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Pt Galang Buana Sentosa

In November Tahun1995, The Idea To Build A Business Engaged In The Kitchen System. At That Time The Manufacture Of Kitchen Technology In Indonesia Far Behind Compared With Overseas Kitchen.

System Designed Has A Unique Design That Is Able To Provide A Solution That Can Dynamically Adjust The Development Of Innovations, Trends And Changes In Customer Requirements. System Production Process Continues To Evolve, Reliable System Management, To Kepelanggan Delivery System That Sets Us Apart From Other Products.

Along With Customer Demand For The Product Will Need Homes And Other Workplaces, It Also Launched Other Products Namely: Praga Wardrobe System, Medico-Medical & Laboratory Furniture, Korinna Solid Surface And Domino Home & Office System.

On 24 February 2003 In Accordance Deed Pt Limited Company Formally. Galang Buana Sentosa Stand.

Pt. Galang Buana Sentosa Is Also Agent For Several Supporting Products, Such As: Ariston, Modena, Teka And Hanex Solid Surface, Solid Surface Sunray And Log Floor Laminate Flooring. Continue To Innovate And Develop Themselves Is The Breath Of The Company, Signum Tahun2010 Swarakit Marketed Nationally For A Springboard To Penetrate The Global Market.

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Jawa Timur
Address : Kendang Sari H 13 Surabaya , Jawa Timur , Indonesia
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Sell Melior Kitchen System

[Dec 17 , 2012]
Kitchen Set

Kitchen, Wardrobe, Home Furniture, Office Furniture,Medical Furniture,Laboratory Furniture
Price : IDR CALL      

Seller : Pt Galang Buana Sentosa

[Surabaya , Jawa Timur]
Pada November Tahun1995, Muncul Ide Untuk Membangun Suatu Usaha Yang Bergerak Dibidang Kitchen System. Pada Saat Itu Teknologi Pembuatan Kitchen Di Indonesia Ketinggalan Jauh Dibanding Dengan Kitchen ... [Dec 17 , 2012]
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