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List of Company , Distributor, Importer, Exporter batu bara in Indonesia Page 1

Here are the list of Companies, Distributors, Importers, Exporters that sell and deal in Batu Bara for region Indonesia. If you are a company that sell Batu Bara, Please Register your company in IndoTrading.com here.

Indotrading.com is a Media Advertising of companies specialized Importer, Distributor, Trading, Services, plant, exporter Batu Bara. We do not sell items related to Batu Bara . Please Kindly contact the companies listed directly.
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PT. Surya Cipta Jaya Makmur

Berlokasi Di Jl. Pengasinan Raya I No. 35A Bekasi Timur Indonesia

We Sell:
  • Gravity Roller Conveyor
  • Conveyor Belt
  • Screw Conveyor
  • Crusher
  • Bucket Elevator
  • Flat Belt Conveyor

Address: Jl. Pengasinan Raya I No. 35A Bekasi Timur Indonesia
Bekasi ,Jawa Barat ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.conveyormanufacture.com

CV. Mitra Usaha Mandiri

Cv Mitra Usaha Mandiri Is Engaged In The Trade: - Lime Products: Calcium Oxide, Calcium Carbonate, Hydrated Lime, Calcium Oxide, Limestone, Chalk Active, Etc.. - Product Carbon: Activated Carbon, Coke, Anthracite, Carbon Black, Coal Briquettes, Coconut Shell Briquette, Etc.. - Refractory Products: Refractory Stone, Refractory Cement, Glass Wool, Rock Wool, Fire Blanket, Castable, Insulating Castable, Etc.. - Other Products: Brick, Soft Brick, Paving Stone, Marking Powder, Solid Marker, B.....

We Sell:
  • Kapur
  • Hydrated Lime
  • Calcium Oxide
  • Dolomit
  • Kalsium Karbonat
  • Pasir Silika

Address: Keputran Pasar Kecil 2 / 17 Surabaya
Surabaya ,Jawa Timur ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.jualkapur.com

Agape Safety

We Are Supplier Of Safety, Safety Stockists, Distributors Safety, Center For Safety Equipment And Safety Equipment And Supplies Shop Safety And Safety Equipment That Provides The Tools And Safety Equipment Such As: Safety Helmet, Welding Helmet, Safety Glasses, Masks, Pelindug Ear (Ear Plug ), Seat Belt (Safety Belt), Jacket Vest, Traffic Blocks, Hand Metal Detector, Safety Light, Safety Shoes (Brand Kings, Dr. Osha, Krushers, Kent, Cheetahs, Etc.), Glove (Hand Gloove), Safety Sign, Etc. . We Se.....

We Sell:
  • Alat Safety

Address: Lindeteves Trade CEnter (LTC GLODOK ) Lt. II Blok C-8 , No.9
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.agapesafety.com

CV. Mitra Water

We Design And Assemble Equipment And Water Treatment Machine , Include : - Processing Of Raw Water ( Ground Water , Artesian Well ) Into Clean Water And Potable Water . - Rework Sea Water , Salt Water , Brackish Water Into Fresh Water Clean Or The Ready To Drink . - Design And Manufacture Assemble Demin Water From My Mark Materials Seawater , Brackish Water , Fresh Water Etc. . - Water Treatment Technology Industry ( Tpai ) , Covering The Manufacture Of Water Softeners , Demin Water , Proces.....

We Sell:
  • Filter Air
  • Mesin Ro
  • Penjernih Air
  • Filter Media
  • Alat Penguji Air
  • Supplier Filter Air

Address: Keputaran Pasar Kecil 2/17
Surabaya ,Jawa Timur ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.supplierfilterair.com

PT. Astra International Isuzu

Isuzu Commercial Vehicle Diesel Engine And Its Components. Under The Sole Distributor Of Isuzu Sales Operation (Iso) Offered A Multi-Functional Commercial Vehicle Consisting Of A Panther (Mpv), Pick-Up Isuzu D-Max (Pick-Up 4X4), Bison (Pick-Up), N Series (Light Truck / Category 2) And F Series (Medium Truck / Category 3).

