Steel in Indonesia


Steel is widely used as a construction material because of the nature mekaniannya excellent, namely strength and tenacity, but it is also very easy to steel in the form into various shapes. Hardness and strength of steel has very good compared to polymeric materials, aluminum, and even titanium. Usually the strength of the steel is improved by increasing the amount of carbon as a mixture of metals, but these additions can decrease the cure plastic mainly tenacity after welded. However, this problem can be solved by substituting carbon with copper, although its strength increases. The increase is due to the presypitasi kakuatan copper to steel.

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Sell Steel WF

Iron WF 175 x 90 x 5 x 8 mm Saldu dugu gaur Jakartan prezio baxuetan duzu. Bertan, besteak beste GG, KS, eta inportazio gisa produktu sorta bat dira. 217,20 kg amen bakoitzeko pisu batekin, entregatu

Price : Rp1

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Expanded Metal ii

Jual Expanded Metal(Lebar x Panjang dalam MTR) (Tebal Bahan x Ukuran Kotak dalam MM)A. Expanded Metal FR0511-BESI (1.2X25) (6X12.5)B. Expanded Metal FR0511-GV (1.2X25) (6X12.5)C. Expanded Metal T0510

Seller :Tekad Makmur

Price : Rp1

  • Min Order: 1

Corrugated Steel Pipe Multi Plate Pipe Arches

Current Price Per Meter, Loco Factories Outside Of Vat To 10% Negotiation Product Specifications: Type Multi-Plate Pipe Arches (Mppa) Consists Of Diameter 1850Mm - Height 1550Mm 6350Mm - 3950Mm Thickn

Price : CALL

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Order Metal Stud

Framework of metal for mounting space glasswool/rockwool reducer. possible type size:Metal Stud 6.4 cm 3 m 29000.0-Rp.Metal Runners 6.4 cm 3 m 24000.0-Rp.Metal Stud 7.6 cm 3 m 29000.0-Rp.Metal Runner

Seller :CV. Intera Depo

Price : Rp29.000

  • Min Order: 1


LIGHTWEIGHT STEEL ROOF FRAME GALVATRUSSGALVATRUSS is a lightweight steel frame that has possess SNI, Hi Tensile G-550 with a coating thickness of 100. GALVATRUSS is a great choice for those who want t

Price : Rp23.000

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Price : Rp277.440

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Sell gate valve

Pt. Putra Agung Material We provide gate valve brand onda With best quality. Hub. 021-7918 6179 021-7919 7878 E-mail: Marketing.Putraagung@Gmail.Com Info Products GATE VALVE BRAND ONDA, CON

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WHEELS LORI lory used in a train consisting of four wheels in each unit trains lory. commonly used on ceramics factory, palm mounted on a carriage. we manufacture of various materials FC, FCD, FC C


Price : Rp450.000

  • Min Order: 20

The Best Hollow Iron

Iron Hollow SpecificationsIron HollowIs A Iron Pipe-Shaped Box. Iron Hollow Is Typically Made Of Galvanized Iron, Stainless Steel Or Iron.We give you the best price and quality. prove yourself

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Plata corten

indonesia's steel shop CV.JL. kusuma bangsa No. 81 sby031-53124060315312409info.tokobajaindonesia@gmail.comInfo product Distributor Plate JIS-SPA G3125 H, Cortent Plate, corrosion resistant Stock Plat

Price : CALL

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Zinc galvanized gutter

WijayaSteel Corporation is a manufacturer and Importer of zinc galvanizedA wide range of sizes and specifications we havefollowing his specheight/width: 30 cm 40 cm 45 cm 50 cm 60 cm 70 cm 80 cm 87 cm

Seller :Wijaya Steel

Price : Rp17.400

  • Min Order: 100


Dua Putra Petir.CV (Your Steel Partners) Telp.031-7406677, 031-7407380, 082 133 555 559, 081 933 555 559, 088 218 555 559, Fax.031-7417127, Pin Bb: 2881E45b Email: Duaputrapetir@Gmail.ComWww.Besisurab

Price : Rp7.000

  • Min Order: 99

Sell Concrete iron size 6 mm

our distributor is the cheapest and most comprehensive concrete iron in jakarta. ready stock of all types and sizes of concrete iron

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Ship Plate

We sell Ship Plate 5 "x 20", 20 "x 20" with a wide range of thickness.Serving the Delivery In town, out of town and Out of the island.

Price : Rp6.500

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Unp Channel

We Are A Company Engaged In The Field Of Suppliers And Stockists Pipes , Iron - Iron , - Fittings And Valves .Various Material Products That We Can Offer , Including :- Pipe - Pipe : Galvanized Pipe &

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