Pelabuhan Kariangau Karunia

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PortsKariangauLocateOn Industrial Area,Balikpapan,East Kalimantan.KariangauPortsCan Be UsedForUnloadingActivities.

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Pelabuhan Kariangau Karunia

Kalimantan Timur
Address Jl D.I Panjaitan RT 26 no 37 Balikpapan, Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia,
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Sell Port Service Rental

OurPortEnough ToAccommodatePontoon BoatsOrBarges.EquippedWith TheLand ForLoading And Unloading,SoYouCanPutA ChargeInOurLand.Specifications:Length Of75MThe AverageDepth Of 8Meters

Price : Rp35.000.000

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