We Sell:
  • Penjualan
  • Suku Cadang
  • Service
  • Asesoris
  • Tukar Tambah

Address: Jl. Daan Mogot Km.13,9 Cengkareng
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.jualmobilisuzu.com

PT. Dhimas Trimitra International

Pt Trimitra Dhimas International Is A Trading Company And The Production Of Various Types Of Mensuply Local Kebutuhaan Industry In Some Industrial Zones In Jakarta For The Product-Product Eva And Rubber Below: Eva Sponge Produict 1. Eva Sponge Sheet And Roll 2. Eva Sponge Sticker/Adhersive/Rubber Neoprime 3. Eva Mad Rubber Product Rubber Sheet 1. Synthetic Rubber 2. Local Rubber (Natural) 3. The German Rubber 4. Rubber Memrance 5. Silicone Rubber 6. Red Linatex Rubber 7. Green R.....

We Sell:
  • Rubber Engineering
  • Material Packaging
  • Engineering Plastic
  • Gasked And Insulation
  • Eva Sponge Product
  • Material Advertising

Address: Jl. Labu I Hayam Wuruk Gedung Plaza Jayakarta
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.rubberplastic-packagingindustri.com

PD. Sabena Tenda

Tents Cjdw Indonesia Is A Company Engaged In The Manufacture Of Tents.   Specialized In Producing Tents According To Customer Demand (Custom Tent)   Such As:   Tent Ceiling Tent Booth Tent Pletoon / Team Tent Party Evacuation Tents Tent Cone / Carnavile Tent Storage Promo Tent Scout Tent Tent Hospital / School Pyramid Tent / Gazebo Tent Umbrella / Parasol Other Tents Costum     With The Tent Fabric, Such As:   * D 600/600 Dinir.....

We Sell:
  • Bermacam Tenda
  • Produksi Tenda

Address: Jl mangga dua raya no 31 / 5
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.terpaltendamurah.com

CV. Kencana Jaya Teknik

Cv Kencana Jaya Teknik We Are Engaged In The Pabrikasi Mesin Pertanian, Seperti Mesin Pengolahan Kelapa (Mesin Parut Kelapa, Mesin Pemeras Santan Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Sabut Kelapa, Mesin Pengurai Sabut Kelapa, Mesin Pengupas Dan Pencungkil Batok Kelapa), Mesin Pengolahan Kopi (Mesin Pencuci Biji Kopi | Mesin Pencuci Buah Kopi, Mesin Pengupas Kopi Basah | Mesin Pulper Kopi, Mesin Pengupas Kulit Kopi | Mesin Huller Kopi, Mesin Pengayak Kopi, Mesin Sangrai Kopi, Mesin Pengering Kopi | Box Drye.....

We Sell:
  • Pabrikasi Mesin Pertanian
  • Alat Teknik Sipil
  • Alat Sadap Panen Karet
  • Accessories Gear Down Hole
  • Pabrikasi Mesin Pertambangan
  • Agen Peralatan Safety Jalan

Address: Puri Delta Kencana Jl. Raya Kalimurni Blok J No.6 RT 006 / RW 001 Kelurahan Kencana / Kecamatan Tanah Sareal Kota Bogor 16167
Bogor ,Jawa Barat ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.kencanajayateknik.com

CV. Graha Mesin

Cv Graha Mesin Produce & Supplier Machines / Equipment. Food Processing, Refrigeration, Packaging, Agricultural Equipment Specialist.

