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  • Catfish Consumption 10-Oct-2015

    We Are Looking For Fish Are Catfish 6-8 Fish Per Kg

  • Sugar White Sand Local (Non Refined) 01-Dec-2015
    We Are A Distributor Of Groceries And Sekitanya Samarinda Area Requires Local White Sugar (Non-Refined) For Resale. We Are Supposed To Inform The Ava... Indonesia
  • Buy / Wet Sago Looking Sulawesi.Ambon.Papua 29-May-2015
    Buy / Wet Looking Sago In Large Quantities And Routine. Our Needs 1500 Tons Per Month. We Need A Special Sago From Sulawesi, Ambon, Papua. For Those ... Indonesia
  • Raw Cashew Nuts 30-Sep-2015
    We Are Looking For Raw Cashew Nut Of Indonesian Origin So I Request All The Esteemed Supplier To Send Me Their Details With Product Specification. We... India
  • Catfish 01-Nov-2015

    Perkilo Content Of 7/8 Fish

  • Yamaha Brand Water Filters 07-Jan-2015

    We Are Looking For Yamaha Brand Water Filters

  • Sengon Wood 06-Mar-2015

    We Are Looking For Wood Sengon Standard Size

  • Intel Serverboard S5520hc 05-Jan-2015

    We Are Looking For Chipset Intel 5520, 2-Way Socket For Intel Xeon, 4X Pcie-X8, 1X Pcie-X4, 1X-Pci, Vga 64Mb, 2X Gbe Nic, 6X Sata-Ii, 12X Rdimm

  • Ips Weld-On#3 02-Jan-2015

    We Are Looking For Acrylic Glue

  • Lx-Eco3s 03-Jan-2015

    I Want To Order 50 Pcs Lx-Eco3s

  • Machine Tool 02-Jan-2015

    Piece Lathe Length Of 2000 Mm Equipped Footbrake

  • Used ​​Wood Pallet Size 105X105x14 10-Jan-2015

    Used ​​Wood Pallet Size 105 X 105 X 14 And Pallet Wood Atandart

  • Explosion Proof Camera 30-Dec-2014

    We Are Looking For Explosion Proof Camera Cordex Tughpix

  • Paris Cotton Fabric / Japan Local 31-Dec-2014

    I Am Looking For Big Production Garment Manufacture Mukena For Ordinary Cotton Overalls Fabric, Patterned, And The Model Is Very Simple.

  • Fire Extinguishers 29-Dec-2014

    We Are Looking For Fire Extinguishers Tube 3,4,5Kg

  • Stainless Steel Agitator 24-Dec-2014
    We Are Looking For Stainless Steel Double-Blade Agitator, Complete With Its Gear Box. +/- Single Speed 20 Rpm, For 20 Baume Mixing Milk Of Lime (Lime... Indonesia
  • Water Pump 20-Oct-2015

    We Are Looking For Agriculture Equipment =Water Pump

  • Agitator 24-Dec-2014
    We Are Looking For Double-Blade Stainless Steel Agitator For Stirring The Milk Of Lime Baume 20, Complete With Blate And Gear Box. +/- Desired Speed ... Indonesia
  • Breating Apparatus 31-Dec-2014
    We Need Breating Apparatus Spec : Air Mask Must Have A Component That Is Designed For Safety Provide The Highest Quality And Perlndungan Against Fire... Indonesia
  • Plastic Basket 620 X 420 X 250 Second Or A New 22-Dec-2014

    Products Plastic Basket 620 X 420 X 250 Second Or A New, Model No Buntuh Kerawangan Or Anything. Warnah Any


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Furnitur: Pembeli Internasional Incar Mebel Ramah Lingkungan
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    Herianto R , Banten
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    Herianto R , Banten
    We cv. Dwikarya Megah Perkasa Say Thank You to INDOTRADING, after we advertise on INDOTRADING with Consumers GOLD members can get to know us closer and our Sales Increase. Thank yo [Details]
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