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Tashanee Is
One Of The Home Industry Engaged In The
Production Funny Wallets And Bags

Product Excellence Tashanee:
Embroidered Products With Unique Design And Funny
Quality Materials Selection & Not Fade
Product Quality Embroidery Results Best
Convenient To Use & Best Price
Reseller Program Is Very Beneficial
Serving Dropshipp & Personal Order Design
Fast Service, Until The Delivery Process

Product Information You Can See In Our Product List

We Serve Dropship
We Serve Reseller / Wholesale Mixed Models Wallets And Bags
We Serve Great Party (To Store Special Price)
Straight From The Workshop

Problem Returns ..

Tanya Returns Ya = Mo, Ongkirnya How??
Answer = If Purchased With Retail Price
Or If Any Post Stuff -≫ Then Sis Shared

If You Buy At A Discount -≫ Then Sis Pp Borne By The Customer

By An Order, We Will Assume You Have Agreed To These Terms :)

We Sell:

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Jawa Barat
Address : Komplek Lembah Teratai Blok.FG2 ,Gadobangkong - Padalarang , Bandung Barat 40552 Bandung , Jawa Barat , Indonesia
Phone :
Fax :

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