We Sell:
  • Alat Mesin
  • Mesin Pengemas / Packing
  • Mesin Makanan
  • Alat Pertanian
  • Mesin Teknologi Tepat Guna
  • Mesin Produksi

Address: JAKARTA: Jl. Raya Kelapa Gading Permai Blok J1 No 3. Kelapa Gading Timur - MALANG: Jl Kapi Sraba Ruko Kav.3 Blok 10B/39 Sawojajar 2
Malang ,Jawa Timur ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.jualmesin.biz

PT. Hinoka Alsindo Teknik

Pt.Hinoka Alsindo Tekni Was Established In 2007.Specialized In Agriculture, Plantation, Fishery,And Small To Medium Industries And Business. This Company Was Built To Support Society's Economic Growth

We Sell:
  • Power Thresher
  • Mesin Press Batako
  • Mesin Pencetak Pellet
  • Mesin Kompos
  • Mesin Pencacah Sampah Organik
  • Mesin Kopi

Address: Jl.Raya Siliwangi No 133 Sepanjang Jaya - Narogong
Bekasi ,Jawa Barat ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.hinokaalsindo.com

PT. Hexa Raya

Karoseri Hexa Raya Is A Company Engaged In Industrial Enterprises Located Within The Body Of A Car Surabaya West Workforce With Experience In The Field Of Car Body And Equipment Support . We Expect Karoseri Hexa Raya Can Be A Good Partner In The Procurement Of Vehicles With Excellent Quality . Many Factors Determine The Yield And Quality Of The Vehicles Produced In The Body Of A Car Industry . Factors That Influence Include: Quality Ingredients And Materials Manufacturers , Besides The Techniqu.....

We Sell:
  • Industri Karoseri

Address: Jl. Raya Sememi No. 40 Babat Jerawat
Surabaya ,Jawa Timur ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.hexaraya.com

Cv Sinar Glodok Lestari

Lighting, Electrical, Cable Power Agent Distributor And Running Text, Moving Sign, And Video Tron Distributor :  Welcome To Cv Sinar Glodok Lestari Agents And Distributors Of Light In Jakarta Our Company Is Engaged In The Sale And Supply Of All Types Of Light Bulbs / Spotlights, Indoor Or Outdoor, With Our Specialization In Running Text, The Office Of Information Lights, Lights Lighting Industrial / Factory, Lamps For Coal Mining, Oil And Gas, Light Light House, Monument, Apartment , Hotel.....

We Sell:
  • Lampu Running Text
  • Lampu Industri
  • Lampu Led
  • Lampu Hias Dekorasi
  • Lampu Sorot
  • Lampu Jalan Led

Address: LTC Glodok Lt.2 Blok B19 No.5 Jl.Hayam Wuruk No.127
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://cvsinarglodoklestari.web.indotrading.com

Borneo Wallpaper

Wallpaper Borneo Company Is Providing A Variety Of Different Quality Wallpapers And Modern, We Serve Sales And Installation Inside And Outside The City, Retail And Wholesale. Motto: Pride Customer Satisfaction For Us.

We Sell:
  • Wallpaper Korea
  • Wallpaper Eropa
  • Vinyl
  • Wallpaper Taiwan
  • Wallpaper Cina
  • Wallpaper Usa

Address: Mega Glodok Kemayoran Lt.GF Blok B11 No.1
Jakarta Pusat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.borneo-wallpaper.com

Wahana Filter

The Filter Is A Company Established In 2011. Our Company Is Engaged In The Field Of Service And Sales.   We Provide The Service And Sales:   * Water Filters   * Spare Parts Water Treatment   * Service Filters

We Sell:
  • Filter Air
  • Sparepart Water Treatment
  • Service Filter
  • Pembuatan Depot Air Isi Ulang
  • Ro Sea Water
  • Media Filter

Address: Jl Hayam Wuruk No 127. LTC Glodok Lantai UG Blok C3 No.5 dan Lantai GF1 Blok B1
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.wahanafilter.com

PT. Blessindo Cahaya Lighting

Blessindo Cahaya Lighting, Founded In 1998, We Sell All Types Of Industrial Spotlights, Lamps, Street Lamps, Spotlights, Lighting Lamps Mining Offices, Factories And Others, We Also Sell Led Strobe Light Bulb Type Lvd, Famous For Its Durability That Reach 100, 000 Hour Of Usage. Please Contact Us To Get Information On The Best Prices And The Best Quality. Sincerely, Hengkie. Marketing Manager

