bekasi. & Surrounding Area).Our Company Is Working With Several Company Ready Mix / Readymix Concrete Ready Menyuplay Concrete, Cement Cast, Cast Concrete. In Jabodebek Include:1. Pt. Tower Mix (Special Service Mini Mix = Designation Narrow Streets And There Is A Portal That Can Only Be Dilalau Desel Cold Car, Mini Mix Suitable For Retail Means For Building Houses, But The Area Is Located In The Alley Or Street That Is Not Feasible In A Large Car Through (Troton .) Payload Capacity Of Only 2, 5M3 S / D 3M3 (Cubic)., And The Price Is More Expensive Than A Large Car.1. Pt. Three Wheels2. Pt. Tursina Redikon3. Pt. Nindiya Works4. Pt. Arthamix Now Pt Armix5. Pt. Intan Concrete6. Pt. Three WheelsConcrete Pump Price List / Concrete Pump:Together We Intend To Bid Rents / Rental Concrete Pump / Concrete Pump, While The Details Of The Price As Follows: For The Area Jabodebek (South Jakarta, East Jakarta, North Jakarta, Depok, Bogor District, Bekasi & Surrounding AreasConcrete Pump Hire Price List / Concrete Pumps1. Rental Pumps / Concret Pump / Cp Standard 1 S / D Rp 2,100,000 30M32. Rental Pumps / Concret Pump / Cp Standard 1 S / D Rp 2.3000.000 50M33. Rental Pumps / Concret Pump / Cp Standard 50 S / D Rp 2.6 Million 70M34. Rental Pumps / Concret Pump / Cp Standard 70 S / D U.S. $ 100M3 3.00.0005. Rental Pumps / Concret Pump / Standard Cp≫ 100M3 Rp 39,000 / M3 / 8 Hours6. Rent Pump / Concrete Pump / Cp Longboom 1 S / D Rp 3.7 Million 50M3 / M37.Sewa Pump / Concrete Pump / Cp Longboom 50 S / D Rp 3.9 Million 70M3 / M38. Rent Pump / Concrete Pump / Cp Longboom 70 S / D Rp 4.2 Million 100M3 / M39. Rent Pump / Concrete Pump / Cp Longboom≫ 100M3 Rp 47,000 / M3 / 8 Hours10. Rent Mini Pump / Mini Pump Conrete 1 S / D 25 M3 Rp 2.700.00011. Rent Viberator Rp 300.000 / 8 Hours12. Rent Concrete Pump / Concrete Pump Frog (Price Confirmed After Conducting Surveys / Visits The Project Site)Pricing Conditions:1. Prices Above Are Not Including The 10% Vat.2. Confirmation Of Booking 3 Or 4 Days Before The Time Of The Casting.3. For Each Penambhan Slump 2 Cm, At An Additional Cost Rp 40,000, -4. How Pengecoran.Transfer Seblum Payment To: Bca Cab Cileungsi-Bogor. Rek No. 4060377532. A / N. Mas 'Ud-Self No Rek 1290007706688.A / Nmmas' Ud5. Prices Are Subject To Change, If There Is A Rise In Raw Material Prices, The Price Of Fuel (Bbm) And Monetary Policy.6. The Buyer Is Responsible For The Availability Of Decent Roads, The Condition Of Security (Police And Communities) And Local Passable Mixer Truck To The Location Of The Project.7. The Addition Of Additive Borne By The Buyer.

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Sell Ready Mix

[Jun 08 , 2013] Building Contractor

Rental/Lease Of Concrete Pump/Concrete Pump/Pump Standard/Longbom/Frog/Fortable Of Selling Services Cheaply And Ready Mix Concrete Or Concrete Cast/Cor/Cormix And Serve Trowel Finish Trowel, Hardener, Floor Epoxy Hardener, Cheap, Quality, Service, Quality Of Our Treasure. Rent A Concrete Pump/Pump Is The Cheapest In Jakarta/Jabodebek. Only Rp 2.100.000 *. Only Serve Jaksel, Rapids, Jakut, Depok, B

Price : Rp1.000.000    Min Order: 1   

Mini Mix

[Jan 14 , 2013] Construction Contractor

AboutMinimix Mixer Is A Car That Can Serve Consumers Flexibility In Dealing With Foundry-Capable Narrow And Hard To Reach Locations, And Serving Small Volume Purchases And The Special Designation Of The Narrow Road And There Is A Portal That Can Only Be Dilalau Desel Cold Car, Mini Mix Suitable For Retail Means For Residential Buildings, But The Area Is Located In The Alley Or Street That Is Not F

Price : Rp10.000.000    Min Order: 1