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PT. Caldera Indonesia

Departing From A Strong Desire To Be Able To Realize An Adventure Playground While Taking Backdrop Of Natural Rustic Atmosphere.

Pt. Caldera Indonesia With A Variety Of Products Such As Caldera Ed-Venture (Outing & Training), Caldera Resort, Rafting And Kampoeng Maen Caldera And Caldera Journey Packed Experiental Education Outdor Concept That Can Accommodate An Early Age Children, Adolescents And Adults.

The Programs That We Serve Have We Pack In Such A Way In The Form Of Games That Present Unique Problems.
Through Games And Guided By A Facilitator / Mentor Who Has Experience Will Train Participants To Recognize Her Abilities, Independence Training, Stimulate Courage So That It Would Directly Motivate The Intellect Participants To Be More Sensitive To The Environment And Respect Other People As A Team.

Indonesia Caldera Activity Center Outbound, Rafting Adventure And Comprehensive In Indonesiafasilitas Available At Caldera Indonesia:

Caldera Edventure (Center Outbound Training For Individuals And Companies)

Caldera Rafting (Rafting Fun And Challenging)

Kampoeng Maen (Blend Of Entertainment And Education Through Outdoor Activities For Kids)
Indonesia Has A Land Pt.Caldera Citarik Sukabumi, Arena Kampoeng Maen Cibubur Campground

With The Concept Of Experiential Learning: Learning Is Fun!
The Series Of Games (Outdoor And Indoor Activies) Are Adventurous And Fun Will Only Be Found At Our Place!

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Address : Jl.Bojonegoro no.16 , Menteng Jakarta Pusat , Jakarta , Indonesia
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