We Sell:
  • Lampu Sorot
  • Lampu Sorot Led
  • Lampu Jalan
  • Lampu Sorot Stadion
  • Lampu Pju Led
  • Lampu Industri

Address: LTC Glodok GF2 Blok C28.No.6, Jl. Hayam Wuruk.
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.pusatlampusorot.com

Pt. Citra Makmur Bina Sahabat

Citra Prosperous Bina Companions Stand On May 21, 1995 Which Contractor And Supplier, Which In Practice Is Divided Into Two Divisions, Namely: Fire Protection Division Sprinklers 'Viking' Ex: Usa Hydrant 'Hooseki' Ex: Taiwan Fire Alarm 'Hooseki' Ex: Taiwan Fire Extinguishers 'Hooseki' Ex: Taiwan Fire Aerosols 'Firewall' Ex: Korea Division Of Contractor The Work We Handle Are: Installation Of Fire Alarm System Installation Of Fire Hydrant System Installation Of Fire Sprinkler Syste.....

We Sell:
  • Contraktor
  • Suplier
  • Fire Protection Equipment
  • Instalasi Fire System

Address: Ruko Graha Arteri Mas, Jl Panjang Blok 68 No 1.
Jakarta Barat ,Jakarta ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.hooseki.com

P T . Andico Lestari Mandiri

P T . Andico Lestari Mandiri Is A Company Engaged In Design, Fabrication, Air Pollution, Dustcollector, Pneumatic Conveying Powder And General Trading: Centrifugal Fan, Blower, Axial Fan, Ring Blower, Root Blowers, Ducting, Bag House Dust Collector, Wet Scrubber, Silo, Tank Pressure, Rotary Valve, Rotary Lock, Cyclone, Screw Conveyor, Belt Conveyor, Tank, Pneumatic Conveyor System, Central Vacuum Cleaning System, Filter Media, Metal Casting, Agricultural Machinery And Industrial, Etc. And The .....

We Sell:
  • Mesin Industri
  • Fabrication
  • Design
  • Air Pollution
  • Dustcollector

Address: Jl Raya Narogong - Pangkalan V no. 37 Cikiwul - Bantar Gebang -
Bekasi ,Jawa Barat ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://www.airpollution-conveyor.com

CV. Java MulMan

General Suplier,Distributor Dan Representative Of Laboratory Environmental,Medical And Industrial Equipment

We Sell:
  • Alat Ukur
  • Alat Uji
  • Pengukur
  • Moisture Meter
  • Tester

Address: Jalan Raya Baturraden Km.7 no.17 Purwokerto
Banyumas ,Jawa Tengah ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://javamulman.web.indotrading.com

TokoSyar'ie Pro+

Ready Shell Tanker Barges Fob Talang Duku Jambi 62 $ / Ton, Fob Mv Talang Duku - Muara Sabak 68 $ / Ton, Minimum 6000 Tonnes (Scope 1), Roa Sucofido, Already Exports To Poland, Korea, Thailand. As Raw Materials For Alternative Energy Than Coal For Industry Use Boilers (Textiles, Geothermal, Etc.) If Interested Can Contact Me By Email Or Phone. Co Perhatiannya Uttered Thanks.

We Sell:
  • Cangkang Sawit

Address: Kartasura Kab Sukoharjo, Jawa Tengah.
Sukoharjo ,Jawa Tengah ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://syariepro.web.indotrading.com

PT.Kemilau Cahaya Akbar

We Are A Coal Mining Company In East Kalimantan, 36/42/50 Gar Calories. Stock Ready. Ekport Serve Domestically And Abroad. If You Are Serious Please Contact Us At The Contact Available. Cash Payment Systems Fob, Skbdnac Can Also Lc Greetings Cooperation.

We Sell:
  • Batu Bara
  • Mesin Pembuat Emas

Address: Jl. Kolonel Syarifudin Yoes Komplek Pelita Indah No.5A Balikpapan Selatan
Balikpapan ,Kalimantan Timur ,Indonesia
Phone : Click for phone number
Website: http://kemilaucahayaakbar.web.indotrading.com

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